Medium length hairstyles for thin hair have proven to be the best choice for the women who long for adding more volume to their hair. Choosing a proper hairstyle is going to be crucial when you have thin hair.


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Every woman can choose between different types of medium length hairstyles and find the one that best reveals her nature.

Layered haircuts are good for adding more volume to the hair as well as giving it a trendy and fabulous look.

Lob with Curtain Bangs

Those interested in chick medium length hairstyles for thin hair may want to start with a lob spiced with curtain bangs. The cut projects a modern and stylish vibe that will suit everyone despite their lifestyle or position. Moreover, you can play with various coloring techniques to take your trendy look to the next level.


Deep Side Part Medium Hair with Waves

The primary beauty of shoulder-length hair lies in its immense versatility. You can fit a deep-side part hairstyle into any environment or occasion. Besides, gentle waves will introduce the necessary volume that thin hair lacks. Not to mention the fact that the styling technique will help you enhance your facial features.

Medium Shag Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Shag medium-length haircuts for thin hair aim at adding more volume and texture to your mane. The shag haircut is characterized by its layered and choppy ends, creating a lived-in and effortless look. However, when getting a shag haircut for thin hair, it's essential to consult a skilled hairstylist to have the best variation complimenting your face shape and hair texture.


Shoulder Platinum Hair with Blunt Bangs

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Platinum medium hairstyles with bangs are all the rage at the moment and for a good reason. Yet, before you give in to the trendy temptation, you must evaluate the fact that both the cut and the color require frequent touch-ups to look their absolute best. Additionally, deep conditioning treatments and regular salon visits are essential to keep the hair in its best condition.

Stacked Layered Lob with Balayage

The stacked layered lob with balayage is a versatile and trendy hairstyle that provides a flattering and textured look, making it a popular choice among many individuals seeking a modern and stylish appearance. You can experiment with different shades to spice things up a little without going over-the-edge bold.


Medium Shaggy Wolf Cut

A wolf cut can be the best definition of layered hair, but it is a bold and unconventional hairstyle that may not suit everyone's taste or lifestyle. It can be a fun and stylish choice if you love edgy and fashionable looks. Remember, regular styling is critical when it comes to a well-defined wolf cut.

Straight Smooth Long Bob Ideas

A smooth bob is usually referred to as the classiest cut of all. However, you can take a quite daring take on the look by adding a pop of vibrant coloring to your look. Whether you choose to go as far as to dye your locks dusty lilac or stick to more relaxed silvery blonde hues, you must remember to use heat-protectant products when using heat-styling tools to prevent damage to your hair. Additionally, regular trims are essential to maintain the shape and health of your straight, smooth long bob.

Butterfly Bangs with Medium Length Hair

Most medium length hairstyles for thin hair are fun and unconventional, and a butterfly cut is surely on the list. So, if you are comfortable with a statement-making look before trying this hairstyle. As with any fringe style, regular trims will be necessary to maintain the shape of the butterfly bangs and keep them looking sharp and well-maintained. Embrace the uniqueness of this hairstyle and have fun experimenting with your medium-length hair and butterfly bangs!


Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair with Baby Bangs

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Some hairstyles for medium length thin hair require professional assistance. That is precisely the case with baby bangs. It is best to consult with a skilled hairstylist who can tailor the cut to suit your face shape and hair texture. Baby bangs require precision cutting, so make sure to find a stylist with experience in cutting this type of fringe. Additionally, using volumizing products and texturizing sprays can help enhance the volume and texture of your hairstyle.

Medium Shaggy Layers with Wispy Bangs

This versatile hairstyle can be worn in various ways, from casual and beachy to more polished and refined. The shaggy layers and wispy bangs add movement and softness to the overall look, making it a popular choice among many seeking a modern and trendy appearance.

Textured Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Shoulder-length layered hair can present a plethora of variants to consider if you know how to play your cards. Professional advice will surely guide you in the right direction, but we'd like to state that different-length layers will help you enhance your texture perfectly. Besides, well-layered cuts are effortless to style.


Layered Medium Thin Hair Hairstyles with Bottleneck Bangs

There's nothing wrong with bringing the retro vibe into your look. Present-day bottleneck bangs will spice it with modern flair so that you look sass 24/7. A word of advice – when styling textured medium hairstyles for thin hair, use lightweight and volumizing hair products that won't weigh down your hair.

Feathered Medium Hair Haircut

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The feathered medium haircut is so requested at the moment because of its immense versatility. You can style feathered layers in multiple ways so that you succeed with a sleek and polished look along with a tousled and casual appearance equally effortlessly. Besides, the style is known for its additional volume, excellent face-framing abilities, low maintenance, and timeless appeal.

FAQ: Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

How can I style medium thin hair?

  1. Section your hair by placing one finger on the back of your neck and another one in the corner of your forehead, connect the fingers and you’ll get your section. Clip the remaining hair.
  2. Take a first part of the divided section, it can be 3 fingers wide max.
  3. Take a flat iron and curl each section inwards.
  4. After you curled all hair, spray it with some hairspray and brush it out.
  5. Apply dry shampoo, this is what will give you necessary volume.

What are some hairstyles for medium thin hair?

Beforehand, do soft curls or beach waves and apply some dry shampoo on the roots to add more volume. Now you can do a variety of hairstyles like a messy bun; half up half down; boxer braids (gently tug on them to make the braids look thicker), low or high pony.