If you have never had purple ombre hair, then it is high time to go for it. You will be pleased to find out that this moody color turns out sensational when pulled off on your hair. Besides, it is so versatile that pairs nicely with almost every shade existing setting off a myriad of awe-inspiring color combinations, from subtle lilac highlights to all-out blue and purple hair ombre. To infuse you with some inspirational ideas, we have compiled this superb collection.


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One of the main reasons why purple ombre hair is so popular is due to the impeccable beauty of the shade itself. Moreover, the range of hues to transition to and from is nearly unlimited. Thus, creating your perfect ombre without looking like anyone else is possible.

The vibrant gradient starts at the roots and goes smoothly to the ends resulting in a breathtaking style. You can go light on the color and create a subtle transition through pastel tint or go full-on with bolder shades are become the true rebel you are.


Finding Your Perfect Shade

As we’ve mentioned, the variety of purple hues is quite numerous, and you may want to figure out how to find the shade that projects your individuality best. One of the predetermining factors is your skin tone. Here’s how the main purple colors play with different skin tones:

  • Deep plum: since it is one of the most intense purple shades, it begs for a darker skin tone. Those with medium to dark complexions will benefit most from the color. Deep plum will bring in some contrast – read drama – to your look.
  • Vibrant violet: another vibrant and attention-seeking hue is bright violet. It is quite a universal tint, so it goes well with a variety of skin tones. Yet, ladies with fair to medium complexions will make the most of the hue. The paler your skin is, the brighter the purple will look.
  • Soft lavender: this is yet another universal purple hue that suits different tones, especially those on the fair to light scale. Since the color isn’t pigmented much, it will result in a mystical and quite ethereal impression. It is the shade to opt for if you seek a fairy-like result.
  • Lilac: lilacs work well on fair to medium skins, and it’s all about a dreamy touch to your personality.

With these primary guidelines at hand, you must remember that your personal taste and preferences play a major part in picking the perfect purple shade. If you are unsure as to which direction to pursue, ask your colorist to assist you.

Maintenance and Care Tips

After you get your hair done, you must do everything possible to preserve the color for as long as possible. There are a few tips that will help you succeed with the goal:

  • Right products: make sure that you use shampoos and conditioners designed for color-treated hair. Such products are gentler than others and don’t wash away the color and vibrancy of your purple ombre hair.
  • Heat-styling: heat is one of the leading causes of color fading. Thus, if you want your perfect ombre to last as long as possible, try to minimize your heat styling routines. Moreover, use a heat protectant to reduce the damage whenever you use a blow dryer or curling iron.
  • Sun exposure: no matter how much you love the sun, it will make the color fade away prematurely if you expose your mane to UV rays for extended periods. If you can’t afford to wear a hat outside, you may want to spray it with a UV protection serum to reduce the harmful effect.
  • Deep conditioning: aside from your regular conditioner, it is advised that you deep condition your hair on a regular basis. A once-a-week conditioning session will make sure that your hair is hydrated and nourished so that it looks its absolute best.
  • Touch-up sessions: no matter how ideal your ombre looks, it will grow out and fade a little over time. That is why it is essential that you go for regular touch-ups and maintain your hair in flawless condition.

Can I achieve a temporary purple ombre look without coloring my hair?

Is it necessary to bleach my hair before applying the purple ombre color?


Dark Purple Ombre Hair Ideas

To infuse you with a dose of inspiration, we have put together the dreamiest ideas for dark purple ombre hair below. So, feel free to pick out the one that appeals to you most.

Pink and Dark Purple Ombre on Straight Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/raznoglazaya_hair

Pink pairs beautifully with dark purple ombre. As these two colors are on the same side of the color wheel, it will not take much effort to achieve cohesion across your locks. This is especially beneficial if you have straight hair because it requires more precision to create a smooth transition between colors.


Short Hair with Dark Blue and Purple Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/raznoglazaya_hair

If you think that short hair limits you in terms of hair color opportunities, we are here to prove you otherwise. There are plenty of ways to throw some color into short tresses. Take, for instance, this gorgeous purple ombre with dark blue peekaboo roots. It takes short hair color games to a whole new level of boldness.

Purple and Red Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/raznoglazaya_hair

Who would have thought that red and purple can make up such a jaw dropping combo? Red enhances purple and brings out vivid undertones in it. So, if you want to get a hair color style that would make you stand out in the crowd, you can hardly think of a better option.

Natural Brown Hair Roots with Purple Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/rachelturleybeauty

Those who are not ready to commit to all out purple hair yet may keep it quite natural by adding the color only to the ends of your locks. With natural brown roots, the purple ombre still looks contrasty and edgy. But, it allows you to get a more versatile hair look.


Dark Brown With Violet Balayage

Credit photo: instagram.com/kayla_boyer

For those who want to try on a violet hair color without sacrificing the natural shade of their locks, there is a great solution. You can add it only to the tips. In this way, the color will still pop yet you will be able to chop it off in case you find it not flattering.

