By: | Updated: 12/06/2018

Everything You Need To Know About Box Braids!

The distinctive and eye-catching box braids have been a stylish calling card of women of color since the trendy 90’s. Their popularization has taken over the African American world, so no wonder all the magazine covers of that time were all about tight and long braids. And while some women just got tired of seeing the style on every single black lady, the modern variety of the braids has made it a never-ending trend that will never become boring.

On top of the popularity of box hairstyles, they’re actually one of the most convenient low-maintenance and protective option. But before calling your stylist and asking for the style that can save you some time in the morning, there are some things you should consider.

Today you’re are going to get to know what exactly box braids are, learn how to get them, and see how variously you can style them. Alongside these points, you will find out how to choose the right version of the style to match the condition of your hair.

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