Do you know that white graduation dresses are trendy this season? We really love this trend, and that is why we want to discuss it in detail today.

And answering the question that you are saying to yourself now, yes, it is totally okay to wear a dress in white for prom.


White is a classy and neutral color that can compliment every girl. And in its essence, it is positive and pure. People often associate white with sincerity and goodness. Wear white, and it can bring calmness and peace to your mind. This color is the definition of perfection.

Now let’s explore amazing prom dresses in white to any taste.

Classic White Dress With Long Sleeves And Mermaid Skirt

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In case you wonder what you should wear to your high school graduation, almost every school has its dress code. But there are some general guidelines.

  • A dress may involve spaghetti straps or be strapless (only if it fits properly).
  • It is allowed to put on a backless dress as long as it isn’t cut below a navel.
  • If a dress is 2-piece, it is a must that the pieces overlap at its waist. In other words, there must be no bare skin on a belly.
  • A Midriff mustn’t be exposed.
  • No visible undergarments.

Overall, go for something conservative and sassy at the same time. Because your task is to impress! And here you can see how a relatively short length can be balanced out with a closed top.


Asymmetric White Prom Dress With Pockets

Source: zolotoy_pesok via Instagram

Do you know why white graduation dresses with pockets are especially popular? It’s because pockets make our lives much easier! Believe us, you would thank us for this afterward. If you carry a purse while marching the procession, it may appear a bit strange. Leave the wallet and other things in the car or give them to your parents. Keep the looking glass, phone, and keys with you. By the way, there are dress designs with barely noticeable pockets. So, don’t worry they will spoil the look.

White Short Graduation Dress With A Double Skirt

Source: laurakalynych via Instagram

Every girl wants to find the perfect graduation dress. But how to do that?

Well, it all depends on many factors. Some girls base their choice on the current fashion, others search for a particular design and shade. The length, type of neck are also taken into consideration. What’s perfect for one babe may not be to someone else’s taste.

And once you find the dress that is true to you, remember that it’s a must to try it on. It should fit perfectly. This occasion is too important to wear something that won’t fit or won’t flatter you. Plus, make sure it is comfortable enough for you to spend the whole day wearing it. The white dress you can see here won’t restrict your moves throughout the day.


White Short Dress With Black Belt

Source: laurakalynych via Instagram

If you still think that white graduation dresses to wear under the gown appear too wedding-like, you can always spice up white with gorgeous black elements. White and black is a classy, perfect match. So, you will look ultimately elegant in a dress like that. And here you can see how nicely the black belt accentuates the waist.

White Lace Basic Dress With A High Neck

Source: hapatime via Instagram

When considering white graduation dresses 2018, why not go for the one with a high neckline? Despite the popular belief, it’s not outdated. Pick it properly, and you will look chic.

Go for a high neckline with some delicate details to avoid looking severe. Delicate details will soften it. Crochet or lace detailing is especially complimenting.

Choose some delicate fabric. The delicate fabric can also help to soften the look and balance the high neckline. For example, pick a silk, cotton voile, rayon, or chiffon dress.


White Floral Knee Length Dress

Source: organza_al_ahmar via Instagram

When thinking about white graduation dresses, why don’t you go for a knee length party dress with a floral pattern? First of all, knee-length dresses experience a comeback these days. Plus, you will appear classy and sassy at the same time. It’s a good combo, how do you think?

But the key to pulling off the knee length is to choose the length flattering to your height. If your height is short, go for the dress that falls right below your knees. And in case you are tall, a mid-calf length will compliment you.

White Short Dress With A Sweetheart Neck

Source: fasterlifee via Instagram

White graduation dresses for high school with a sweetheart neck appear sophisticated yet so sexy. Pick one, and all eyes will be on you!

This neckline will grant the sufficient coverage to your breasts, and it will also accentuate your cleavage. Thus, such a design is ideal for babes with a large bust. It will also suit babes with a short neck and chin and babes whose face shape is angular.

Long White Floral Dress

Source: dariakarlozi_official via Instagram

Maxi dresses for graduation ceremony are extremely popular. It’s because what can be more formal than a long dress? Plus, floor-grazing and flowy, maxi dresses never go out of fashion.

You just need to find your ideal length. Otherwise, you might get caught in the long dress or trip.

Pick a dress that touches your toes. And it should hit your ankles or fall lower. We would recommend that you walk in this dress while in the store. Thus, you’ll make sure the length is comfortable.


Long Lace White Prom Dress With A Flapper Skirt

Source: julievinobridal via Instagram

It’s one of the most iconic white graduation dress ideas we have for you. What do you think about 1920-s fashion? It’s experiencing a comeback, big time. Dresses with flapper skirts are glamorous and eye-catching. Plus, such dresses usually come in modest lengths, which makes them totally appropriate for such a formal occasion as graduation. It’s a win win!

White Graduation Dress With Long Sleeves

Source: borntobechic via Instagram

Is it possible to rock a turtleneck along with long sleeves? We say that everything is possible. And the picture you can see here is our proof. Lightweight, partly see-through fabric definitely saves the situation, making the design as balanced as possible.

