The Unseized Power of Long Bob Haircuts

Long bob haircuts are on the edge of popularity these days and there is no wonder why. Bob cut hair is that perfect suggestion that will suit ladies who do not want to go either too long or too short. Above the shoulder length is that perfect middle you can play around with. To tell you the truth, the variety of lobs is terrifying, there is actually nothing a long bob wouldn’t be able to deal with. In order to support out point, we offer to your attention this spicy compilation. We hope you enjoy!


Long Bob Haircut With Ombre

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Ombre is one of the trendiest hair coloring technique this season, and it looks especially good with a long bob haircut. Want to have a perfect look without any efforts? Then long bob with ombre is for you!


Long Bob Hairstyles With Natural Colors

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Apart from bob haircuts, there is something else that is pretty trendy these days. What we have in mind is, of course, natural-shaded hair. Yet, there is no way a nice combination of natural shades and fancy highlights would go unnoticed. Add some light waves to medium bob haircuts, and it seems that you can stare at this fancy, icy-blonde perfection forever!


Colorful Long Bob Hairstyles

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Bob style haircuts look amazing together with bright hues intertwined. No matter what shades you prefer, there is definitely something for you, too. How do you feel about this baby pink inverted bob haircut? We think it is fantastic!


Straight Long Bob Hairstyles for Fast Perfect Look

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Angled bob haircuts were created for straight hair, there is no doubt about this. Just look how the two match each other! What is more, it does not matter what hues you prefer, solid ones or highlights, the effect will be still unique and outstanding!


Sweet Femine Look With Wavy Lob

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Wavy hairstyles are nothing but the embodiment of pure femininity. Sometimes a little play of wavy texture is enough to reveal your girliness, soften some prominent angles, and add some more volume. And the best thing about lob haircut is that you can easily experiment with size and thickness of waves: you’ve got your practical length, got your styling tool - you’ve got it all.