Lavender Highlights for Dark Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Evalam_, instagram.com/Masey.cheveux

Dark hair is perfect for a gorgeous violet ombre. Keep your roots and bottom layers dark and add soft purple highlights for a totally adorable effect.

Dark Roots And Purple Tips

Credit photo: instagram.com/Masey.cheveux

Purple ombre is a great way to intensify the natural dark color of your locks. To pull it off, you need to leave the roots naturally dark, infuse the middle with an eggplant color and finish off with light purple at the tips.

Purple And Dark Brown Balayage

Credit photo: instagram.com/kellymassiashair, instagram.com/armstrongmccallofficial

To pull off ombre hair colors that you naturally have often decide whether it is going to pop or blend. On dark brown locks, purple splashes of color painted in the balayage technique do not look extremely prominent yet gain deepness and intensity.


Light Purple Ombre Hair Color

Credit photo: instagram.com/rachelturleybeauty Credit photo: instagram.com/raznoglazaya_hair

Natural Blonde And Purple Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/cosmoprofbeauty, instagram.com/lisashairstudio11

One of the best things about purple ombre is that it matches flawlessly almost all hair colors. Those ladies who naturally have blonde locks should definitely try to amp them up with ombre in any shade of purple. Mind though that blonde and lavender hair colors make up the best combo.

Purple Balayage

Credit photo: instagram.com/reinesalazar, instagram.com/glamiris

If you want to enhance the ampleness and dimension of your locks, then try out purple balayage. This technique works best for people with thin and flat hair as well as for those who have cuts that require volume and depth, which is achieved thanks to purple highlights incorporated into your hair.


Pale Purple Ombre Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Evalam_, instagram.com/glamiris

For girls with naturally blonde or fair locks, this pale purple ombre is a sure way to go. It should start with a light color at the roots, such as gray or blonde, and softly blend into light lavender in the middle.

Subtle Purple Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/guy_tang, instagram.com/beautylaunchpad

Those girls who have blonde or fair locks and want to add a subtle touch of color to them without making much change should consider this light purple hair ombre. Although it does not look particularly flamboyant, it brings out the right amount of vibrancy in your tresses.

Subtle Lavender Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/guy_tang, instagram.com/beautylaunchpad

For ladies who like to be in the spotlight yet have a soft side, there is hardly a better option than these delicate lavender highlights painted with no set pattern. They create a subtle contrast with the right amount of “pop” on any hair color, from light to dark.


Soft Purple Ombre For Medium Length Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Kuthaus_claremont, instagram.com/Pulpriothair

For a modern girl, it is not that easy to incorporate ombre purple hair into the stress and bustle of everyday life. It often requires quite a lot of maintenance and regular upkeep. But, with this soft purple ombre pulled off on medium length layered haircuts, you will not have any difficulties, as it is extremely low maintenance yet dazzling.

Brown Medium Length Hair With Purple Tips

Credit photo: instagram.com/Salsalhair, instagram.com/Chitang_hair

This is arguably one of the most low-key ombre styles on our list. It works perfectly for those ladies whose hair look has to abide by dress code rules or should fit a formal ambiance. It features nothing but a muted purple ombre color tips painted on brown medium length locks.

Reverse Purple Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/guy_tang

Most often, purple ombre tends to run from light to dark, this reverse ombre starts with darker purple and fades gradually to a pretty lavender shade.


Silver And Purple

Credit photo: instagram.com/guy_tang, instagram.com/glamiris

Cannot decide on these two huge hair color trends? Why not try them both? Silver and purple go together like peanut butter and jelly, making up an alluring look with an abundance of movement and dimension.

Ash Purple Ombre Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Evalam_, instagram.com/Joy_koning

The trend on ash gray hair has set off many breathtaking color variations. And purple is no exception. Adding a touch of color to this monochrome shade will not only spruce it up but also help to achieve a mystical and attractive look of your locks.

Lilac Pixie

Credit photo: instagram.com/katiezimbalisalon

With its feathered side bangs, this bright blue to lavender pixie (and every shade in-between) is totally exquisite.


Blonde And Lavender Beach Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/evalam_, instagram.com/evalam_

This mystical mermaid combo of beach blonde and soft lavender is super chic and feminine. The chunky blonde waves with lavender tips are ideal for a summer day on the beach.

Blue And Purple Ombre Hair Dye

Purple And Blue Ombre Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Evalam_, instagram.com/Reneelalondehair

Blue and purple hair ombre looks in complete harmony. It seems so well-balanced for good reason. These two matching colors go perfectly together, as you can find them on the same side of the color spectrum. Add a couple of curls and thin braids to it and you will get a totally mesmerizing hair look.


Ombre Hair With Blue Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/Lo.reeeann, instagram.com/Evalam_

If you do not want to go for a full-blown purple blue ombre hair but would still like to pull off this color mix, then you can simply paint blue highlights in your purple ombre. This will give your hair extra dimension, as blue streaks will add deepness and body to the strands.

Navy Hair With Purple Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/Bestofhair, instagram.com/glamiris

Adding purple highlights to a blue ombre hair color is a surefire way to channel a navy look, especially on darker locks. This will help you to create the effect of the ocean abyss with the play of color and light at the very bottom.

