Sometimes you can barely decide whether you want to chop your locks off or grow them out to the waistline. To save you from making a mistake you may deeply regret, we would like to bring your attention to medium hairstyles with bangs. Mid-length styles are exceptionally versatile, so you can pick the style that suits you perfectly. Moreover, shoulder-length locks can transform your look dramatically. Let’s have a deeper look at what we have in store for you, shall we?


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Benefits of Medium Hairstyles With Bangs

Before we move on with the collection of the most stylish medium length hairstyles with bangs available, you should be fully aware of the benefit that these cuts can offer.

  • Face framing highlights will bring your best features to the front.
  • The style is ultimately versatile and can suit any face shape.
  • Bangs are known to conceal a high forehead well.
  • Skillfully chosen bangs can balance an oblong face and soften harsh angles.
  • The number of styling options is unlimited.


How to Choose the Perfect Bangs for Your Face Shape

How do you end up with the best medium hair with bangs? The main thing to consider is your face shape.

  • Round face – layered and side-swept bangs will elongate the face well.
  • Square face – to soften the angles, we suggest you pay attention to soft and wispy bangs or long bangs angled toward the jaw.
  • Heart-shaped face – a wispy fringe right about the eyebrows will bring the necessary balance to your face.
  • Oval face – you can pull off any bangs style since the shape is the most versatile of all.

Different Types of Bangs for Medium Hairstyles

It’s hard to rely on theory regarding the best hairstyle for medium hair length. That’s why we present a practical selection of the best bang types to choose from this season.


Side-swept bangs

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If you are looking for a shoulder length haircut with bangs that will enhance your elegant and feminine nature, then side-swept bangs are on the table. The nature of the style ensures that it adds gentleness and movement to the style because of skillful layering. You can pair the look with different face shapes, lengths, and hair colors.

Blunt bangs

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As you already know, shoulder length hair with bangs is extremely customizable. Thus, if you are looking for a tad daring touch to introduce into your appearance, we think blunt bangs may be a suitable option. Besides, when you go for a blonde, the edgy vibe of the cut will soften a bit due to the unique quality of the color.


Wispy bangs

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When it comes to medium length hair with bangs, some people falsely assume that side-swept and wispy bangs are the same thing. However, wispy bangs cover the center of your forehead in a feathery and light veil that is barely there. The choppy and textured style is known for its delicate appeal. Besides, it’s one of the best styles to pull off if you have a triangular or heart-shaped face.

Curtain bangs

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Those seeking universal medium length hairstyles with bangs may want to focus on curtain bangs. Being part in the middle, the bangs frame your face seamlessly on each side. Thus, you can highlight what needs highlighting and hide what needs to be hidden.

Styling Tips For Medium Hairstyles With Bangs

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Do you wonder how to style medium hairstyles with bangs well? There are a few practical tips that will help you succeed with styling effortlessly:

  1. We suggest using a straightening iron for a sleek and polished look. As you smooth out the hair, you will create a sharp and well-defined edge.
  2. Use a curling iron for a more tousled and casual look. As you create loose waves, spray the hair with texturizing spray and add some volume to your locks.
  3. Don’t forget to trim your bangs regularly so that they stay in the best shape and don’t obstruct your vision.

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Stylish Medium Hairstyles with Bangs Ideas

Center Parted Medium Length Hairstyles With Wispy Bangs

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While all medium length haircuts with bangs are cute, wispy bangs can take the accent to a whole new level. As you frame your forehead and bring your eyes to the front, the style remains low-maintenance and pairs well with anything on the scale, from a messy shag to a sleek bob.

Blended Blonde Shag Cut with Bangs

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In case you are in search of a mid-length shag with a retro vibe, we have an idea in mind. This lovely buttery-blonde shag spiced with delicate side bangs medium hair forms an unforgettable impression difficult to miss.


Mid-Length Shag with Deep, Feathered Fringe

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There’s room for long bangs medium hair in modern hair fashion. If the ’60s flair seems like your cup of tea, we suggest you go full-on with deep, feathered fringe and stick to a natural balayage to intensify the vibe. However, make sure that you use enough styling products to define your intricate layering well.

Medium Length Shag with Baby Bangs

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Not all medium haircuts with bangs are angel-like and sweet. There’s enough room for a darker vibe here too. Baby bangs bear a cute name but are designed to create a daring impression when paired with a disheveled shag. It may take extra effort to create those femme-fatale waves, but the effect is truly worth it.

Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs

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In case you’re all about 2023 medium haircuts with curtain bangs, this is the combo that will make your heart pound. Ice-blonde bob with neat highlights and stylish curtain bangs screams fashion and style. Besides, it pairs well with thick and fine hair, without exception.

With such a grand variety of flattering shoulder length haircuts with bangs, it is challenging to locate the best ideas. Use our collection as your guiding light, and you’ll find a trendy style you’re itching to try out.


Side-swept Bangs for Medium Length Hair Styles

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Bangs are independent in medium hair styles. They may be styled on their own. And there are various ways to do this. Moreover, they make you look younger and fresher.

Short Bangs in Medium Hair Styles

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You may be concerned about kinds of medium length hair styles that can work for bangs. The answer is – any. Be it a long bob, long pixies, even braids and ponytails.

Straight Classics Bangs for Different Hair Types

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No matter you have a long straight or short inverted bob. Bangs are great to add to any hair cut of your choice to revamp your it and freshen up the look. In addition to this, they definitely make you look more attractive.


Wispy Bang and Messy Hairstyle

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As for the type of bangs to go with medium length layered haircuts, the range is wide. Firstly, you need to decide on the length. Short ones are harder to incorporate in hair styles.

Eye-Reaching Bangs

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Another dilemma concerns the type of ends. They may be blunt or wispy. It is not obligatory for them to be straight. They may have a kind or round shape.

Long Bob with Long Bangs

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It is super trendy to highlight your bangs. They also need some color to match the rest of the hair. If you are not super brave to chop off your locks, go for long side swept bangs.


FAQ: Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

How do you style medium layered hair with curtain bangs?

  1. Separate the bangs.
  2. Straighten the bangs and then curl them slightly at the bottom inwards, place a hair roller and leave it in for at least one hour.
  3. Using the flat iron, curl the bottom ends inward. Take different size sections to differentiate layers
  4. Hold the curl until it cools so it doesn’t lose its shape.

How to do a cute hairstyle on medium hair with bangs?

  1. Part your hair in the middle.
  2. Separate a small section at the top and do a little French braid till you reach the crown, secure with elastic.
  3. Take a loose end tease it and put it up in a bun. Repeat on the other side. You’ll get cute space buns that you can rock with bangs.

How to choose the right bangs?

  • Oval face is a universal shape that can pull off any kind of bangs.
  • For square faces perfect choices are side swept bangs, angled bangs, avoid blunt bangs.
  • Round faces look good with textured side bangs, angled bangs, straight across bangs.
  • If you have an oblong or rectangle face, go for side swept bangs, layered bangs, full fluffy bangs, avoid mini bangs.
  • Diamond and heart face shapes look great with side swept bangs or short angled textured bangs.

What face shape looks good with a medium length haircut?

  • Oval face is considered a shape that looks aesthetically pleasing in with any haircut.
  • This haircut looks ideal for square faces, because it softens your chin angles. If you feel like your forehead is too wide, you can add side swept bangs.
  • Round faces also look great with layered medium length, style your hair outwards, not inwards. Your bangs should split in the middle.
  • With a heart face shape, you can style your haircut inwards and add layers.