If you still haven’t tried any of the layered bob haircuts, maybe it’s the right time to do so. Such haircuts look modern yet stylish, classy yet trendy.

Depending on your face type, you can go either with long layered haircuts or short ones. You can always seek advice from your stylist to decide which haircut will suit you the best.


Layered haircuts will surely add some spark to your overall look making it more interesting and gorgeous.

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Layered Bob Haircuts: The Expert Guide


Why Is The Bob Haircut Called Bob?


Not everyone knows that the history behind the classic bob haircut dates back to the vintage 1920s. Its very first variation became popular when Irene Castle, a famous ballroom dancer, cut off her hair at the ears so as not to spend much time on styling. Soon, the press called her transformation as ‘bobbed off’ hair, introducing to the world the haircut named “bob”.

Then, at the beginning of the 1970s, the ever-popular haircut started to evolve; more and more stylish ladies would leave their salons with longer and sleek variations of the bob. Some stylists claim that if it wasn’t for Faye Dunaway, who appeared with such a haircut in Bonnie and Clyde, the haircut wouldn’t get such a huge recognition.

However, women always loved bobs for their simplicity and edginess, so we bet that it was doomed to become a trend. A decade ago, you could see this haircut on celebrities like Katie Holmes, Kelly Clarkson, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Now, you can see Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, and lots of hot girls running the red carpet with this haircut.

Whether you rock multicolored, brown, or blonde hair, there’s no way a bob won’t flatter you. And today we’re going to talk about the rising star of the hair industry - the short layered bob.

Should Bob Haircuts Be Layered?

In fact, everything looks better on layered hair, not to mention the ease of styling layers provide. Not only do layers enhance the texture in wavy styling but they also add a bit of an edge to straight hairstyles. However, your hair type is what will determine whether or not your bob should be layered. In general, there are two scenarios of getting layers.

Thin hair

If you have thin hair that tends to fall flat and takes hours to create volume, you can go for long layers. Such a layering technique involves cutting the hair into various layers that look sharp and edgy while providing volume and movement. Even though layered bob haircuts cut off some weight from the ends, the angle at which the hair is cut helps the hair to keep up with natural volume.

Thick hair

Women with thick hair can go for a bob haircut with layers to finally whip their unruly locks into a well-defined and balanced shape. The reason why your hair doesn’t behave during styling is that it’s too heavy, and layers will nicely deal with the extra weight. As a result, they will make your hair feel lighter and look more textured, giving tons of volume at the same time.


What Are Different Styles Of Bob Haircuts?


The variety of bob haircuts is another reason to go for them: there are so many types of bobs, as well as room for customizations, that every woman can get a unique look. At the same time, lots of brave girls who seek trends and want to cut their hair short get lost in the diversity of this amazing haircut. Let’s get to know the most common types of bob before we focus on the trend that’s on everyone’s lips today - short layered bobs.

Different types of bob haircuts
  • A-line bob. The name speaks for itself: the body of the haircut is cut at an angle to give it an A-line silhouette.
  • Stacked bob. Unlike A-line bobs, stacked haircuts may feature a dramatic contrast of lengths, where a super short back transits to a longer angled body.
  • Classic bob. The classic version of the bob is a chin-length haircut with slightly curvy edges.
  • Blunt bob. Just like the classic bob, blunt haircuts are one-length, however, they can be anything from chin-length to shoulder-length ideas.
  • Lob. As you might have guessed by its name, a lob is a longer version of a bob.
  • Asymmetrical bob. One side is longer than the other: that’s the main characteristic of an asymmetrical haircut.
  • Layered bob. Also known as the crowd-pleaser, a layered short bob is the last word in modern fashion. It allows women to play around with texture and has an approach to any hair type.

Besides, layered bob haircuts are a huge canvas for styling experiments, and below you’re going to see the latest cutting and styling ideas that are going to rock in 2021!

Inspirational Ideas Of Bob Haircuts


Classic Blonde Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisjones_hair

This sleek short bob will look especially good on young girls studying at the college. It looks classy yet a bit messy, and it doesn’t require a lot of time for styling. Let the roots grow with your natural color to give it a more careless look: the blonde hair idea above is absolutely gorgeous due to the smooth contrast between the natural and added colors. To achieve such gentle ombre-like graduation, ask your colorist for a subtle blend in the roots area. In this way, your two-toned hair color will come out even.

