Family pictures are so important for every family. Don`t you agree? That is why we believe it is really crucial to get family photo shoots that will gather all of your favorite people. Capturing such moments of life is so magnificent that you can`t ignore it. Imagine finding them in years, remembering all the great situations and everything you`ve shared together. The family is one of the most significant things in life, don`t you agree? Capture yours and enjoy the results now and later when things and people change.


Pictures With Wooden Letters

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Pictures With Wooden Letters #kidsphoto #familyname

A great idea for family pictures is to use different details. In our opinion, one of the greatest options is using wooden letters. Choose what word you would like to hold and give each member of your family a letter. A family name is a great example of what you can use. Creative and really sweet, it will show how tight-knit your family is.


Using Frames Or Chalkboard

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Using Frames Or Chalkboard #framephoto #kidsphotography

Are you a fan of something unusual? We have a great suggestion for you then. What do you think about using a frame as your main detail? It will look super cute if you put your family into it. Also, think of a chalkboard where you can make cute notes about each member of your family. Laughter and joy are guaranteed. Isn`t that the most important thing for a family photo set?

Cute Photos On The Floor

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Cute Photos On The Floor #familyportrait

Do you prefer such photos to be taken at home? Then why don`t you just set the whole scene on the floor? Your whole family being super cozy on the floor with your home in the background. Isn`t that super nice? Super simple but stylish and modern at the same time. It will give an idea that you don`t need anything except each other to have a great time.


Lying In The Bed

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Laying On The Bed #mommyandmephotoshoot

If you are looking for inspiration for family portraits, then here it is. A great idea that will create coziness with your family being the most important part of the scene. On white or colorful sheets, your family, and nothing will disturb that idyll.

Funny And Cute Feet Pose

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Funny And Cute Feet Pose #feetposephoto #photoshoot

Among other unique family photo ideas, there is this one that we believe to be really great. Only your feet and nothing else that will appear in the photo. Actually, nothing else is needed as such a posture creates the idea of a family unity and will give a piece of creativity to the whole photo set.


Crossing The Road

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Crossing The Road #funnyphotos #abbeyroad

One of the most popular photo ideas for celebrities and street style photos, it is also great for family photo sessions. Crossing the road needs unity, that is why we believe it is a great symbol that you will show with your family. Stylish, colorful and modern at the same time, it is just the right idea for a great family photo.

All Members On The Bed

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All Members On The Bed #happyphotos

Pictures on the bed can be taken not only in a portrait mode. Set every member of your family on the bed and take pictures from far away. Simple and cute pictures are guaranteed for your family collection. Nothing else is needed, just great mood and happiness you all feel when you all gather.

Kids Hanging Upside Down

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Kids Hanging Upside Down #funnyphotoshoot

One of the most popular requests is a creative idea for family pictures with baby. We have one prepared for you. Carefully take your kid upside down and the joy will spread up from him or her to you, making you smile and laugh without any planning. A great and happy family picture is a result that you will get.


Throwing A Kid In The Air

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Throwing Child In The Air #babyphotography

Kids love being thrown in the air. It gives a feeling of freedom and joy, which always makes them laugh and scream with delight. Automatically this happiness spreads to the parents, so imagine how fun the photos will look!

Only Siblings Portrait

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Only Siblings Portrait #moments #kidsphoto

If you have kids of different age, we believe it is a great idea to take them all for a picture together. In years, they will be able to see how grown up they are and how much fun they have had together. Think of cool poses they can try, and a great result will be there.

All Kissing Mom (Or Dad)

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All Kissing Mom Or Dad #kiss #happymoments

Kissing mom or dad is the best thing that we all keep in mind from our childhood. Don`t you agree? So why don`t we capture such a moment with the camera? A great memory that will make us smile during the whole life and every time we look at that picture.


