Some male cuts have been in style for centuries, preserving masculine fashion's timeless and ultimate appeal. However, others have hit the stage relatively recently, and the Edgar haircut belongs to the latter category. The truth is that the modern Edgar haircut can be described as a cut full of attitude and power. It best suits those with oval and angular faces, but a well-chosen variant is there for you to discover – so there are no limits in sight. In fact, we offer you an ultimate collection of fashionable hairstyles to browse through and inspire from!


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What Is An Edgar Haircut?

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Before we proceed with the trending ideas to pull off this season, you must be fully aware of what is an Edgar haircut. In short, the style gained popularity in 2020. One of the primary elements of the look is a straight fringe that covers the forehead. Yet, unlike a quite similar bowl cut, an Edgar cut is usually paired with different fades and tapered looks.

Another benefit of the given style is that you can mix and match various options with the famous Edgar fringe. Moreover, there is a number of ways you can style the cut. Whether leaving your bangs to lie straight or styling them up, it is a matter of your individual preferences. Don't forget to implement a bit of the styling product into your routine to keep the cut in perfect shape.


The History Behind Edgar Cut

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Like most known mens haircuts, the Edgar cut comes with an interesting story to back it up. While there isn't any documented history of the style and its peculiar name, the rumor is that the cut has been named after famous baseball player – Edgar Martinez. The story says that once upon a time, a Martinez fan came into a barbershop and asked the barber to have the player's face shaven on the back of his head.

After the professional carried out those particular orders, he gave the fan some blunt bangs and short sides that the baseball player was familiar with. This is how the Edgar cut came into being.

Yet, the style's origins seem to root deeper in Mexican history. The thing is that men of the Jumano tribe were known for sporting similar haircuts during the 1500s and 1700s. Thus, the Edgar cut is also connected with the indigenous ancestry and background.

Short Edgar Cut

Another excellent example of how versatile and universal a short Edgar haircut is would be to emphasize its dedication to most hair textures. Whether you want to increase your stylish vibe or keep the ustraight hair in perfect condition, the Edgar cut is there to give a try to.


Curly Edgar Haircut

For some reason, there was a circling opinion that an Edgar is designed for straight hair only. It is time to break stereotypes and accept the fact that a fluffy Edgar haircut looks as stunning and appropriate as any other style. The character that the style carries is enough to project the masculine vibe everyone aims for.

Edgar Mullet

The Edgar Mullet is a unique and edgy hairstyle that combines elements of an "Edgar" cut with the classic mullet. It typically features shorter, layered hair on top, reminiscent of the Edgar hair cut, while the back is left longer, forming the classic mullet shape. This unconventional fusion results in a distinctive and bold look, often sported by those who enjoy a daring and creative approach to their hairstyles.


Edgar Taper

This is a stylish haircut that blends the classic Edgar's longer, textured top with shorter sides and back. It's characterized by a clean, sharp transition from the longer, layered hair on top to the closely tapered or faded sides, resulting in a modern, well-groomed, and neat look. This style offers versatility and a more compact appearance compared to the full-length Edgar cut.

Spiky Edgar Haircut

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It goes without saying that boys haircuts with lots of layering look their absolute best with a touch of styling product added to the scene. An Edgar cut isn't an exception. Try to define those spikes as well as you can and observe the tremendous effect the style will have on you.

Edgar Cut Fade

Edgar hairstyles typically features longer, textured hair on top, while the fade involves trimming the sides and back very short, gradually blending the longer top with the short sides. The result is a sharp contrast between the textured top and the clean, tapered sides, creating a fashionable and edgy look. This Edgar fade adds a contemporary touch to a timeless haircut, making it popular among individuals who want a trendy and well-groomed appearance.


Edgar Cut with Blunt Bang

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Surely a messy Edgar haircut isn't for all. If you lead an active and busy lifestyle, you may want to opt for a cut that is utterly simple to look after but nonetheless appealing. That is where an Edgar with straight bangs comes in. While the business is kept on the top, the edginess comes from the neatly faded sides and back. You can roll out of your bed looking your best, which is an undeniable advantage of the style.

Fluffy Edgar Haircut

A fluffy Edgar hair is a trendy hairstyle characterized by its voluminous and textured appearance. Edgar fluffy Is a versatile choice, suitable for men, offering a stylish and effortlessly casual appearance with a touch of textured flair.

Bright Yellow Spiky Edgar Cut

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You may have already figured that an Edgar cut is all about confidence and style, but there is also some room for experimentation and funkiness too. For instance, a bright yellow mid fade Edgar haircut paired with a neat beard will create that contemporary and rather casual impression that some daring pals strive for.