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

How do you like this wavy take at the classic bob? Apart from a lightweight wavy texture with a wet finish, this idea features the good old layers. Basically, layers are a must if you want to wear your hair wavy and if it’s fine. Going for chin length hairstyles will help you to keep the balance in your thin locks, as this length prevents outweighed looks. Also, modern stylists suggest their clients pairing a short layered bob with bangs: they add a framing touch and trendy feel.

Messy Bob Hairstyle

Credit photo:  instagram.com/timm.morrison

Looking for an interesting hairstyle? Try this careless blonde bob and enjoy your new look! It’s perfect if you have an oval face and slightly wavy hair. With a nude makeup added, you are sure to be the queen of the stage. The best thing about this messy hairstyle is that it looks unbelievably effortless and fun, which is a win-win for ladies who love looking natural. If you already have a wavy texture, give it a coat of salt spray to rock the look. And those with straight hair types can simply do the waves themselves, picking little strands and altering the direction of the iron lock by lock.

Credit photo:  instagram.com/headrushdesigns

This type of long layered haircuts will look perfect on any occasion. You can wear a lob haircut at work or at the party. You can slightly wave the hair to make it look more voluminous and careless. This look is perfect if you don’t want to get your hair trimmed too much and got tired of wearing long hair at the same time. Yes, lob haircuts are considered to be the happy medium between two lengths: not too short and not too long. For such a fascinating texture, you need to ask your stylist for soft texturizing at the ends. Once you got your ends lighter, any hairstyles and colors will look stunning on your cut!

Credit photo: instagram.com/natancorreia

When going for layered bobs, every woman can tailor her perfect haircut based on her hair type and preferences. There are a lot of different layering techniques mainly because you can always customize the placement and shape of the layers you go for. Here, you can see one of the most desirable layered bob hairstyles of now. It’s lightweight, soft, and balanced due to the razored ends.

Such haircuts look sharp and distinctive while still looking gentle when needed. By getting razored layers, you will accentuate every single lock of your hair, which is a win for those in love with messy styling.

Wavy Bob Haircuts

This side part hairstyle is a combination of a classy look with a bit flirtatious and messy one. If you have wavy hair, you can straighten it a bit to make your waves softer. And for ladies with straight hair, we recommend going for loose waves with one pass of a curling iron. Though it’s quite a straightforward hairstyle, the way these effortless waves fall on one another make this blonde bob a look to steal. No doubts, it can complement any occasion!

Credit photo: instagram.com/pepperpotts1984

Sometimes it’s just better to embrace your natural pattern and let it do your own thing! All those protective braids and twists are undoubtedly stylish and hip, but why not let your natural hair look natural in every way? Soft feathers or razored ends will make every single wave, kink or curl of your curly hair stand out and shine, while you will have a comfortable length and a super sexy look!

Credit photo: instagram.com/juliannobrittohair

With the wet hair trend that isn’t going to leave fashion any time soon, there’s no way you will have no idea how to style a layered bob. Besides wavy hair that is the easiest and most ravishing hairstyle, you can also give your bob a hint of wet look by finishing it with a wet hair mousse. Also, don’t forget to tousle everything up to get a look that will hit the spotlight!

Credit photo: instagram.com/meucabelinhocurto

Apart from medium length layered bob, there’s one more cut that can breathe a new life into your curls! A long layered bob with bangs is another idea that can give it a modern carefree feel to your look while keeping your hair at the most flexible length. This side-swept long bang nicely blends with the rest of the curls: isn’t that the best way to get that beach-inspired look?

Credit photo: instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn

Waves and highlights are like cheese and wine: together, they taste better than either one by itself. Highlights create dimension in the color which results in dynamic movement in the hair while waves make this effect even more alive and noticeable. Cut a long story short: when you’ve run out of styling ideas, go for something classic. This look is the classic that will never let you down wherever you are.

