We are not going to argue with the fact that fall outfits are entirely different from the summer ones, but no one said that they should be any less stylish. Cardigan is a good option if you want to take off your leather jacket and make your look more comfy and cute. The fact is that you can spice up any look with the help of a trendy cardigan, and we are going to show you how. The truth is that something as simple as a cardigan can take your look to the whole new level of great. See for yourself!


Cardigan Styles with Dresses


Black Maxi Dress With Black Cardigan

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lanagotseva

White Simple Dress With Cardigan

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Gray Cardigan With Casual White Dress Outfit

Credit photo: Instagram.com/sunainadas

Looking for a casual outfit that will keep you both stylish and warm? We have a though in mind that you can consider. The fact is that when you are about to pull off a dress look, make sure that you own a matching cardigan in store. For instance, a grey cardigan will complete your white casual dress just perfectly.

Midi Dark Blue Cardigan With T-shirt Dress

Credit photo: Instagram.com/meagansmoda

There are countless womens cardigan ideas to choose from. However, it is more than essential that you pay great attention to the hues of the cardigan you are about to add to your wardrobe. Keep it in mind that dark hues go well with neutral tones. Just like this natural-shaded T-shirt dress and a dark blue cardigan.


Plaid Comfy Dress With Crochet Cardigan

Credit photo: Instagram.com/oliveaveboutique

Very often you may have that one comfy dress in your closet, but it is too cold to put it on alone. In times like this, a cozy knit cardigan will save the day. One look at this plaid dress and crochet cardigan, and you are about to make up your mind.

How To Wear Cardigan with Pants

Green Cardigan With Beige Pants

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Beige Pants and Crop Top

Credit photo: Instagram.com/romashka_ua_

Print Pants With Cozy Oversized Cardigan

Credit photo: Instagram.com/jldrae

Casual style is adored by all the fashionistas in the world. But what should you do when the weather gets bad? The answer is simple – get a cardigan. An oversized cardigan of mustard tones seems to be made to match these print pants look!

Gray Trousers With Bubble Sleeves Cardigan

Credit photo: Instagram.com/thestylebrunch

It is always important to add definition to the areas which are lacking it. In this case, the beautiful yellow cardigan adds some more dimension to the top while grey pans and leather top take care of the rest. Oh, do not forget to add heels to the look!


Print Design With Beige Pants

Credit photo: Instagram.com/caroko__

There may be a false assumption circulation that cardigans do not go well with summery tops. Here is the case, when we change the course of fashion. The truth is that we are going to produce the look that is not only against general opinion but also trendy and stylish looking. We assure you that with a printed cardigan like that, you can pull off almost anything!

Monochromatic Look Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/aurelafashionista

Stylish ladies – rejoice, you do not need to be cold and look elegant at the same time. We are kidding here, of course. However, no one can’t dismiss the fact that a white cardigan looks fabulous with a pair of formal pants and cream-shaded heels. Besides, oversized sweaters are all the rage at the moment. Do not thank us!

Cardigan with Skirts Looks


Oversize Cardigan With Mini Skirt

Credit photo: Instagram.com/nojinasty

Argyle Patterned Cardigan With Midi Skirt

Credit photo: Instagram.com/romashka_ua_

Argyle cardigan is a classic choice. You can make argyle patterned nails to match it with your cardigan!

Black Mini Skirt With Pink Cardigan

Credit photo: Instagram.com/vitaliia

It is easy to look all formal and to feel cozy with a pink cardigan on. The voluminous cardigan can accent the mini skirt as well as the boots. Besides, you do not need to wear a blouse to impress your co-workers. A simple white T-shirt will do perfectly.


Layered Outfit Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/mumshandmade

There are times when it is easy to assume that a jacket won’t go well with a long cardigan. Surprise-surprise that is anything but true. To be honest, combining your oversized cardigan with a layered outfit is the trendiest idea ever! If you are pulling off something short, do not forget about the OTK boots!

Ruffled Skirt With White Knit Cardigan

Credit photo: Instagram.com/samanthakatew

We do not wish to repeat ourselves, but light ruffled skirts are entitled to warm seasons only. Unless you know how to mix and match a knitted cardigan with such a mini skirt. We are going to share a secret – the key point is to stick to the same color palette!

Maxi Floral Skirt With Burgundy Cardigan

Credit photo: Instagram.com/martitamgd

It is true that red cardigan may be too vibrant for certain occasions. Here is a burgundy one come in! The truth is that burgundy one is as juicy but less attention-drawing. Besides, you can easily sport such a design with a maxi dress, even if there is a summery floral print on it!


How to Combine Cardigan With Jeans

Jeans With One-Shoulder Top

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lanagotseva

Camel Cardigan With Black Jeans And Belt

Credit photo: Instagram.com/alinelowry

Did you know that you can accent your legs by wearing a pair of skinnies just like that? Although you need to consider a good match for the pair. We think that a woolen camel cardigan will deal with the task effortlessly. Besides, a pair of neutral heels will take a look to the next level of gorgeous.


Cropped Cardigan With Jeans Outfit

Credit photo: Instagram.com/melgalmin

Cropped tops are all the rage these days. However, we realize that when summer ends and the fall hits, they are going to turn out to be pretty useless. That is when a cropped design takes place! Take this pink one – you can easily match it with a pair of your favorite ripped jeans and a pair of stylish sandals! How cool is that!

Beige Cardigan With Blue Ripped Jeans

Credit photo: Instagram.com/kerina.wang

To look absolutely casual you need a beige cardigan. The fact is that if ripped jeans are your cup of tea and the change of season can’t influence your devotion, then a proper cardigan will become your irreplaceable friend. At times when it is cold in the morning and burning hot at not – this look would be your best bet.

Minimalistic Outfit Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/kathiischr

Are you an edgy kind of chick? Worry not. We know what is missing from your autumns look – a black cardigan! The fact is that black jeans and a crop top won’t save you from the cold – while a suitable cardigan surely will!


Brown Cardigan With Jeans Outfit

Credit photo: Instagram.com/samanthakatew

There are times when you are not feeling like planning your today’s outfit. We feel you, gal! That is why we suggest you this seamlessly causal look to replicate. There is nothing extraordinary about it, but when you match all the elements in one look – you will look magnificently ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.

Plaid Cardigan With Over The Knee Boots

Credit photo: Instagram.com/cmcoving

There are times when you are off on vacation, and you can’t plan your vacation look properly. That is when we are reaching out a helping hand! The thing is that if it is autumn or spring outside, it is best to keep yourself warm all the time. While a plaid cardigan will take care of that referring to your upper part. The OTK boots will keep your feet dry and warm too.

Cardigan Plus Leggins


Striped Cardigan With Black Leggings Outfit

Credit photo: Instagram.com/holliewdwrd

We know that giving up on the clothes you are used to wearing when it is summery outside may be quite difficult. You know what – you do not have to! The fact is that all you should do is to spice your regular summer look up with a trendy cardigan – that is it. Striped one will be merely irreplaceable when it comes to black leggings outfit.

A cardigan is a piece in your wardrobe that you should never underestimate. The fact is that you can easily introduce it into any look as long as you know the rules to stick to.