Are you searching for beautiful homecoming hairstyles? You should definitely look like a queen, and we are glad to help you. First, remember one rule: the key to getting a look that will bring you much success is in choosing a hairstyle that will be elegant and secure at the same time. Have much fun and memorable moments, and pay attention to your date instead of worrying about adjusting your hair!


Half Up Half Down Hairstyles with Braids

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Wavy Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

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Updo Hair with Braids

Credit photo: Credit photo: Credit photo: Credit photo:  Credit photo: We are sure that you have been dreaming about this event for a long time. No way you can attend your big night party with some regular do’! There is a variety of hairstyles for long and medium hair. You will look gorgeous if you choose an updo or full down hairstyle. We know how to make even the simplest and common style look unforgettable. Trends of this year show us that best decision is an updo, but you also can look chic and elegant with big curls. Credit photo: Credit photo: Credit photo: Credit photo: A voluminous and massive bun is in fashion now. If you pull out some wisps of your hair, your hairstyle will look more easygoing. You should start picking your hairstyle at least one week before the party. Your hairstyle should match with your dress. To be sure that they do match, put on the dress of your choice and wear the hairstyle that you like.


Beautiful and Easy Hairstyles for Homecoming

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"> Credit photo: Credit photo:   Credit photo:   These hairstyles are easy to DIY so if you don't have much time for prepare an evening look you can choose one of these styles. Their greatest advantage is in a feminine look they make. Half-up styles with fishtail braids, rose braids and even a crown of your hair are great choices for young ladies.


Homecoming Updo with a Low Bun

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Lovely Homecoming Updo Hairstyles

Credit photo:   Credit photo: Credit photo:   This year, a natural look is in fashion. It also concerns trendy updos, which tend to be a little messy and loose. Too many strasses, clip extensions in various colors, and voluminous chignons are in the past. Stylish buns and braiding are in trend. Thin hoops or a tiara can embellish the bun and make you look chic. Another trend is to do asymmetric hairstyles that cover only one ear.       Credit photo: Homecoming updos look very beautiful. However, you should always care about your hair and do everything possible not to harm it. If your hairstyle includes a ponytail, make sure that it is not too tight. When your hairstyle is ready, some hairspray should be spritzed over it. It will help you to keep your loose hairs in their place. If you forget to spritz it, you will have to check if your hairstyle looks nice after every dance. And of course, the more you worry about your hair, the less fun you have. Make sure that your hairstyle will stay fixed during the whole evening. Moreover, the styling foam and various hairsprays used for your hairstyle are not very healthy for your skin. It can easily clog your pores, and as you already know, it is not so easy to unclog them. To save the beauty of your face, mobilize your energy and wash your hair. Credit photo:  Credit photo: Credit photo:

Take several photos and see if you look awesome. If you hesitate, ask your friends or relatives to look at these photos and tell you what they think. Besides, you should check if the hairstyle does not feel too heavy. If you are not comfortable, you will not be confident. Just stick to something good-looking that also feels good.

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Keep in mind one important thing: no matter how tired you are after the celebration, do not fall asleep on your hairstyle. It can cause unnecessary tangles, strain and scalp strain. You might also wish not to wake up and have a headache, which can happen if you are too tired to let your hair down.


Long Braided Hair

  Credit photo: Credit photo: A fishtail is among the most elegant and easy hairstyles for long hair. You are mistaken if you believe that braids are for little girls. If you choose this hairstyle, you will definitely look like the real lady. Just keep in mind that it will look more beautiful if your hair is long. Credit photo:

This hairstyle looks perfect without any bright accessories. However, if you do wish to use some accessories, do not be too enthusiastic. This hairstyle should stay sophisticated and romantic. The purpose of adding some accessories here is to emphasize some elements of the hairstyle, but not to hide them. One hair-slide will suffice.


Cute Ponytail Hairstyles For Homecoming

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A mermaid hairstyle is a perfect way to refine and softly complement your face. This hairstyle creates a deliberately disheveled and asymmetrical effect. It is very sophisticated, which makes it a wonderful choice for the occasion. Stylists notice that this hairstyle fits any hair color. However, they believe that women with fair hair will look better with this hairstyle.

Great Braided Crown Homecoming Hairstyles

Credit photo: Credit photo: Credit photo: Even though this hairstyle can make you look bohemian, you should not forget about styling. Mind that your hair should fall around your face in a free manner. You should pay attention to all details and pretend that you have not done it – it is the key for this style to work.        


In general, it is advisable to make your updo look spontaneous, not laborious, fresh, girly, and young. You should not look much older than your boyfriend because it can make him uncomfortable. And what does your boyfriend do when it happens? Right, he makes inappropriate jokes. Thus, try to avoid hairstyles that will make your image too adult.

FAQ: Homecoming Hairstyles

Is homecoming hair up or down?

A simple low ponytail will help you keep your homecoming look soft and lovely. With some minor styling modifications, a low ponytail can still look beautiful enough to wear to a party (provided that your hair is silky and smooth).

What is the purpose of homecoming?

Welcoming back former students and/or members and honoring the existence of an organization is known as homecoming. It is part of the cultural life in many high schools, colleges and churches of Canada and the United States.

What it means to be homecoming queen?

In many high schools and colleges, a young lady is traditionally chosen by her peers to “rule” over the customary activities linked with the Homecoming football game.