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

On curly hair, layered bob haircuts show a totally new facet. Although you won’t see those spectacular sharp angles on a curly bob, you will see the best version of your curls. What is more, according to many curly-haired women who switched to layered bobs, you can reveal the curly pattern you never knew you had!

When layering curly hair, your hairstylist will shape the edges so that every single curl is defined. As a result, you will have a manageable length with a distinctive textured finish.


Lovely Textured Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/oscaroscarcarindale, instagram.com/timm.morrison

Simply nice, - this is how this haircut can be described. It will look beautiful on any woman with any face features. This is more of a classy type style, yet with some waves added, it can take a more frivolous look.

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Some women don’t cut their precious locks because they think every inch matters. But, in fact, sometimes this rule works best when it’s the other way around. Going a couple of inches shorter can bring the so much desired volume back, making it stay for good.

The root lift on this modern bob looks balanced and harmonic against the straight hair texture. At first sight, it’s just a layered haircut. And if you have a closer look, you will see a well-structured body with nicely blended fringe-like front layers and super volumetric back.

Credit photo: instagram.com/natancorreia

When you’re about to go for a style change, there’s no need to go too radical and cut your layered hair short. Instead, you can work on some little detail that will give a brand new take at your look. And your ends are what you should consider!

Once you lighten up the edges of your haircut, you will make them sharper and hence more manageable. It will not only allow you to experiment with various layered hair hairstyles to your heart’s content but will also give you a nice, well-groomed look.

Lob Style For Long Layered Haircuts

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbynoora, instagram.com/timm.morrison

This type of layered bob haircuts is just stunning! Dye the tips of your hair with the reddish tone to give it even more fresh and youthful look! It’s perfect for the autumn or winter time as your hair will brighten up some cold and rainy days!

Credit photo: instagram.com/buddywporter

If you want to show your creative part, get bold and experiment with the hair color! Classical bob can look much more original with some rosy and red hair shades. Want to get even bolder? Add some red or blue tint to your haircut and let your imagination flow!

Credit photo: instagram.com/rambutseries, instagram.com/salsalhair

Not all layered bob haircuts for thick hair feature curvy, distinctive layers that you can see from a mile away. There are subtle versions of a layered medium bob that can whip your unruly locks into a well-groomed shape without showing up the layered sections. If you’re into perfectly-leveled, even and balanced looks and you think that your unmanageable locks won’t give that to you, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Ask your hairstylist for slight gradual layers at the bottom sections: they will give you a neat, manageable body that will make you fall in love with your medium length layered haircut.

Credit photo: instagram.com/paintedbeaute

Get ready to impress everyone with your new look! With asymmetrical long bangs and sunny warm color of your hair, you’ll look amazing no matter where you are heading to.

Credit photo: instagram.com/romeufelipe, instagram.com/anhcotran

When you want to achieve a radiant look for your short hair, a short layered bob is just what the doctor ordered. But, perfection knows no limits, right? Once you feel you’re ready for grand changes, why don’t make them big and add some new colors into your life? The truth is, layers look unbelievably radiant with highlights accompanying them. Highlights accentuate the hair, adding more of movement and dynamics to it. Can you imagine how awesomely they will reveal their beautifying power on well-shaped, edgy layers running through your mane? To make the color more dimensional, leave the roots dark and ask your colorist for a smooth blend at this area.

Credit photo: instagram.com/oscaroscarsalons

This sleek lob will bring some romanticism into your overall look. Add some soft strawberry hair color, slightly pink lipstick and beige eye shadows, and you are ready to go to Paris, the city of love and romance!

Bob Haircut With Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisjones_hair

Another chin length layered bob is here to show you the endless variety of styling options for short layers. Paired with a wispy fringe and lightweight waves, these chin-length layers work wonders lifting up the fine texture.

Basically, you don’t even need to wave all your hair to recreate this cute feminine look. Just a pass of a curling wand or flat iron will be enough, as you only need to volumize the top layer of hair to make the whole look fuller.

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Here’s another way to embrace two lengths at once! Yet, it’s not another asymmetrical haircut. This time, the contrast of different lengths is achieved through long bangs. The fringe is almost jaw-length hair, wheres the bob with layers is chin-length. Still, the contrast is not flashy due to a smooth blend of textures. What makes this fringe so special is that it’s a sultry mix of regular fringe and curtain bangs, which helps to frame the hair at the sides as well.

