The mid fade is everyones favourite because of its seamless transition from the longer hair on top to the gradually short and tapered sides. Being the center of attention in today's world of grooming, this mens mid fade is adaptable, easy to maintain and it is suitable for various hair types and lengths. Your new professional look can feature the mid fade haircut and can also be restyled during the weekends for a casual vibe. Explore what fade men's haircut will suit your hair type, facial features, and personality.


Mid Taper Fade

Mid Taper Fade #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @rpb_nq

We love mid fades but love clean lines more! Mid taper fade is perfect for a formal evening and everyday office look this medium fade will give you a clean polished look.

Styling Tip: Styling your hair to the back can give your face a more slender appearance.


Mid Fade Curly Hair

Mid Fade Curly Hair #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @mattyconrad

Curly hair and the mid fade haircut men make a dynamic duo. The curly mid fade accentuates natural curls by providing a structured contrast that makes the curls stand out. This curly hair mid fade by GQ’s men’s grooming expert Matty Conrad not only tames the sides and back but also gives the curls on top more prominence.

Short Mid Fade Haircut

Short Mid Fade Haircut #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @mattyconrad

If you have an active lifestyle or want minimal styling effort, the short hair mid fade is an ideal choice. This mid fade short hair keeps the hair on top relatively short, blending seamlessly into the fade for a sharp, clean finish.


Mid Fade Straight Hair

 Mid Fade Straight Hair #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @mattyconrad

As mentioned before, the mid fade can be paired with any hair type including straight hair. This mid fade straight hair ensures that your hair looks neat and structured without appearing flat or lifeless. You can be creative when styling your hair from slick back to side part.

Mid Skin Fade

Mid Skin Fade #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @egobarbers

The medium skin fade entails cutting your hair down to the skin level. This can give your face more structure and allows for ease of maintenance.

Pro Tip: With less hair on top with this mid skin taper, ask your barber for a beard shave to complete the look.


Long Hair Mid Fade Haircut

Long Hair Mid Fade Haircut #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @z_ramsey

Length is highly welcomed even with the mid fade long hair. The best style to opt for to preserve your length as tapered mid fade long top in which you can have your top styled in loose waves, a man bun or pushed to the back. Use skilled barber Zach Ramsey's styling example for inspiration.

Mid Fade Textured Top

Mid Fade Textured Top #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @spukthebarber

A mid fade or high fade with a textured top is perfect for adding volume and dimension to your hairstyle. The textured top provides a playful, tousled look that contrasts beautifully with the smooth fade on the sides and back.

Pro Tip: Wash and condition your hair weekly to avoid build-ups that weigh down your hair.

Mid Fade Side Part

Mid Fade Side Part #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @sirpaulcharles

Join the mid fade men team with a simple cut featuring a side part. This haircut is perfect for men who want a refined, professional appearance without sacrificing style. Unlike some other low fade or mid fade haircuts, you might want to pay more attention to hair products that keep your side part in place for a long time. Here's how to achieve a defined hair part, as recommended by barber Robert-Jan Rietveld:

  • Brush through your hair and dampen it slightly, focusing on the area where you'll be creating the part (either far to the left or right).
  • Using a comb, draw a straight line from the front hairline to the back of your head to create the part.
  • Apply styling products and comb your hair away from the part to emphasize and hold it in place.
  • For a more permanent solution, ask your barber to shave a hard part line into your hair.


Medium Length Mid Fade Haircut

Medium Length Mid Fade Haircut #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @birdcobarbers

With the medium fade haircut, you don’t have to opt for something too short or too long. It’’s a perfect balance of length and texture in the most charismatic way. Ask your barber for tips on maintaining your fade and hair texture.

Mid Fade Buzz Cut

Mid Fade Buzz Cut #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @xbigwesx

Imagine combining the popular buzz cut with mid fade! Definitely a match made in the grooming world. It’s safe to say that simplicity meets sophistication with this buzz cut mid fade.

Pro Tip: This cut is perfect for hot climates and those with busy lifestyles.

Mid Fade Comb Over

Mid Fade Comb Over #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @blackfishbry

For a style that exudes elegance and refinement, this neatly combed top with a precise part speaks volumes. Don’t forget to get regular trims to remove frizzy ends and to ensure your mid burst fade is always sleek and polished.

Styling Tip: Use volumizing powder to add more texture to thin hair.


Mid Fade Design

Mid Fade Design #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @braidbarbers

Incorporate creative patterns or lines into the fade, for a unique and personalized touch. From geometric shapes to artistic swirls, the mid-fade design allows for endless customization, making your haircut a true reflection of your personality and style.

Mid Fade Slick Back

Mid Fade Slick Back #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @jubei_ma

While the slick back mid fade is a very common option among men, it always exudes a vintage charm. So if you’re looking to channel a classic Hollywood vibe, the slick back checks the box. Consider a volumizing shampoo to keep your hair fuller at the top.

Styling Tip: A strong hold gel will make the hair on the crown manageable and smooth.

Mid Fade With Beard

Mid Fade With Beard #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @braidbarbers

Your beard can either make or break your look when you opt for a mid fade haircut short hair. So it’s important to groom your beards properly to bring the best out of your mid fade haircut. There is no fixed beard length for this cut so be creative and unlimited.


Wavy Hair On Top

Mid Fade Wavy Hair #midfade #midfadehircut #mediumfade
by @spukthebarber

The men’s mid fade haircut has been embraced by everyone regardless of age, hair type and race. Men with natural wavy locs can easily showcase their waves at the top while the mid fade keeps the sides and back neat. This style focuses more on volume and movement.

FAQs: Mid Fade

What is a mid fade?

This popular sensational haircut features tapered short hair on the sides and medium-length hair at the top. The mid-tapered sides start above the ears and fade towards the neck.

How much does a mid fade last?

A mid fade would last for approximately three to four weeks.

Should I get mid or high fade?

Deciding what fade to get should depend on your preference and facial features. While the mid fade is suitable for people who love subtle and stylish looks, the high fade is mostly preferred by those who love to stand out and can commit to high-maintenance cuts.

Are fades still in style in 2024?

With this fade starting at the middle of both sides, it can easily be incorporated into many styles and thus is still very popular in 2024.

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