Black Hair With Dark Purple And Blue Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/soraverly, instagram.com/glamiris

Keep dark purple hair and blue highlights in the bottom half of your layered black locks to allow them to peek out and not overpower your mane. With soft disheveled waves, this style looks dynamic and playful, which gives your whole look an energetic feel.


Purple and Blue Ombre For Medium Length HairWith Bright Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbymorganmortimer

This totally creative combo with brilliant blue and purple streaks will nicely complement a natural blonde or brown hue.

Pink And Purple Ombre Hair Shades

Lilac And Pastel Pink Ombre Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/guy_tang, instagram.com/Guy_tang

If you want your hair color to have a soft and gradual transition, opt for pastel purple hair ombre. Yet, to keep it quite graphic and pronounced, you can switch purple to pastel pink and lilac. In this way, the play of color will help your locks to gain movement and definition.


Light Pink Ombre Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Evalam_, instagram.com/Reneelalondehair

What can be more girlie than a light pink ombre hair color? To accentuate your femininity and romantic personality, paint your locks in this sweet shade and curl them to create soft chunky waves for an effortless and breezy look.

Purple Ombre For Pixie Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Glamiris, instagram.com/krystinmullinax

If you think that to pull off purple ombre hair should necessarily be long, then we are here to prove you wrong. Not only does purple short ombre hair have the right to exist but it also looks as awe-inspiring and enchanting as the long one if not more.

Can I add other design elements or patterns to my purple ombre hair?

Deep Purple Roots And Pink Tips

Credit photo: instagram.com/Hairbysamanthamonroe

With deep purple roots that flawlessly melt to pink tips, this style is unquestionably stunning. For a more gradual effect, you can employ several transitional colors, such as strawberry or magenta. If you want to make the gradient even more vivid, style your locks in soft and chunky waves.


Purple And Hot Pink Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/guy_tang

For those who want a rocker chick look, this one was made with you in mind! If you want to turn heads wherever you go, this hot pink and purple ombre style, with its soft waves, is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Plum And Reddish Purple Ombre Hair Colors

Plum Red And Purple Ombre Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Emilyandersonstyling, instagram.com/Jaymz.marsters

However, those who are not afraid to splash some color on their locks should take a closer look at this mesmerizing combo. Even though you might think that  purple and plum red hair do not really go together, they actually create a well-balanced look. Plum red brings out reddish hues in purple, which makes it even more intense.


Dark Chocolate And Plum Ombre Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/Leslieanne, instagram.com/evalam_

To enhance the color of your deep chocolate tresses, it is hard to think of a better option than to saturate it with plum. Whether it is going to be a soft ombre or a scattering of plum highlights is up to you. Either way, you can rest assured that you are going to come out with a really delicious hair color.

Reddish Purple And Black

Credit photo: instagram.com/sydniiee

This reddish purple is quite trendy and ideal if you are feeling bold. Paired with midnight black, it will certainly steal the spotlight.

Purple Ombre Hair With Warm Accents


Purple And Peach Ombre Hair

Credit photo:  instagram.com/cabelos_coloridos_

With colors that were picked from the verge where the sun hits the horizon, this hairstyle is one of the best sunset ombre hair looks that we have ever seen. The dark blue roots melt to plum with magenta streaks that add dimension. The style then transitions to bright orange and yellow at the tips.

Sunset Ombre Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/Pulpriothair, instagram.com/sara_martin_turquoise_peacock

If you think that to pull off purple ombre hair should necessarily be long, then we are here to prove you wrong. Not only does purple short ombre hair have the right to exist but it also looks as awe-inspiring and enchanting as the long one if not more.

Multicolored Rainbow Hairstyles


Multicolored Highlights

Credit photo: instagram.com/Nealmhair, instagram.com/Jaymz.marsters

Do not limit yourself to a single ombre hair color. If you want to have fun with style, you are so welcome to do so. Mix some colors to your purple ombre base for a multidimensional and startling effect. Remember, they should not necessarily match while the rule the more the better definitely applies here.

Ravishing Rainbow

Credit photo: instagram.com/guy_tang

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this colorful rainbow ombre, with its neon greens, brilliant orange and yellows, hot pinks, breathtaking blues and stunning purples, will make you the center of attention wherever you go!

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FAQ: Purple Ombre Hair

How do I dye my brown hair purple from ombre?

After you chose a right shade (warm purple is easier to achieve on brunettes), you need bleaching for purple to develop on a brown hair. Don’t forget to apply hair treatment before and after the procedure to minimize damage from lifting and bleaching.

How long does purple ombre last?

Bright colors like these tend to fade fast. Non-permanent hair dyes contain less pigment and wash out in 4 four or five days.
When using semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes the color still needs to be touched up every four weeks.

Does ombre grow out well?

Ombre is easy to transition from since it does not start right at the roots. You may just trim your ends as it grows out. In addition, a vibrant ombre fades pretty quick which can be a real benefit for those, who like to change their style frequently.

  • Ombré is the blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark.Source
  • Hair coloring, or hair dyeing, is the practice of changing the hair color. Source