Jumping Up

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Jumping Up #funnyfamilyphotos #beachphotography

Jumping up is the favorite thing that many kids prefer doing. Why don`t you join yours for a photo? Easy and joyful at the same time, such a photo will show playful and happy mood that is desired. A great idea for family pictures on the beach.

Run Together

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Run Together #kidsphotography

If you want your photo session to be in the open air, then this running together idea is perfect. Unity and fun are what will be present in your photo. There are so many options for such a picture. You can place your kids at the front with your happy couple in the back or vice versa. Anything your heart desires.

Happy Parents Holding Their Baby

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Happy Parents Holding Their Baby #babyphoyoshoot #happiness

Family pictures with newborns are so important for every family. They show the new beginning of the life of the couple and the new kind of love two people start sharing. We think that a simple photo with parents holding their baby is a great idea that will show how precious this moment is.


When Mom Is Waiting For A Baby

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When Mom Is Waiting For The Baby #pregnantphotosession #kiss

Pregnancy is a great period of life of any woman. It is a new step for every family no matter how many kids you already have. Why don`t you capture this beautiful period of life in the family photo?

Sweet Kisses

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Sweet Kisses #kiss #happymiments

Love is all we need in the world to live a healthy life. Set a great example for your kids, showing love and affection in the photo. In the future, your kids will look at these photos and understand how much love and joy their parents share together.

Unforgettable Family Walk

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Unforgettable Family Walk #familytime #photosession

Every family goes out sometimes. Even simple walks together are unforgettable as they set in our memory and are associated with peace and comfort. Take a photo while going for a walk with your whole family and the atmosphere will be unique for sure.


Kids On The Shoulders Of Parents

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Children On The Shoulders Of Parents #happyphotos

Playing with parents is a great memory of every kid. Fooling around and laughing together is always in our minds from our childhood. Capture such moments of playing in a photo, and believe us, you won`t regret such a choice.

Don’t Look At The Camera

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Do not Look At Camera #familyphotoshoot

Try not to look at the camera when the photographer is taking pictures of you. Then the photo will turn out very natural, as if the photographer sneaked up on your family.

Hand In Hand: Together Forever

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Hand In Hand: Together Forever #familyphotos

A hand in hand picture is a popular choice among couples in love. This gesture demonstrates their sweet feelings. Plus, such pictures look super romantic.


Parents On The Background

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Parents on Backside #childrenphotos #kidspictures

Our kids are our future. A picture like the one you can see here will demonstrate this wise statement. Do you agree with us?

Sitting Outdoors

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Sitting On The Outdoor #familyphotoshoot

Ask someone to take a picture of your family sitting outdoors. As for the setting, choose the place where you usually spend time with your close ones.

Photoshoot From the Back

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Photoshoot From Back #familyphotos #kids

Do you want to have a creative photo? Why not turn around and pose with your backs in front of the camera, not your faces, as if you are walking away?


Pictures With Pets

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Pictures With Pets #familyphotography

Do you have pets? They are a part of your family, too. So, it’s a sweet idea to have a family photoshoot with your animal companions.

There are so many different ideas for family pictures that it can be easy to get lost. Find the one that will show the atmosphere in your family the best way possible and trust us, your experience will family photosets will be unforgettable.

FAQ: Family Pictures

How can I take my own family pictures?

  1. Plan everything from the beginning.
  2. Use appropriate tools. To shoot your own family photos, you’ll need a tripod, a self-timer on your camera, and a camera remote.
  3. Choose a pose.
  4. Maintain a straightforward approach.
  5. Have fun.

Where do you focus in a group photo?

When photographing a group, avoid focusing on someone who is on the boundaries of the picture. The center focal points have the clearest focus. If you have a group of two rows, set the focal point on a person’s face in the first row’s center.

How can I pose my family naturally?

Not everyone in the family needs to be facing the camera for a natural-looking family photo posture. Vary it up by having the kids hug mum or dad. Leaning them against anything is a great method to get them all to unwind. It’s also useful for changing up the poses.