Credit photo: instagram.com/shmoakin_hair

This layered bob haircut simply takes the biscuit with its super thin layers at the ends. Also, pay attention to those subtle highlights! Today, there’s no better accentuating shade for brunette hair than a light brown hue. And here, the highlights hit only the razored edgy ends, making the color appear naturally dimensional. The soft layer of bangs is the final detail to create the perfect balance and harmony in the whole look!

Credit photo: instagram.com/cutyourhair Credit photo: instagram.com/buddywporter

Gone are those days when you were afraid of wind blowing at your hairstyle or didn’t even allow people to breathe near your well-styled hair! Here comes a layered bob haircut that will hold the perfect shape throughout the day, keeping you away from a flat look. And the secret of such a style lies in layering at the top portion of your hair. In fact, making the top light and manageable are all you need to rock a voluminous and lively hairstyle. Make sure that the layers fall distinctively on one another, as this is what can create the harmonic and dynamic silhouette that will stay with you the whole day.

Credit photo: instagram.com/gulevich.vladimir, instagram.com/maggiemh

Bangs have always been and will always be the best friends for women. Whether you want to hide up some feature that you consider a flaw or you need to add some more volume to your hairstyle, bangs will be there for you. As you can see, these side bangs create a great shift for the top layer of hair, making the silhouette appear fuller. Make sure that your fringe smoothly melts with the rest of your hair. Of course, it’s a job for layers!


Graduated Short Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/gulevich.vladimir, instagram.com/justindillaha_hair

Graduated bob has many names and faces. Usually, it’s a short bob haircut that features length graduation that gets shorter to the back. Such a structure allows easy volumetric styling and provides a well-groomed appearance. It looks amazing when it’s super sleek, just like in the pic above. To get this look, it’s better to work with a round brush while blow-drying your hair. As for wavy styling, this idea will also look great, especially if you go for little waves as they can reveal the full potential of the graduated cut.

Credit photo: instagram.com/headrushdesigns, instagram.com/chrisjones_hair

As we’ve mentioned before, graduated haircuts have a lot of names, and a tousled bob haircut is one of them. This haircut has the same cutting pattern as the previous idea, yet, this time it’s styled a bit differently. Some of the top layers are tousled to create a full, airy silhouette and enhance the movement. Due to the pointed body and well-shaped crown, it still looks pretty immaculate.

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbynoora Credit photo: instagram.com/headrushdesigns

It seems like short layered bob hairstyles like these were designed to leave people speechless. Not only do they add a lot of character to the look but also provide tons of volume and movement to the hair. In fact, a disconnected bob is a classy way to put yourself in the spotlight: the edgy, drastic length contrast looks unbearably modern and different at the same time. Needless to say, this wavy texture isn’t the only thing that gives such a dynamic picture. The trendy combo of blue and grey shades also took part in the success of this ensemble.

Credit photo: instagram.com/demetriusschool

Bob is nothing but a canvas to your imagination! You can adjust, define, and regulate every single detail of your bob. Anything from the texture and structure to layer placement and ends shaping is totally up to you. Let us explain how it works with this layered bob for fine hair. It has a unique customized curve at the ends which makes the layered inverted bob pointed and thus face-flattering. When you look at this masterpiece, you can’t miss the playful, wild vibe hittin the crown: this is how a touch of creativity can complement a decent look. And last but not least, such a play of textures is what will make your forget about flat looks of your fine hair.

Credit photo: instagram.com/rambutseries

If you’re looking for a layered bob for thin hair, congratulations; your search ends here. The great, volumetric body of an angled bob is everything you need to show your fine, sometimes lifeless tresses who’s boss. To make it real, you need to go for a gradual haircut with long, sharp hair at the front and shorter locks at the back of the head. And do you notice how special this layered angled bob is? Its V-cut layers give the whole look a lot of edgy character, creating an outstanding sharp silhouette. Besides, these chic ends not only look great; they give a light, manageable texture for your front tresses, thus helping you perfect your styling routine.

