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10 Top Layered Bob Haircuts

If you still haven’t tried any of the layered bob haircuts, maybe it’s the right time to do so. Such haircuts look modern yet stylish, classy yet trendy.

Depending on your face type, you can go either with long layered haircuts or short ones. You can always seek advice from your stylist to decide which haircut will suit you the best.

Layered haircuts will surely add some spark to your overall look making it more interesting and gorgeous.

1. Classic Blonde Bob

Source: Kategracie_chelseahair via Instagram

Blonde Classic Bob

This sleek short bob will look especially good on young girls studying at the college. It looks classy yet a bit messy, and it doesn’t require a lot of time for styling. Let the roots grow with your natural color to give it a more careless look: the blonde hair idea above is absolutely gorgeous due to the smooth contrast between the natural and added colors. To achieve such gentle ombre-like graduation, ask your colorist for a subtle blend in the roots area. In this way, your two-toned hair color will come out even.

2. Shaggy Layered Bob Haircut

Source: alchemyxartistry via Instagram

Shaggy Layered Bob Haircuts

This type of haircut adds a ton of volume. With some highlights on tousled wavy hair, you’ll look amazing no matter whether you are going to a party or for a walk in the park. Besides the volumetric effect, a shaggy bob can spice up your hair with pleasant movement, which, in its turn, will create a very dimensional look once it meets your color accents. Such haircuts work best for ladies with fine hair as they can enliven and lift up the weak locks.

3. Messy Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Source: chelseahaircutters via Instagram

Messy Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Looking for an interesting hairstyle? Try this careless blonde bob and enjoy your new look! It’s perfect if you have an oval face and slightly wavy hair. With a nude makeup added, you are sure to be the queen of the stage. The best thing about this messy hairstyle is that it looks unbelievably effortless and fun, which is a win-win for ladies who love looking natural. If you already have a wavy texture, give it a coat of salt spray to rock the look. And those with straight hair types can simply do the waves themselves, picking little strands and altering the direction of the iron lock by lock.

4. Textured & Messy Brunette Lob

Source: ans0403 via Instagram

Textured Messy Brunette Lob

This type of long layered haircuts will look perfect on any occasion. You can wear a lob haircut at work or at the party. You can slightly wave the hair to make it look more voluminous and careless. This look is perfect if you don’t want to get your hair trimmed too much and got tired of wearing long hair at the same time. Yes, lob haircuts are considered to be the happy medium between two lengths: not too short and not too long. For such a fascinating texture, you need to ask your stylist for soft texturizing at the ends. Once you got your ends lighter, any hairstyles and colors will look stunning on your cut!

5. Short Wavy Hair

Source: Sohoforhair via Instagram

Short Wavy Hair

This side part hairstyle is a combination of a classy look with a bit flirtatious and messy one. If you have wavy hair, you can straighten it a bit to make your waves softer. And for ladies with straight hair, we recommend going for loose waves with one pass of a curling iron. Though it’s quite a straightforward hairstyle, the way these effortless waves fall on one another make this blonde bob a look to steal. No doubts, it can complement any occasion!

6. Soft Strawberry Blonde Locks

Source: Oscaroscarsalons/ via Instagram

Soft Strawberry Blonde Locks

This sleek lob will bring some romanticism into your overall look. Add some soft strawberry hair color, slightly pink lipstick and beige eye shadows, and you are ready to go to Paris, the city of love and romance!

7. Lovely Textured Bob

Source: Oscaroscarcarindale via Instagram

Lovely Textured Bob

Simply nice, – this is how this haircut can be described. It will look beautiful on any woman with any face features. This is more of a classy type style, yet with some waves added, it can take a more frivolous look.

8. Lob Style for Long Layered Haircuts

Source: Hairbynoora via Instagram

Lob Style for Long Layered Haircuts

This type of layered bob haircuts is just stunning! Dye the tips of your hair with the reddish tone to give it even more fresh and youthful look! It’s perfect for the autumn or winter time as your hair will brighten up some cold and rainy days!

9. Rosy Pearls Layered Bob

Source: Hairbynoora via Instagram

Rosy Pearls Layered Bob

If you want to show your creative part, get bold and experiment with the hair color! Classical bob can look much more original with some rosy and violet streaks. Want to get even bolder? Add some red or blue tint to your haircut and let your imagination flow!

10. Chic Warm Colored Bob

Source: Paintedbeaute via Instagram

Chic Warm Colored Bob

Get ready to impress everyone with your new look! With asymmetrical long bangs and sunny warm color of your hair, you’ll look amazing no matter where you are heading to.

11. Brunette Bob With Choppy Ends

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Brunette Bob With Choppy Ends #bob #layeredhair #shorthair

When you aren’t ready to fully jump into a new image but want to change something in your style, let your ends do the talking. The truth is, getting choppy ends is enough to turn your haircut into a beautifying masterpiece! This cutting technique involves soft layering at the lower portion which can volumize the whole body. To accentuate the lovely layers, you can pair your hair color with some lighter but matching shade by opting for highlights.

12. Shaggy Ends With Soft Waves

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Shaggy Ends With Soft Waves #bob #layeredhair #shorthair

Shaggy ends are another low-maintenance option to freshen up your style without using scissors too much. One of the benefits of such a simple haircut is that all your hairstyles will look more precise, and wavy styling isn’t an exception. So now you can imagine why the brunette hair idea above looks so cute and effortless: this is how awesomely soft waves and textured ends can work together. Volume, dimension, and distinctive texture, who could ask for more?

13. Shaggy Razored Layers

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Shaggy Razored Layers #bob #layeredhair #mediumhair

The variety of layered bob haircuts knows no limits. Mainly because you can customize your cut, choosing the areas for every single layer and regulate their size and thickness as well. For example, this shag features short and thin layers that move throughout the whole length, creating a very full body. If you love this effect, why don’t make it big? This balayage hair proves that not only scissors can bring a ton of volume; a nice blend of colors is a nice volumetric weapon, too!

14. Bob With Long Side Bangs

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Bob With Long Side Bangs #bob #layerehair #bangs

Bangs have always been and will always be the best friends for women. Whether you want to hide up some feature that you consider a flaw or you need to add some more volume to your hairstyle, bangs will be there for you. As you can see, these side bangs create a great shift for the top layer of hair, making the silhouette appear fuller. Make sure that your fringe smoothly melts with the rest of your hair. Of course, it’s a job for layers!

15. Graduated Short Bob

Source: gulevich.vladimir via Instagram

Graduated Short Bob #bob #layeredhair #shorthair

Graduated bob has many names and faces. Usually, it’s a short bob haircut that features length graduation that gets shorter to the back. Such a structure allows easy volumetric styling and provides a well-groomed appearance. It looks amazing when it’s super sleek, just like in the pic above. To get this look, it’s better to work with a round brush while blow-drying your hair. As for wavy styling, this idea will also look great, especially if you go for little waves as they can reveal the full potential of the graduated cut.

16. Tousled Inverted Bob

Source: headrushdesigns via Instagram

Tousled Inverted Bob #bob #layeredhair

As we’ve mentioned before, graduated haircuts have a lot of names, and a tousled bob haircut is one of them. This haircut has the same cutting pattern as the previous idea, yet, this time it’s styled a bit differently. Some of the top layers are tousled to create a full, airy silhouette and enhance the movement. Due to the pointed body and well-shaped crown, it still looks pretty immaculate.

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