Such a neckline can suit practically anyone, but especially those who have a thin neck and long face. Also, if your chest is small, go for such a design!

White Knee Length Graduation Dress

Source: zolotoy_pesok_ekb via Instagram

When going for one of university graduation dresses in all white, you can always think about ways to spice it up. For example, add a sandy hat as an accent to your ensemble. As you can see in this pic, the hat really matches this white mid length dress with a partly transparent skirt. Also, we would recommend that you have some tan. Thus, white won’t make you appear washed out.


White Long Graduation Dress With Long Sleeves

Source: zolotoy_pesok_ekb via Instagram

We really love this white long graduation dress with a scooped neckline and long sleeves. Such a neckline will beautifully display your collarbone and elongate a thick or short neck. Also, babes with a long face will find this neckline flattering. And narrow shoulders will appear wider with it. And in case your body shape is hourglass, the dress design you see here will create a more balanced look between your lower and upper body part.

White Short Off-Shoulder Dress

Source: zolotoy_pesok_ekb via Instagram

If you decide to go for one of white graduation dresses short and off-shoulder, you are definitely not afraid of showing off some skin. But what can we say, mini cuts are perfect options for the summertime when it’s hot. And considering that you will be wearing a robe on top, it will be twice as hot. So, wearing a dress like this, with less fabric, is a wise idea.

White Short V-Neck Graduation Dress

Source: hapatime via Instagram

A V-neck can help create a taller, longer, and leaner silhouette. Such type of a dress is universally flattering and draws the attention towards the face. And in case you have a short neck, a thick torso, or broad shoulders, this neckline will enhance your appearance.


White Bodycon Dress With Juliet Sleeves

Source: lovenookie via Instagram

Wear a bodycon dress if you wish to appear more dolled up, fierce and sexy. This dress is quite tight, so it hugs every curve. It also tends to be not long, which will work great for a special event held in the summertime. And here Juliet sleeves make the look more balanced, formal event appropriate.

White Short Graduation Dress With Long Sleeves

Source: hapatime via Instagram

If you want to go for a graduation dress with long sleeves, it’s better to choose the one that has sleeves made of lightweight see-through material like chiffon. Chiffon with embroidery will work nice, too. Just think about it, it will be super hot outside, and you will also have a robe on.

Long White Dress With A V-Neck

Source: son_weragoda_ via Instagram

Choose a V-neck if you’d like to show off some cleavage or if you have a large bust. This silhouette also compliments plus size women as it grants some vertical illusion to a dress. Also, it’s noticed that such a silhouette can elongate a woman’s face shape.


White Short Graduation Dress With A Square Neckline

Source: hapatime via Instagram

White graduation dresses look so nice when they have a square neckline. Such a neckline will work for any body type. And it will especially enhance a pear shape as it will grant a broader appearance to the shoulders. This silhouette can also balance out a round face.

Long Bodycon White Graduation Dress

Source: abyssbyabby via Instagram

Bodycon dresses are all the rage these days. However, when it comes to a graduation day, not everyone thinks such a dress to fit the occasion. Nevertheless, we say that it is a matter of taste and properly chosen dress color. As you can see this bodycon dress is simply marvelous.

Shoulder Off Long Dress With Cut

Source: heyymisstene via Instagram

Shoulder off dresses suit such important events like graduation like bread and butter. What is more, such a design flatters most figures, and a side cut will allow you to move freely as well as to look sassy.


Long White Graduation Dress With Feathers

Source: abyssbyabby via Instagram

Very often it is not the dress that makes you stand out but the details it comes with. For instance, it seems that there is nothing special about this sleek white dress, but when you look at the feathers, everything changes immediately. They grant the look not only that unforgettable vibe but also unique gentleness.

Classic White Graduation Dress With Ruffles

Source: simplee_official via Instagram

There are those of you who do not wish to look over the edge pompous when it comes to your graduation. Those of you may come to like a classic version of a white graduation dress with ruffles. It is simple, elegant and fits the occasion perfectly.

Backless Short White Graduation Dress

Source: hildeee via Instagram

There is something inexplicably genuine and feminine about a backless dress. Even if your white dress is short, the presence of cute lace, as well as backless design, will add up to your unforgettable look.


Tea Length With Asymmetric Skirt

Source: missrunwayboutique via Instagram

Those of you who are looking for a white dress that is both fitting the event of your graduation as well as looks over the edge elegant – we have an idea in mind. A reserved tea length dress with an asymmetric skirt suits all the requests like nothing else.

Now you have an idea of which graduation dresses in white are trendy and how they can enhance your appearance. More inspo is waiting for you on our blog.

FAQ: White Graduation Dresses

What color dress should I wear for graduation?

One of the most widespread colors at graduation party is white, although this is not the only option. Ivory, purple, light blue, gray and even pink shades are also perfect for the event.

Can I wear black dress to graduation?

When it comes to colors, male graduates typically wear a shirt with a collar, which is mostly white, or some bright colors, as a compliment to dark dresses, like navy and black. Thus, if the graduation dress is a light color, such as royal blue or beige, a black or other dark shirt will also be suitable.