Credit photo: instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn

One of the easiest and the most fashionable ways to take your thin hair to the next level is to go for tousled messy looks. And to tell you the truth, even though disheveled hairstyles work universally well for women with all hair types, you should have the right base for that. Of course, we’re talking about the right haircut. To make the messy styling show its best sides, amp up the body of your hair, and simply give it a carefree feel, a medium layered bob is a nice start. Layers provide texture so there will be more room for messy locks dancing with one another freely. This blonde shoulder length layered bob is beautified with just a disheveled touch on the top layer. Still, that’s enough to add the needed volume.

Credit photo: instagram.com/headrushdesigns

We will never stop telling girls that the best thing they can do with layers is to turn them into waves. Indeed, nothing looks as airy, neat, and gentle as softly waved layers boosting dynamics in your hair. Anything from a layered shaggy bob to a classic lob with a textured finish show up in a brand new life once you spice them up with waves. As for this idea, it’s nothing but a genius combination of a haircut and hairstyle. The crown is a little bit shorter than the front tresses, which makes the back super voluminous and the front edgy. Finally, waves are just like the icing on the cake: they accentuate the beauty of the haircut, making it fabulous.

Credit photo: instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn

When your bob grows out, don’t rush to call your stylist to make it back into its short shape: long layered bob haircuts also have a lot for you to offer. The longer the hair, the more styling freedom you have. Plus, if you’re going for a layered long bob, you have much more hair to play around with unique layer placement. This long bob is doomed to have all eyes on it, no doubt! Thick swoopy layers literally stand out from the whole mane, playing by their own rules. Bottom line? The haircut looks indescribably voluminous and, most importantly, unique.

Credit photo: instagram.com/rambutseries

Beauty is in the details, remember? If you are into chic, minimalist looks you know that like no one else. For those who appreciate simplicity in every way, we’ve prepared an idea that embodies its beauty at its fullest. Razored ends are a simple, yet amaziтпly beautiful little detail that can help your haircut, whatever it is, reach perfection. They’re nothing but a slight angular texturing. Well, that’s all you need to finish your look with a great sense of edginess.

Credit photo: instagram.com/youarebecoming

Every woman has her own picture of a layered bob haircut! You can leave a salon with an asymmetrical layered masterpiece or spice up a classic bob with the movement of layers. Seriously, when it comes to short layered bob haircuts, the sky’s the limit. And now, we want you to check out this well-shaped and absolutely balanced inverted bob.

The crown features short sharp feathers that gradually become longer, turning into curvy face-framing tresses. In contrast to layers, feathers are shorter, lighter, and more textured, which is a good idea for thick manes. Needless to say, they make a good team with this staked gradual silhouette!

Credit photo: instagram.com/dmitriy.oskin

When thinking of transformations, women consider getting either a new haircut or new hair color. Ladies, when will you realize that colors and haircuts go hand in hand if you want an all-new look! Well, we bet that this sleek graduated bob will make you remember once and for all that game-changing transformations can’t do without a complex approach.

Here, one of the hottest short layered bob hairstyles is finished with warm orange highlights. Why don’t you enhance the angular body of your layered haircut with a touch of striking color?

Long Feathered Layers

Credit photo: instagram.com/ochanelperfeito Credit photo: instagram.com/ochanelperfeito, instagram.com/maggiemh

As the name of this cutting technique suggests, feathers are meant to make your hair airy and light. They involve texturizing for long sections at a slight angle, so that the layers curve at the edges. The greatest thing about this type of layers is that it works for all hair types. On thin manes, it provides the needed lift, adding a bulky twist and some more texture. For thicker hair, feathers tame the edges to make them manageable and well-shaped. Therefore, don’t even hesitate to ask your stylist for such a long layered bob: there’s no way it won’t suit you.

Credit photo: instagram.com/guy_tang

We’re terribly sorry if your heart has just skipped a beat. If it makes you feel any better, no one can resist the charm of a feathered bob colored the most seductive shade in the world. Now, imagine the boost confidence you will get once you pull off such a dramatic duo!

