A taper fade is one of the most popular mens haircuts and not for nothing. It can give any hair look a clean and crisp appearance. What is more, it works equally well no matter whether you have straight and fine or kinky and coarse hair. And since it is so versatile, it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of options to choose from. To provide you with a dose of inspiration for your next haircut, we have put together the best mens taper ideas below.


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Low Taper Fade

Low Taper Fade #taperfademen #taperfade #fade #taper
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A low taper fade haircut is a perfect option when you need something moderate and simple. As it starts pretty low on the head, the change in length is not that drastic, so it can fit the majority of situations. No wonder this type of a fade haircut is very popular for professional hair looks.


Mid Taper Fade

Mid Taper Fade #taperfademen #taperfade #fade #taper
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When deciding whether to get your taper fade low or high, you may be stuck between these two choices. And that is when a mid taper comes into play. This universal haircut looks good on absolutely anyone and combines the boldness of a high taper haircut and the elegance of a low taper.

High Taper Fade

High Taper Fade #taperfademen #taperfade #fade #taper
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With a high taper fade men's haircut, you will get a contrasty and sharp look. Yet, as it removes quite a lot of hair from the sides, it makes your locks easier to maintain. The top can be basically anything, from a refined pomp to a ruffian faux hawk. Keep in mind though that you may need to visit your barber pretty often for upkeeps.


Taper Short Fade Haircut

Taper Short Fade Haircut #taperfademen #taperfade #fade #taper
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One of the best things about this haircut is that it comes in plenty of lengths and textures. As such, if you are not a fan of particularly long locks, then a taper buzz cut fade haircut is your way to go. It is quite daring so you should be ready to have all eyes on you.

Taper Fade With Curly Hair

Guys with curly hair will benefit greatly from a curly taper fade. It is bound to make things easier for them, as any hairstyle instantly becomes low maintenance with it. Plus, it shifts the focus to your curls, making a strong fashion statement with them.


Afro Taper Fade

A taper fade Afro is another popular haircut for men with unruly tresses. Not only is it a surefire way to tame them but it also provides you with the ease of maintenance and styling. The look comes out so clean that you can even pair it with a bushy beard.

Taper Fade Long Hair

Taper Fade Long Hair #taperfademen #taperfade #fade #taper
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If you got tired of your long hair taper may be exactly what you need. It allows you to keep the length on top while removing quite a lot of weight from the sides and back. As a result, you get a cleaner and lighter hair look without the need to sacrifice your long tresses.

Taper Designs

Taper Designs #taperfademen #taperfade #fade #taper
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A hair design is an amazing way of self expression, don't you agree? With its help, you can deliver almost any message you got to the world. While it works for the majority of medium hairstyles, it is better if you have a medium taper fade on the back and sides.


Blow Out Fade

Blow Out Fade #taperfademen #taperfade #fade #taper
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While for a blowout low taper curly hair works best, you may try to pull it off on any type of hair. To do it, you will need to stock up on a powerful hair dryer and a volumizing hair styling product. A round brush is advisable but not necessary.

Taper Burst Fade

Taper Burst Fade #taperfademen #taperfade #fade #taper
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Apart from being high, medium and low, there are several other haircuts types of a taper to choose from. As such, you can get a burst fade. The barber will fade your hair on the sides so that it follows a curved line rather than a straight one, which creates quite an unusual pattern. So, you will not confuse a burst taper with anything else.

Bald Taper Fade

Bald Taper Fade #taperfademen #taperfade #fade #taper
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For a more high contrast look, consider a bald taper with a fade. This haircut is not for faint hearted for sure. So, in case you want to declare your fashion bravery, a skin taper is a good way to do so. Do not forget that you will need to book appointments with your barber beforehand for regular touch ups.


Taper Fade Straight Hair

Like we said before, taper fades are not limited to a certain hair texture and if you have straight hair, you may get it too. With a low taper fade straight hair cut looks more pronounced and structured. Hence, if you struggle to make your locks more defined, this is your way out.

Side Part

You should not be afraid to add other fashionable elements to your short taper fade. For instance, to accentuate it even more, accompany your hair look with a side part. It is aimed to give your appearance an elegant touch with some sort of edginess. To take it up a notch, go for a hard part haircut on the side.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk and a burst taper fade are made for each other. Yet, you may choose any other faded taper type if you like. Plus, you may get your taper fade low or high, depending on how much contrast and impact you want to make with your haircut.


Pompadour Taper Fade

For a pompadour, you may feel free to pick a haircut with any level of boldness. A taper fade mid cut will work just fine in this case, as it is quite reserved yet interesting. What is more, it gives you the right amount of elegance so you may wear it in any situation.

Comb Over

Whenever you are headed to an important event and need your hair to look its best, a medium taper fade comb over is your sure bet. It is very polished and refined, so your hairstyle will be impeccable, you may not worry about that. Yet, this can be also an option how to wear a taper with long hair.

Taper Fade Slicked Back

While slicked back hair allows for almost any accompaniments, a taper fade mid cut is something you can never go wrong with. It is quite edgy but does not draw attention from your top. Instead, it makes your slicked back hair the focal point of the look.


Taper Mullet

You may have heard that a mullet haircut has made a comeback as a fashion trend and it is here to stay. The modern version is much more wearable though – it does not require leaving very long hair in the back while the sides usually feature a taper short hair cut.

Quiff Tapered Fade

If you have a quiff, you may be looking for a way to put more emphasis on it. It goes without saying that with shorter hair on the sides, your top gets more attention, especially when it is curly. That is why it makes sense to take a low taper curly hair cut into account.

Edgar Taper Fade Haircut

Edgar Taper Fade Haircut #taperfademen #taperfade #fade #taper
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With a low taper long hair on top becomes more pronounced, so why not take advantage of it for your Edgar haircut? Although your top should already be quite textured, some extra emphasis will not hurt. Of course, you should not forget about a texturizing hair product.

With any of these taper fade ideas, your haircut will gain a fashionable upgrade. We hope that our guide has inspired you to a new look before your next visit to the barbershop. And do not hesitate to experiment. If not now, when?


FAQs: Taper Fade

What is a taper fade cut?

A mens taper fade haircut is a popular mens cut that features a quite long lop with the back and sides being gradually shorter toward the bottom. The edges should be blended into the skin to create a fading effect. The haircut turns out very bold and clean, yet it does not incorporate harsh transitions.

What is a taper vs fade?

When you compare a taper vs fade, you may notice that they have pretty much in common. Both haircuts suggest taking the hair from longer to shorter. However, a fade implies blending the hair into the scalp so it looks as if it fades into it.

Is taper fade a good haircut?

A taper and a fade are great mens haircuts. But a taper fade allows you to take any of them to another level. The look turns out very neat and edgy. So, you are free to complement with it any haircut.

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