Mens haircuts mid taper fade offers you a lot of versatility in terms of styling while requiring little to zero maintenance. It pairs perfectly with the majority of types hairstyles on top, be it a buzz cut or a pompadour. So, you can easily match your hair look to the ambiance it needs to suit. To help you choose the perfect mid fade taper that meets your needs, we have prepared this essential guide. Feel free to explore it carefully to get your dose of inspiration.


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Mid Taper Fade

Mid Taper Fade #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @spukthebarber

You can never go wrong with a classic taper fade mid haircut. It can be accompanied by a great number of styles on top. So, you are free to choose a look that matches your taste and preferences. It should also flatter your face shape and work for your hair type.


Mid Taper Mullet

Mid Taper Mullet Hair #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @andrewdoeshair

A mullet is one of the popular comeback haircuts that are here to stay. Of course, it does not look as it used to be – awkward and inexplicit. A modern mullet is often paired with a mid tapper fade, which brings definition and structure to it. The front and back are also not as long and scruffy as in the original version.

Mid Taper Curly Hair

Mid Taper Curly Hair #midtaper #midtaperfade
by @sirpaulcharles

A mid taper with curly hair is a very popular combo. As curls may be tricky to tame, a medium taper fade on the back and sides makes things much easier for you. Plus, it takes your hair on top to the center stage. Do not skimp on a texturizing hair styling product if you want to make the most out of your curly taper.


Taper With Long Hair

Taper Fade With Long Hair #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @z_ramsey

You can wear long hair with taper in a myriad of ways. Style the top brushed back when you need an elegant and polishes hair look, whereas for a more daring and punkish vibe, you can tousle the strands with your hand and a tad of a hair product.

Curly Hair Pompadour

Mid Taper Curly Hair Men #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @andrewdoeshair

Embrace your curls with a pompadour that amplifies texture. As well-known stylist  Andrew Kozak suggests:

If you’ve got some natural texture, work with it! That bend, wave, and even the cowlick are actually pretty rad! Let your hair move— we don’t have to fight it, just define the shape it can take through a decent haircut.


Slick Back Taper

Slick Back Taper Fade #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @nickthebarber

For an ultimately refined and sophisticated hairstyle, you can sleek back your hair on the top of the head. The back and sides, in their turn, may feature a medium haircut taper, thanks to which you will spend less time maintaining and styling your hair. A strong hold hair styling product with a glossy finish is all you need for this look.

Tapered Crew Cut

Tapered Crew Cut #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @horatiuthebarber

For a tapered crew cut like this, expertly sculpted by mens hair stylist and educator Horatiu Tolan, maintaining the crispness is key.

Styling Tip: Apply a lightweight pomade to damp hair, combing upward for volume at the front. It’s a simple yet effective styling tip to keep this classic cut looking sharp and modern.

Mid Taper Black Male

Mid Taper Fade Black Male #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @xbigwesx

When it comes to a mid fade Black male haircuts are one of the best options to pair it with. No matter what style of the top you prefer – 360 waves or sponge hair – with a mid taper Black hair goes to the next level. A line up is not necessary but very advisable.


Middle Part Taper Fade

Middle Part Taper Fade #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @groomed_barber_club

A middle part taper, which is also often referred to as curtain bangs, is at the peak of its popularity right now. Popularized by the eBoy culture devotees, it marks a new era in the world of men hairstyles. While it works better for those with straight and wavy locks, curly hair men may try to pull it off too.

Side Parted Hair

Mid Taper Fade Men #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @johnny_snips

Side parted hair is all about texture and a touch of edge, as Las Vegas barber Johnny Snips masterfully demonstrates. He says:

Texture and some disconnection. Keep the blend low, with just a hint of taper at the back for that subtle disconnection."

Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League Haircut #midtaper #midtaperfade
by @giuse_laguardia

This cut, a blend of precision and effortless style, is the epitome of a clean yet casual look. Perfect for those who want a manageable yet polished hairstyle that transitions seamlessly from a professional setting to a casual evening out.

Styling Tip: For a Ivy League like this, the trick is to keep it neat but natural. Use a dab of matte-finish styling cream for hold without the shine, working it through damp hair. This will enhance the texture while maintaining that effortlessly tidy appearance.


Mid Taper Edgar

by @diego_djdgaf

An Edgar cut with taper is a modern way to wear a classic hair look. It is one of short hair taper cuts that can be worn on all types of hair, so you can rest assured that it is going to work for you. Maintenance is hassle free as well.

Short Fluffy Mid Taper Haircut

Short Fluffy Mid Taper Haircut  #midtaper #midtaperfade
by @dorianthegroomer The short fluffy tapered haircut, crafted by barber and hair expert Dorian Purnell, is all about texture and clean fades.
Styling Tip: For daily styling, work a small amount of volumizing mousse into the roots of towel-dried hair. This will keep the fluffy texture pronounced and the taper sharp.

