By: | Updated: 07/16/2018

Oh-So-Vivid Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

The rainbow hair trend originally appeared in 1980-s and became a somewhat signature look for that decade. That was the time when challenging limits became mainstream.

Thanks to that, women’s hair color started to involve a multiple of shades. Today rainbow hair is experiencing a comeback. However, new dyeing techniques and modern paints allow for expanding the notion of a rainbow color. Thus, today a rainbow color is not necessarily bright – it can be pastel. And this hair color should not necessarily involve 7 shades of the actual rainbow. We can use any number of shades and any combinations. This versatility lets a woman get rainbow hair at any age: brighter looks will work for younger women, while hidden rainbow looks will do for more mature women.

And you can even get a rainbow color at home! Let’s discuss it in detail and get some inspo from the pics we gathered.

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