Medium length hairstyles for thin hair have proven to be the best choice for the women who long for adding more volume to their hair. Choosing a proper hairstyle is going to be crucial when you have thin hair.


Every woman can choose between different types of medium length hairstyles and find the one that best reveals her nature.

Layered haircuts are good for adding more volume to the hair as well as giving it a trendy and fabulous look.

1. Balayage Highlights with a Pearl Hue

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Balayage highlights can add the so much wanted volume to the hair. Add some pearl hue to make your hairstyle look more mysterious, - just get experimental and don’t be afraid of trying out new things.


2. Soft and Wearable Hairstyle for Thin Hair

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This slightly over the shoulder length hairstyles with some ways is perfect for thin hair. The curls add more volume while the highlights bring a special spark to the haircut.

3. Romantic Medium Hairstyle

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Are you looking for the way to showcase your romantic nature? You can do so with the help of your new medium length hairstyle! Adorn it with a red hairclip or make a small braid on one side so that you look truly romantic!


4. Dark Brunette Layered Haircuts

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Layered haircut is a good choice when your hair tends to be thin. The layers give more texture to the haircut, and so you wouldn’t need any styling to have an amazingly beautiful look.

5. Rich Berry Colored Medium Hair

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Medium length hairstyles for thin hair are meant to help get your hair look more bulky, - and this one is definitely not the exception. Experiment with various hair length throughout the haircut to achieve even more magnificent result. Dye it with rich berry color – and you will become the attention grabber no matter where you are heading.


6. Perfect Balayage for Medium Length Hairstyles

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If you would like to experiment with the hair color but don’t want to get too radical, you can always opt for balayage. Be sure you are making the right choice, as your hair will look just perfect.

7. Tousled Champaign Colored Bob

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Tousled hair is a great choice, - it looks creative, careless and simply amazing. Make it a bit more wavy at the ends and color it in a champagne tone, - one couldn’t think of a better option.

8. Metallic Silver Colored Lob

Source: bescene via Instagram

Do you like going to parties a lot and want to impress your friends? Then metallic silver colored lob will be ideal choice for you. Dye the tips of your hair in a more radical color, like blue or pink, and enjoy the party!


9. Smooth Classic Blonde Bob

Source: linsloveshair via Instagram

If you are looking for a more official style, this smooth classic bob is meant for you! You can always add some highlights or lowlights for a bit more sophisticated look.

10. Perfect Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

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If your hair is thin, don’t worry about it. Simply look at this hairstyle to make sure that if done properly your hair will look gorgeous. Slightly longer at the front, this inverted bob looks classy and fashionable.

FAQ: Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

How can I style medium thin hair?

  1. Section your hair by placing one finger on the back of your neck and another one in the corner of your forehead, connect the fingers and you’ll get your section. Clip the remaining hair.
  2. Take a first part of the divided section, it can be 3 fingers wide max.
  3. Take a flat iron and curl each section inwards.
  4. After you curled all hair, spray it with some hairspray and brush it out.
  5. Apply dry shampoo, this is what will give you necessary volume.

What are some hairstyles for medium thin hair?

Beforehand, do soft curls or beach waves and apply some dry shampoo on the roots to add more volume. Now you can do a variety of hairstyles like a messy bun; half up half down; boxer braids (gently tug on them to make the braids look thicker), low or high pony.