Of course, it takes guts to be in the spotlight. And that’s the point! Cut a long story short, if you want to catch people’s eyes and make heads turn at once, a long bob with feathered sharp ends is your ace in the hole.

Credit photo: instagram.com/julia_boaz

It’s no secret that bangs can drastically change a woman’s look. When you want to visually elongate your face, bangs will do the framing at the sides. If you feel that your forehead is too wide against your other features, a wispy fringe will softly conceal it. Alongside with the framing magic, bangs can do two more favors - work on your thin hair and take some years off when needed.

And this idea shows you the power of side-swept bangs at its best! It builds tons of volume with the seamless blend between the bangs and the bob, adding a striking accent with blonde hair highlights.

Choppy Tousled Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/rachelwstylist, instagram.com/salsalhair

Choppy layers also stand out in the crowd for their amazing versatility. Its lightweight, yet sharp edges can give a whole lotta lift to fine hair and a well-balanced silhouette to a thick mane. Also, a choppy layered bob is very flexible in terms of maintenance: it looks decent at any length, so you can give it a try and then go on to grow out your hair. But, we bet that you won’t ever want to change something in your look once you get yourself a nicely chopped layered short bob with a little bit tousled crown. You will love the way the top layers lift up, forming a very modern and voluminous look.

Credit photo: instagram.com/rambutseries, instagram.com/chrisjones_hair

Another breathtaking variation of choppy layered bob haircuts! Words are not enough to express how much you need this haircut if your hair is very thick and porous. The strands that required tons of styling products to get the styles done will finally behave, saving you from stressful styling mornings. The structure of this cut is like a magic wand: it features lots of short, sharply chopped thick layers where every single strand stands out. And the only thing you need to make your hair ready to go out, is to apply salt spray or some lightweight texturizing foam on your damp hair and blow dry it, tousling the hair with your fingers.

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair, instagram.com/salsalhair

When you aren’t ready to fully jump into a new image but want to change something in your style, let your ends do the talking. The truth is, getting choppy ends is enough to turn your haircut into a beautifying masterpiece! This cutting technique involves soft layering at the lower portion which can volumize the whole body. To accentuate the lovely layers, you can pair your hair color with some lighter but matching shade by opting for highlights.


Cropped Layered Bob Haircut

Credit photo: instagram.com/hirohair

Despite being pretty short, chin-length hair is one of the greatest ideas for face-framing hairstyles. The point is that this length hits the chin, surrounding the face with its slightly curvy front tresses.

Such a structure allows women to work on round faces. And if you’d like to balance out a broad forehead, you can go for short hair with layers and a soft fringe. This idea also features subtle layers. But, they’re mostly done on the edges, which creates that ‘cropped’ effect.

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisjones_hair

Messy hairstyles are the new black in the hair industry! It gives a carefree feel to the look while creating tons of volume and movement in the hair. If you think that this hairstyle is impossible to do yourself, you’re probably sporting a wrong haircut and use the wrong products.

For messy styling, medium length hair with layers is the right choice, as it keeps the hair at a balanced level and provides a lot of room for textured hairstyles. This long stacked bob, for example, takes less than 10 minutes to get it done: all you need is to apply some sea salt spray right to your damp layers.

Credit photo: instagram.com/shmoakin_hair

If you want to spice up your haircut with character, angles will be there for you. As you know, a staked bob features sharp angles at the front and voluminous short crown at the back by default. But, you can always make your short bob hairstyle even sharper and more dramatic than its classic version.

Just look at this impressive and edgy body with choppy layers that stand out for a messy vibe! That’s not just a perfect idea to build more volume; it’s a fail-proof way to make heads turn.

Rounded Bob Haircuts

Credit photo: instagram.com/rambutseries

It seems like long layered bob with bangs have come to our world as a hair gift from above. Some may call magic, and we call it true; as the right haircut is all you need to forget about all your insecurities! A rounded bob can steal the show and thus draw attention from your chubby cheeks and round face. Bangs, in their turn, will add even more framing that will also work on your facial features, emphasizing the best ones and masking the ones you’d like to hide. Ask your stylist to blend the bangs smoothly with the rest of the hair so that they fall seamlessly. Yes, layered bob haircuts with bangs are our saving grace!

