If you prefer short mens haircuts over any other, we have great news for you. The guide below contains a short haircut option for men with any hair type and preferences. So, if you are ready for your stylish makeover with a new cut, then wait no longer to explore the ideas we carefully selected for you. You can save the ones you like to your phone and simply show them to your barber or tell them what you want based on what you saw. Either way, you are going to leave the barber’s chair like a completely new person.


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Taper Fade Short Hair Men

To upgrade their short hairstyles men often complement them with a taper fade. Since it takes the hair on the back and sides from longer to shorter, it brings your top to the center of attention. Yet, a mens short fade haircut leaves more hair than its counterpart, a fade. So, you are welcome to wear it in a pretty formal ambiance.

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Short Haircuts Men For Wavy Hair

Short cuts for men with wavy hair should usually meet certain requirements. While being trendy and fashionable, they should also offer ease of maintenance and styling. Accentuate your natural hair structure with the help of a texturizing hair product. Also, you may pair the look with a short hair fade men cut and enhance it with a hair design of your choice.

Hard Part For Short Mens Haircut

If you get a men short hair style, you should not think that you cannot upgrade it. You are offered a myriad of options in case you did not know. For instance, such simple yet impactful detail as a hard part can make a world of difference for your mens short haircut. The only downside to it is that you will have to touch it up pretty often, as when the hair grows out, it may seem unkempt.


Thick Hair Men Short Haircut

Short haircuts for guys with thick hair are a real savior. They allow you to cut down on the time and effort spent maintaining your locks. Plus, styling will not take much time as well. You may just hop out of the shower after washing your hair, dry it with a towel and be good to go.

Shaved Sides + Short Top

Since men’s buzz cuts usually feature an extremely short top, you may feel that they lack contrast a bit. So that it will not happen, why don’t you shave off the hair on the sides? Thanks to the striking difference in length, you easily achieve a bold and edgy look.


Short Pompadour Fade

Need short mens hairstyles that would make you look your best? We have a great idea here – a short pompadour. To get it, you need to leave the hair on top long enough to be shaped into a small pomp. The rest of the hair can be tapered or faded for a clean look.

Low Taper Fade For Short Haircut

A low taper fade is one of the best short haircuts for men for good reason. It is universally flattering and looks great on everyone regardless of your face shape and hair type. And since it turns out quite moderate, it is a perfect option for a professional environment.

High Bald Fade

If you are not afraid to stand out in the crowd, a high bald fade is your sure bet. It is so sharp and edgy, that you are guaranteed to have all eyes on you. Yet, as it is so short on the sides, you may want to book your barber's appointments beforehand for upkeep.


Burst Fade Mens Short Hairstyles

To give your short male haircuts a stylish twist, it is a good idea to go with a more elaborate cut on the sides, like a burst fade. This type of short haircuts for men creates a curved pattern around the ear, which gives it an unusual profile. Get a textured cut on top for a more pronounced look.

Comb Over Short Haircut Men

A comb over can be quite short too. This elegant haircut creates a very neat appearance and even more so when the top is only several inches long. The sides are usually faded down to the skin or tapered when you need something more reserved. A spritz of a hair spray and you are sure to look impeccable.

Flat Top Haircuts For Men With Short Hair

Short hair for guys provides a lot of benefits. On the one hand, it does not require a lot of maintenance. On the other hand, styling takes up to five minutes, which saves you those precious moments of sleep in the morning. Plus, it displays your masculine features. So, you can never go wrong with anything like a flat top.


Faux Hawk Short Haircut For Men

To bring a punkish vibe to your appearance, you do not need to shave your head bald on the sides. There are other ways to pull off a mohawk haircut. A faux hawk has the same vibe as its original version, yet it is more wearable. For the sides, you can either choose a fade or a taper, or both.

High Top Fade For Short Haircut

A fade haircut pairs nicely with all short hairstyles for men. In case you are looking for a high contrast and pronounced hair look, a high top fade is a great way to go. While it looks flattering on guys with any shape of the face, round and square faced men will appreciate it the most, as it visually elongates the head.

French Crop Haircuts For Men Short Hair

A French crop top is among those short hair cuts for men that not everyone can pull off. As a result, you may get a bit awkward look. So, make sure it suits your overall style. Also, do not forget to ask the barber to texturize your hair on top, as it will add volume and structure to it.


Short Sides Long Top

A short sides long top is one of all time favorite short hair haircuts men who are always in a hurry choose. With its low maintenance, you also get a very stylish and prominent look. The top can be styled in a wide variety of ways to suit the ambiance.

Quiff Hairstyles

Out of all mens haircuts short quiff is arguably the most versatile. It can be incorporated into any hair look and adjusted to work for any hair type. Plus, it makes your face appear longer. So, in case you want to restore balance in your wide face, this is your sure bet.

Mens Short Haircuts Mohawk

To get a mohawk, you do not have to be a member of any subculture. If this style resonates with you, feel free to wear it. However, so that it could be easily included in your everyday life, you may want to get a shorter version of the cut.


Mullet Short Mens Haircuts

A mullet haircut is back in fashion and we are pretty happy about it. If you missed it the first time, this is your golden hour to catch up on the trend. Of course, it does not have to look as inexplicit as in the past. A modern mullet belongs to mens short haircut styles.

Curly Short Hairstyle Men

Guys with curly hair may really struggle with taming their unruly locks. If you are one of those men, we feel you. The idea of spending half of your day maintaining or styling your kinks does not appeal to you? You can get away with one of the curly short hair styles for men.

Caesar Short Haircut

There is something special in the Caesar haircut, don’t you think? It has a very masculine and powerful vibe. No wonder you may want to make it your signature look. To make a statement with your cut, accentuate it with a texturizing product applied to the layered top.

We hope that our guide with the best short haircuts for men has provided you with plenty of ideas and inspiration for your future look. As you can see, we have selected the best options for any hair type and situation. All you have to do now is to show the idea you chose to your barber and get ready to look amazing.


FAQs: Short Haircuts For Men

What is the best haircut for short hair men?

A buzz cut and a crew cut are considered the best men short haircuts. They are followed by a fade, a quiff, a pompadour, a combed over and a slicked back haircut styles. An undercut long top is a more versatile option, as it offers plenty of ways to style your hair.

Can short hair suit everyone?

Mens short hair styles know no limits in terms of age, personal style and facial features, so everyone can find a suitable option for them. Just make sure it matches your tastes, the shape of your head and the texture of your hair.

Is short hair in for 2024 men?

Short hair guys are always in step with fashion, as short hair cuts are timeless. So, if you decide to go for it in 2024, you can rest assured that you are going to look trendy.