Everyone adores cute braided hairstyles. There are so many types of braids and new ones emerging almost every day. When you are thinking about what braided hairstyle to choose, an event plays a significant role. Here is all the inspiration you need.


Romantic Braided Hairstyles

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Romantic hairstyles with braids can be called the most versatile. Wearable for every day and even for formal events. Stick with romantic French braids or fishtails.


Braids In Daily Hairstyle

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Popular braids for long hair include double braids. They look super cute and are worn almost by everyone with long hair. Don’t be afraid to be a part of mainstream.

Double Braids In Hairstyles

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Another cute option for long hair is a crown braid in a combination with long hair. What can be cuter than this? Add some curls with a curling wand for a more romantic effect.


Lovely Style for Special Night

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Getting ready for a special night out? A chignon with a braid is what you need. This hairstyle looks really lovely and your date won’t be able to keep his eyes off you.

Pull and Double Braid

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As for the new braids we’ve mentioned before, pull through and double braids are impossible to resist. They are new to the beauty scene, but everyone loves them already.


Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

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Fishtail braids are universal. They look cute as an independent hairstyle, in updos, with ponytails, in half up half down dos, and even as a tiny element with loose hair.

Fresh Style Ideas for Every Special Day

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FAQ: Braided Hairstyles

How to style knotless braids?

Gather all of your hair unto a high pony tail, secure it with a hair tie. Split the hair in two and braid both sections. Wrap both braids around into a braided bun. Use a flat bobby pin to secure that.

How to elegantly style knotless braids?

  1. Separate your hair into three and start braiding from my side part all the way down to my ear.
  2. Braid the middle section of the braids from the side part down to your right ear.
  3. Go to the other side of your part and start to braid that section all the way around to the back.
  4. Combine all of these three braids into one big final braid.
  5. Wrap that around, take the thin part of the braid and tuck that behind the bigger braid, secure with some bobby pins.