Mid Taper Buzz Cut

Mid Taper Fade Buzz Cut #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @cheobarberpr

In case a buzz cut is your go to haircut, then you may be looking for a way to upgrade it. And that is when a mid taper haircut comes into play. Because a short fade is even shorter than a buzz cut, your hairstyle looks contrasty and pronounced.


Taper Blowout

Taper Blowout #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @los_cut_it

One of the coolest things about a mid blowout taper is that you achieve an ultimate volume on the top of your head with it. In addition to styling your hair with a blow dryer and a round brush, you get to accentuate it thanks to the medium fade haircut on the sides.

Short Waves

Short Waves #midtaper #midtaperfade
by @joshconnollybarber

Short cut by mens hair stylist and educator Josh Connolly epitomize the harmonious balance between texture and form. To maintain this look, use a texturizing cream to enhance the waves and a fine-tooth comb to define the style, reflecting a modern twist on the classic short back and sides.

Swept Back Bald Taper

Taper Blowout Hair #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @cheobarberpr

This swept-back taper is a modern twist on a classic style, offering a sleek yet voluminous look.

Styling Tip: Achieve this by blow-drying your hair back with a round brush for lift and finish with a high-hold pomade to keep it in place. It's an ideal choice for a smart, refined appearance.


Side Taper

Side Taper #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @r.braid

You are always welcome to experiment with your mid taper fade haircut. For a more unusual look, why don’t you get a side taper only? The top may feature a ducktail hairstyle or a mohawk. This will help you to keep the focus on your top strands without much effort.

Mid Fade With Design

Mid Taper With Design #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @cheobarberpr

Hair designs can be easily incorporated into a mid fade taper haircut. In fact, it is a perfect canvas for them. What print it is going to be depends on your imagination and the skill level of your barber. You may start with a simple line and then upgrade it to something more elaborate.

Mid Skin Fade

Mid Skin Taper #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @z_ramsey

A mid bald taper is more impactful and striking than a regular mid taper fade. So, if you want your haircut to be absolutely bold, this is your failsafe option. The only possible downside to it is that you may have to update it more often, as the hair will grow out more noticeably.


Brushed Back Waves

Slick Back Taper #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @mensworldherenkappers

Capture the essence of sophistication with brushed back waves, where the hair's natural rhythm is styled to perfection.

Styling Tip: For day-long hold, opt for a sea salt spray on damp hair, blow-drying backward to craft those flowing waves. This technique gives you a dynamic yet controlled look that's right on trend.

Mid Taper Fade Straight Hair

by @rpb_nq

If your straight hair seems dull and lacking volume, then a low mid fade may be a vital solution for you. The length difference between the sides and top allows you to achieve a high contrasty and prominent hair look. Get a textured cut on top for more emphasis.

Mid Burst Fade

Mid Burst Taper #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @egobarbers

It is always possible to take a mid fade taper up a notch. For instance, you may introduce a burst fade to it. The pattern on the sides is noticeable and recognizable, so you will not need any extra accents. On top, get the style that expresses your personality best.


Tapered Undercut

Side Taper Fade #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @andrewdoeshair

The tapered undercut is a statement of sharp contrasts, combining sleek length on top with a precise fade below.

Styling Tip: For a polished look, style the longer sections with a strong-hold gel, sweeping back to showcase the undercut. It’s a bold yet clean-cut style that stands out in any crowd.

Curly Bang

Mid Taper Curly Hair #midfademen #midfade #fade
by @andrewdoeshair

This short waves haircut offers a low-maintenance yet stylish look, perfect for waves that demand minimal effort. To define your waves, a light application of curl-enhancing cream can go a long way in amplifying your hair's natural dynamism.

Not only is a mid taper fade fashionable and stylish, but it is also practical and easy to maintain. So opting for it, you get plenty of benefits. Hopefully, you have managed to find the style that appeals to you most in our guide. All you need to do now is to show it to your barber and leave their chair with the coolest haircut ever.

FAQs: Mid Tape Fade

What is a mid taper?

A mid taper is a short haircut where the hair on the back and sides is cut so that it decreases in length starting from the tip of the ears.

What is the difference between mid, low and high taper?

The main difference between a high, mid and low taper is where they start. The high taper begins higher than the tip of your ear. The mid taper goes from the ear tip toward the hairline. The low taper is performed close to the hairline, under the ear.

Is a mid fade a taper?

While a taper is a variation of a fade, it does not work the other way around. So, a mid fade is not a taper unless they are combined in one look.

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