Credit photo: instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn

At this point, you’re probably googling the nearest hair salon near you, as this angled bob is just the bomb! Well, we’re not going to stop you. All in all, we are here to show our readers how they can amp up their looks by wearing the hottest haircuts.

Believe it or not, this haircut looks exceptionally voluminous and round not only because of sharp long layers. The horizontally painted balayage hair is the icing on the cake that enhances the edginess of layers with its dimensional play of shades.

Credit photo: instagram.com/shmoakin_hair

A rounded A-line bob with layers is the little black dress with which you will never go wrong! This haircut usually features lots of layers running throughout the length. That means it will work best on thicker manes that have a lot of hair to turn into layers. The result will be stunning: you will finally show your unruly texture who’s boss and give it a well-graduated and neat look. And, of course, a round brush is the best tool to work with a round bob!

Layered Pixie Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/marcelafabrii

Can’t decide between two amazing lengths? Then you should have them both! Apart from freshening up your look with a dramatic touch of imbalance, an asymmetrical bob or pixie cut can actually give you some room for experiments. Versatility is the spice of life, remember?

The heavy side of this pixie bob looks voluminous, even though the haircuts itself is imbalanced. As a matter of fact, the asymmetrical play of lengths is what builds the balance, making the whole cut appear fuller, not to mention the modern look as a result!

Credit photo: instagram.com/demetriusschool

Some haircuts should be exhibited as pieces of timeless art. And this sleek layered pixie bob is surely one of such cuts. Every single detail is well-groomed and balanced, from side bangs falling gently on the face to a perfectly round silhouette that beautifies the face. Now, you may want to sit down for this. Ready? This haircut will adapt to any hair type. There, we said it! This masterpiece has no length restrictions, the only rule is that you should be ready for endless compliments that will flatter you 24/7.

Credit photo: instagram.com/demetriusschool

Just like short layered bob with bangs, pixie bob with super distinctive structure are meant to make a woman absolutely confident with her flawless appearance. The major reasons why ladies go for such haircut lies in its practicality; you can fall asleep with wet hair and then have a decent hairstyle when you brush it in the morning. With the right layering, your hair will be soft and manageable, so there won’t be those stubborn hairs sticking out. On top of that, such a cut looks smart and sophisticated, you can be sure that people will take your image seriously.


Bowl Cut Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/toniandguyitalia

We can hear your jaw drop! No, it’s not your imagination; it’s actually the bowl cut that was considered a no-no in the fashion for a long time. First, it was a bomb that blew out the catwalk in the 80s. Then, it became too plain and outdated. And today, it’s a risen phoenix that has changed to finally turn into a timeless trend.

You can frame your forehead and add a curve to your layered bob cut by combining it with a new version of the all-over fringe cut. Should we mention how sophisticated this haircut is?

Medium Length Cascade Haircut

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As one of the most popular short layered bob haircuts, a cascade will never go out of fashion! It just so happens that women can’t help but go for gradual layers, as they have an aesthetically pleasing and wonder-working structure. In cascade layered bobs, the layers fold the front, giving it a frame of short layers on the top and longer layers at the sides. Well, in case you’re looking for ways to say goodbye to your thin locks stylishly, look no further!

Shaggy Layered Bob Haircut

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This type of haircut adds a ton of volume. With some highlights on tousled wavy hair, you’ll look amazing no matter whether you are going to a party or for a walk in the park. Besides the volumetric effect, a shaggy bob can spice up your hair with pleasant movement, which, in its turn, will create a very dimensional look once it meets your color accents. Such haircuts work best for ladies with fine hair as they can enliven and lift up the weak locks.

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If not a play of variously colored hair, what else can add movement, dynamics, and dimension to your hair? If your answer is layering, you’re right. But not entirely! The most effective way to get the most of your hair is to combine the two. Although such a detailed color job takes some time, the look where each layer is accentuated with a new bright shade is just to die for. See, apart from providing tons of volume, a chin-length wavy hair with shaggy layers can be a huge base for color experiments!

