Are you tired of going to the salon for expensive hair treatments? Or spending lots of money on those pricey hair masks? Did you know that there are plenty of DIY hair masks you can make with only a few simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen?


Have you ever tried Aloe Vera gel for hair? The following article will give you some simple DIY hair masks including hair masks for dry hair and some for oily hair, as well. You don’t have to be a chemist or professional hairstylist to make up these simple hair masks that will leave your hair feeling soft, healthy and shiny!

DIY Hair Masks for Dry Hair


Aloe Vera Hair Mask with Lemon and Honey for Oily Hair

How to make your hair grow faster? Simply add Aloe Vera to hair masks. This mask will leave your hair silky and smooth due to the benefits of Aloe Vera gel for hair. Simply mix one tbsp of lemon juice with one tbsp honey, one egg yolk and one tbsp of aloe vera gel. Then apply it to your scalp and let stay for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water (not hot) and then shampoo and condition as usual.

Honey, Olive Oil and Avocado Mask for Dry Hair

This simple mask will leave your hair shiny and soft. Simply mash a ripe avocado (flesh only, be sure to remove the skin and seed) and mix it with 2 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp honey making sure to blend it well.

Then apply it to your hair, cover with a plastic bag and let it stay for 20 minutes to an hour. Then rinse and wash your hair as usual.

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Papaya Hair Mask for Dry Hair

If your hair is excessively dry, this mask is perfect for you! Simply skin and mash a papaya and mix with ½ cup of plain, sugar-free yogurt (Greek yogurt is even better) till it forms a smooth gel. Apply it to your hair, wrap your hair in a shower cap or plastic bag and let it stay for up to 45 minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly. Your hair will be soft, silky and manageable!

Mayonnaise Hair Mask for Brittle, Dry Hair

This method has been around for ages but is tried and true for curing dry hair. Simply mix some mayo with a few drops of your favorite essential oil (so your hair smells amazing) and massage it into your hair. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it out. Follow it up with shampoo and then style as usual. Your hair will feel silky and shiny.

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Coconut Oil Dry Hair Mask

Coconut oil is one of the best natural remedies for treating dry hair as it is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, potassium, zinc, iron, proteins and fatty acids. This hair mask will leave your hair feeling supple and nourished.

All you have to do is buy a jar of extra virgin coconut oil and apply it to your hair when your notice your hair is starting to get that dull dry feeling. All you have to do is work the oil thoroughly into your hair, massage it into your scalp, wrap it in a slightly warm towel and let it stay for up to 20 minutes before rinsing, washing and conditioning as usual.

Or, simply add a small amount to your hair to stop frizz and keep your hair soft and shiny during the day. Just a dab will suffice and there is no need to wash it out. Bonus, it makes a great detangler, as well!

Milk and Honey Mask

Another oldie but goodie is a luxurious milk and honey dry hair mask. This is another one that has been around for centuries. All you have to do is mix one half to one full cup of room temperature full fat dry milk and 2 heaping tbsp of honey. Mix it well until the honey is well blended and then pour it over your hair making sure it is applied evenly. Let it stay for up to an hour and then rinse it off, followed by shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will feel light, soft and shiny and no longer dry and brittle!

DIY Hair Masks for Oily Hair


Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask

If your hair is oily, then this mask will work wonders! Simply peel a lemon and mix the peelings with ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar. Then apply the mixture deep into your hair and scalp and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash it out and watch your hair feel soft. Bonus, it also works great for dandruff, as well!

Cornstarch Hair Mask for Oily Hair

This is one of the easiest hair masks there is and it will make your hair feel soft and supple! Simply pour 1 tbsp cornstarch into an empty salt or pepper shaker. Next sprinkle into your hair (completely dry, not wet or damp) and let it stay for 10 minutes before simply brushing it out with a hairbrush. No need to wash your hair. See, it’s that simple!

Yogurt Mask for Oily Hair

This mask is great to get rid of that excess oil. All you have to do is mix 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp apple cider vinegar with ½ cup of plain, natural yogurt and apply it to your scalp. Massage it in thoroughly and let it stay for approximately 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Your hair will be shiny and manageable!

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Olive Oil and Honey Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Honey is beneficial for both our hair and our skin and is a popular ingredient in both face and hair masks. And Olive oil is great for dry and brittle hair. This DIY hair mask will leave your hair silky and shiny.

Simply mix 4 tbsp honey and 6 tbsp olive oil and apply to your hair. Cover it with a plastic bag so it won’t drip and leave it in your hair for 15 minute to half an hour before washing it out.

Try these simple DIY hair masks for dry and oil hair and your hair will thank you!

FAQ: DIY Hair Mask

Can I apply hair mask on oily hair?

You can apply masks on oily hair. Start applying to your scalp and work it towards the ends. Massage your scalp. Following the instructions, leave your mask in for designated time and then shampoo and condition your hair, rinse with cool water.

Should I shampoo after hair mask?

Depends what mask are you applying. Some masks require for you to wash them off with a shampoo afterwards, whereas the other ones just need to be rinsed. Make sure you use lukewarm water in both cases to rinse off.