A flower crown is a popular accessory that is used to embellish women’s hairstyles. Today this accessory is often chosen for complementing a festival or a wedding image. But the tradition of wearing flowers in one’s hair is deep-rooted.


For example, in ancient Greece, women wore flowers in their hair to honor their gods. Later on, the flowers began to signify respect and achievements – think about the laurel leaf and Julius Caesar. Then there were times throughout history when flowers symbolized celebration, love, and fertility. And today hairstyles with flowers add some boho vibes to our image.

Now let’s discover cute floral accessories to adorn your hair.

Wedding Flower Crown For Beautiful Brides

Credit photo: instagram.com/enczaphotoprops Credit photo: instagram.com/lindy.photography Credit photo: instagram.com/lindy.photography

Brides often wear a flower crown to their wedding ceremony. The model in this picture has a hairstyle that blossoms because her locks are accented with beautiful blooms. It is a nice idea to add a floral arrangement that makes a statement to a big-day image. And her half updo opens her pretty face.


Boho Flower Crown Design For Bride

Credit photo: instagram.com/officiallyquigley Credit photo: instagram.com/lindy.photography Credit photo: instagram.com/lindy.photography

Some women choose to have a themed wedding, for example, bohemian. If that is what you prefer, consider embellishing your hairstyle with a floral accessory like the one in this picture. This model matched the accessory with her makeup. Her lipstick is in the same hue as the big red flowers.

Simple Bride Crown Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/sarahvdesigns Credit photo: instagram.com/lindy.photography Credit photo: instagram.com/lindy.photography

Stylists picked a simple floral accessory for this model’s bridal image. White flowers are a classic choice. It’s something that you cannot go wrong with. And whites are spiced up with several beige flowers. The ensemble remained subtle against this model’s hair color. What we mean is that it would look screaming if her hair color was dark.


Flower Crown Design For Cute Bridesmaid

Credit photo: instagram.com/sheerrosedesign Credit photo: instagram.com/studio_fleur_olesia_kokotkina_

You can go for a bridesmaid image like this if the theme of your friends’ wedding ceremony is dark green and ruby. This model has a dark green dress on, and the hair accessory is made with a green base and ruby floral accents. Her ruby lips really play up her look.

Simple Flower Crown For Bridesmaids

Credit photo: instagram.com/emilyroseflowercrowns Credit photo: instagram.com/lindy.photography

In this picture, the model wears a simple floral accessory and looks super adorable. Do you wonder what types of flowers will work best for creating a floral crown? Well, you can use any kinds of flowers, but you should consider just several things – their size, longevity, and smell.

The smell factor is obvious. If you hate the smell of the flowers, you won’t be able to wear them for even 5 minutes. Then you might have a headache or even become dizzy and sick.

As for the size, too big flowers can simply overwhelm the accessory. When combined, flowers may become too heavy to wear. So, pick smaller flowers to be on the safe side or combine small and several big flowers.

If you use natural flowers, make sure they are very fresh. Otherwise, the flowers won’t last for much time, and even sprinkling them with water won’t help.


Flower Crown Design For Beach Photo Shoot

Credit photo: instagram.com/warnercollective

This model has a flawless image with her dress and floral accessory complementing each other perfectly. Light pink flowers truly match her dress. This image is romantic and ultimately elegant.

Tropical Flower Crown Design For Summer Queen

Credit photo: instagram.com/janay.marie

This tropical look is oh so stunning, ideal for a vacation somewhere close to the sea or ocean. This model chose to incorporate large flowers in the accessory. As a result, her facial features look fine and delicate against this massive accessory.

Floral Crown Design For Summer Time

Credit photo: instagram.com/jordanleftwich

This bridesmaid wears a subtle yellow dress and a bright flower crown headband of a big size that does all the talking. Slight waves like you see in this picture pair so well with such an adorable accessory.


Fake Flower Crown For Any Occasion

Credit photo: instagram.com/onnieandlunastudio Credit photo: instagram.com/enczaphotoprops Credit photo: instagram.com/serenitywedding

This model has a fake flower crown in her hair. The accessory consists of big white flowers with smaller peach flowers. How to make such an accessory with fake flowers? Follow the steps:

  1. Grab some floral wire, make it circular. Place it on your head to learn if that wire fits. It should be a bit loose. If there is any extra length, cut it off. Using floral tape, tape the shut of the circle.
  2. Pick the flowers and greens. It’s better to begin the crown with some nice greenery to cover the plain wire. This will be the basis for the crown. When the greenery is in place, use the floral tape to tape it to your accessory.
  3. Now add the flowers you have picked. Every flower must have the 3-inch stem or longer. If the stem turns out to be too long, you can always cut it off using wire cutters or scissors. With the floral tape that you have, attach every stem to the accessory. And spare no tape – the more you use, the sturdier the construction will be. Voila! The textured and pretty accessory is ready.

Red Roses Crown For Perfect Photo Shoot

Credit photo: instagram.com/plazi

Just look at these juicy vivid red garden roses. These flowers look miraculously beautiful against this model’s dark tresses. Her lipstick color matches the roses. And overall, this vintage image is stunning.

Wild Flowers Crown Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/lindy.photography

Stylists wanted to create a fall image for this model and, in our opinion, they succeeded. This model’s burgundy hair color, as well as fresh flowers and berries in her hair, are reminiscent of this dreamy season.


Hibiscus Flower Crowns Designs

Credit photo: instagram.com/ocean_dreamerr

Hibiscus flowers are associated with femininity and glory. And it is not surprising because once you look at these gorgeous flowers the word glorious is the first thing that comes to the mind. This model appears exceptional with this bright accessory.

Simple Flower Crown Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/fdl_floraldesign

This hair accessory will work great for a flower girl at a wedding ceremony. It’s romantic, and such a crown won’t steal attention from the bride. Flower girls tend to wear cute pastel dresses to emphasize their young age. You can wear one too with the accessory like in this pic.

Soft Flower Crown For Girls

Credit photo: instagram.com/serenitywedding

This floral accessory is done in soft pastel shades. It would be perfect for a little girl. If you have a family photo shoot, you can ask if your daughter wants to put on such a pretty crown.


Minimalistic Flower Crown Design

Credit photo: instagram.com/missstevimarie

It’s a green take on a traditional floral crown accessory. And it is truly sophisticated, in our opinion. With such an accessory, you can let the dress do the talking.

Do you like these cute ideas on how to wear floral crowns? More inspo is waiting for you on our blog.

FAQ: Flower Crown

How long will a floral crown last?

The sort of flowers chosen determines how long a crown can stay. Some flowers are more fragile than others, and it depends on their stock strength. A crown can last anywhere from 1 to 7 days with proper care, and some flowers can last up to 10 days before they dry out entirely.

How do you keep flower crowns fresh?

Make a floral crown the night before you want to wear it, spray it with water, and put it in the fridge overnight to keep it fresh.

Can you wear a flower crown to school?

Flower crowns don’t have to be just for music festivals. Depending on how you design flower crowns, they can be worn to school. They can also be worn with clothing to make them more fashionable.

How much does a flower crown cost?

The pricing range is $80-$150, depending on the crow volume and flower selection.