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Whenever you think that you have a bad hair type, look at this picture of a layered bob cut. Seriously, you can even print it and hang it on the wall to remember one simple truth: there are no bad hair types; there are wrong picked haircuts! Every texture needs a special approach, and medium hairstyles with layers are full of them! Some long shaggy layers through the length and soft fringe graduation are enough to amp up fine hair. So what are you waiting for?

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Lively, shaggy, and effortless - that’s how a modern bob haircut looks! This razored haircut doesn’t really care what hair type or face shape you have; it just makes you look better, giving you a modern and stylish look. And when it’s lively nature is enhanced with a carefree feel of messy styling, it leaves people no choice but fall in love with it. The greatest news is, if you have razored shaggy bob hairstyles with layers, some sea salt spray will do just great for the messy effect.

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Shaggy ends are another low-maintenance option to freshen up your style without using scissors too much. One of the benefits of such a simple haircut is that all your hairstyles will look more precise, and wavy styling isn’t an exception. So now you can imagine why the brunette hair idea above looks so cute and effortless: this is how awesomely soft waves and textured ends can work together. Volume, dimension, and distinctive texture, who could ask for more?

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The variety of layered bob haircuts knows no limits. Mainly because you can customize your cut, choosing the areas for every single layer and regulate their size and thickness as well. For example, this shag features short and thin layers that move throughout the whole length, creating a very full body. If you love this effect, why don’t make it big? This balayage hair proves that not only scissors can bring a ton of volume; a nice blend of colors is a nice volumetric weapon, too!

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Another shaggy layered bob that can wash away all the traces of thin hair, breathing new life into its weak strands. Shaggy layers are wild and edgy, which is why they create such a weightless, spicy look. There’s one thing you should know about them: the more different layers you go for, the more volume you have. If you struggle with your thin hair, do yourself a great favor and transform your flat strands into vivacious layers.

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You may remember shag hair as a restless punky haircut you would see on rock bands and fans. However, trends change and evolve, and the same goes for shaggy haircuts. Today, this haircut can be a fantastic addition to anything from a pixie to a lob.

And, as you can see, it forms a crazy funky duo with an inverted bob. By the way, have you noticed how different this bob can be? A little touch of sharp shaggy layers is enough to give a new take at the reverse bob!



Layered Bob Haircuts: Celebrities' Choices

Maisie Williams and Pink Bob with Bangs

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Lucy Boynton with Blonde Wavy Layered Bob

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Olivia Wilde with Blonde Wavy Bob

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Lucy Boynton with Blonde Wavy Layered Bob

Credit photo: Cubankite/Shutterstock

Emma Roberts with Brown Wavy Bob

Credit photo: Sam Aronov/Shutterstock


Jenna Dewan-Tatum with Dark Layered Bob

Credit photo: DFree/Shutterstock

Cara Delevingne with Side Parted Layered Bob

Credit photo: DFree/Shutterstock

Christina Hendricks's Hot Red Layered Bob

Credit photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock


Emma Stone with Warm-Blonde Layered Bob

Credit photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Taylor Swift with Blonde Straight Layered Bob

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FAQ: Layered Bob Haircuts

What face shape suits a bob?

Oval face shape is the most universal for bobs. You can do any hair length, any style (from messy to sleek) and it can be done on any hair type. Bangs, layers, curls, waves, angles – anything will look amazing on that face shape. There are plenty of options for every face shape in this article, take a look what suits you best.

What is a French bob?

A French bob, or a classic Parisian women’s cut looks like a cropped bob that is cut at chin-length and paired with bangs cut at the brow line. The French haircut has been changed and modernized by including a blunt cut, heavy texture, short layers and beachy wavy hair.

What is a beveled bob?

The beveled cut is a form of layering, with the difference in length between the top layer and the bottom layer is slightly noticeable – typically no more than two inches. The technique is usually great for thick hair. The end result is an angled “bevel” along the perimeter of the cut that allows the hair to draw closer to the face.

What is a concave bob?

A concave bob haircut is a hairstyle that is longer in the front than it is in the back. As a rule, bobs are above shoulder length and follow the line of the jaw. This style is also known as the inverted bob, the wedge bob or the A-line bob.