Is there anything more relaxing than getting a hair massage while getting hair washed at the salon? Perhaps not! What most people don’t know is that a scalp massage is way more than just a relaxing bonus at the salon. Research also shows that a scalp massage for hair growth and health works wonders.


While healthy hair growth requires patience and time, a hair massage is a way to get better results when combined with other healthy hair practices. Science shows that the benefits of scalp massage include not only nurturing and stimulating the scalp but also supporting healthy hair growth and stronger hair.

That said, it is important to note that not every type of scalp massage is beneficial or delivers results. If a scalp massage is done wrongly, it could have the opposite effects of the intended purpose. Here, we will discuss the most effective ways how to message scalp for optimal hair growth.

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Fingertips and Palms First

The most basic and one of the most effective tips on how to make your hair grow faster is to use the fingertips and palms. These should be pressed against the scalp with light to medium pressure. The massaging stylist should move their hands in small circles on one part of the client’s scalp for a few seconds. The same thing should be done to another section until the whole head is covered. The massage should be repeated more than once; the ideal number of times is around six.


Hair Wash Massage

The fingertips and palms can also be used to massage head for hair growth while applying shampoo or conditioner to a client’s hair during a hair wash. This allows the nutrients from the hair product to sink into the scalp. For example, the shampoo sinks in and then helps lift away all the impurities and dirt, leading to a clean scalp that grows a healthy head of hair.

Brushes and Tools Massage

Using tools other than the fingertips for massage leads to more intense massages. We have electric massagers, handheld rubber tools, and the like. As with fingertips massage, the way to use these tools is to massage the hair in circular motions.


Oil Massage

This is, arguably, one of the most luxurious ways of how to massage scalp for hair growth. Massaging the scalp with a combination of carrier oils such as coconut, jojoba, or olive oil and essential oils like rosemary or lavender oil is a game changer for hair growth. The way to perform an oil massage is to apply the oil blend to the scalp and then gently massage it using the fingertips or a massaging tool.

Don’ts of Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

Skimping on products: To get all the scalp massage benefits, it is important to use enough product/oil during an oil massage and enough shampoo during a hair-wash massage.

Applying too much pressure: Yes, pressure is necessary when massaging the scalp, but we are not talking about brute force. Too much pressure can damage the scalp and hair. It is best to massage using a gentle, circular motion, and the hair should never be pulled or tugged.

Massaging too frequently: There is such a thing as over-massaging, and this should be avoided. Too much massaging can be counterproductive, hindering hair growth instead of promoting it. This is because not giving the scalp some rest between massages leads to inflammation and irritation. In case you are wondering how often should I massage my scalp for hair growth, it is recommended to do it twice a day.


Other Side Benefits of Scalp Massages

We have already established that hair massages are great for hair growth. But that’s not all scalp massages are good for.

Research also shows that scalp massages help the human body relax by lowering stress hormones like cortisol. Also, scalp massages may help relieve tension headaches and migraines.

A Service Very Much in Demand

Scalp massages are not just a current hype or trend. They’ve existed for years, but we are just getting to understand their full benefit, hence their recent booming popularity.

According to hair experts, combining scalp massages with scalp treatments helps product application and absorption and triggers hair growth. Clients are recognizing these benefits more today, hence the increased demand for this service.

Our opinion is that a scalp massage for hair growth will continue to trend in and beyond 2023.