Mexican Edgar Haircut

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Mexican Edgar haircut is the core of the trending style, and you must be fully aware of what it implies for. A classy Mexican Edgar suits those with short, thick manes. Usually, it is described as a seamless blend of a classy Caesar with a high fade. Being utterly straightforward, the look projects edginess and a palpable attitude due to those well-defined lines and a fair share of layers.

High Fade Edgar Haircut

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The fade haircut is widely recognized for its versatility and universal appeal. When you want to keep things neat and straight to the point but with a tad of personal flair and attitude, the Edgar haircut with a high fade is precisely what you require. While the style is simple to look after, it does not require frequent touch-ups since you can let it grow out into a low fade before you schedule the next barber appointment.

Straight Lines Edgar Cut

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It is possible to go ultra-short with the Edgar haircut. However, you must be ready to accept the enhanced definition and straight lines that the cut brings into the style. Also, it is best to pair the high fade with a darker top so that the dimensions are twice as easy to notice with the naked eye.


Disconnected Edgar Cut

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No one would dare to contradict the fact that an Edgar cut is quite edgy and neat on its own. However, we suggest an easy way to spice things up a little and add some contrast to the look. A disconnected fade will emphasize the layered and well-styled top so that you gather appreciative glances everywhere you go.

Edgars Boys

The Edgar haircut is a stylish choice for boys, known for its neat and contemporary appearance. It's characterized by longer, textured hair on top, often styled with a fringe or bangs. The sides and back can be tapered or faded, creating a gradual transition from the longer top to the shorter sides. This haircut offers a trendy yet well-groomed look, making it popular among boys who want a modern and fashionable hairstyle.

Medium Top Edgar with Side Double Lines Design

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When a taper Edgar haircut feels a little too reserved for your daring style, a double-line disconnected fade, and a mid-length top come into play. Contrary to the popular opinion that Edgars are all about reasonably short manes, this example proves there is more to the style than meets the eye. All it takes is a skilled barber to help make your wildest dreams come true!


Edgar Low Taper

It is a variation of the classic Edgar haircut that features a tapering technique on the sides and back. In this style, the longer, textured hair on top that characterizes the Edgar haircut remains intact. However, the sides and back are tapered or faded at a lower point, creating a gradual transition from the longer hair on top to the shorter sides. The result is a modern and well-groomed look with a stylish contrast between the top and the sides. A low taper Edgar haircut is always a possibility to keep things stylish but classy.

Taper Fade Edgar

A taper fade Edgar is a modern and stylish haircut that combines the classic Edgar's longer textured top with a sharp and gradual reduction in hair length on the sides and back, ending in a clean and sleek fade. This creates a trendy and well-defined contrast, making it a popular choice for those seeking a contemporary twist on the traditional Edgar haircut.

Mid Taper Edgar

The mid taper Edgar is a stylish and contemporary variation of the Edgar cuts. In this haircut, the hair is kept longer in the middle section, which is often styled in a tousled and textured manner, giving it a fashionable and edgy appearance. On the sides and back, a mid taper fade or tapering technique is used to create a gradual transition from the longer top to the shorter sides.


Asian Edgar

This hairstyle often features longer, straight hair on top with a distinctive and defined fringe that covers the forehead. The sides and back are tapered, creating a contrast between the longer top and shorter sides. This style is known for its neat and well-groomed appearance, making it a favorite among those looking for a classic yet contemporary haircut that complements Asian hair textures and facial features.

Edgar Hairstyle Curly Hair Fade

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Gone are the days when an Edgar was reserved for straight manes only. If you want to sport your Edgar haircut fluffy – you've got it. As you can see, all it takes is a well-cut top paired with a mid-fade to slay the look!

The story of the Edgar haircut is legendary. Should you be seeking a seamless transition from a classy short cut into something more daring and attitude-programmed –, the style is there to test. Choose your favorite ideas and book a visit to the barbershop today!

FAQ: Edgar Haircut

What is Edgar haircut?

Opposite to the trending mullet haircut, an Edgar cut is a well-balanced mixture of a crop and a fade with other styling techniques added to the scene. A straight fringe is one of the critical elements of the haircut, so there is a certain resemblance between the Edgar and a Caesar cut, too. One thing remains unchained – the style is designed to create definition and draw attention.

Who created the Edgar haircut?

Edgar haircut Mexican roots are well-known. Anthony Reyes, a Puerto-Rican barber, came up with the look as a tribute to a well-known baseball player, Martinez.

When did the Edgar haircut start?

Although Edgar haircut is often described as a recent invention, some historians claim that the look dates back 1500s-1700s and was originally worn by men of the Jumano tribe, native to New Mexico and Mexico.