Modern life is filled with various perks of evolving technology and innovations. However, the field of jewelry is undergoing a reverse change. Instead of good old silver, gold, and precious stone embellishments, people choose natural jewelry more and more often. With that in mind, today,'s editor-in-chief, Eugenia S., will talk with Angela Landowska, abstract nature artist, again. This time we will ask Angela about her art in the field of wooden jewelry, the jewelry that she makes from natural minerals and raw materials, such as wood and cotton.


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Eco Jewelry – Influential Trend of The Last Decade

Credit photo:   -What challenges does the modern jeweler face today?

-We're living through one of the most turbulent periods the natural jewelry industry has ever experienced. From online retail to 3D printing of jewelry, this sector is being affected by a number of disruptive forces. Customers are also increasingly interested in sustainability and the ethics behind the items they purchase.

Brands increasingly have to comply with these practices, and change is coming from within as jewelers seek to clean up their own act. Mining of precious metals such as gold and silver is responsible for a great deal of environmental damage, from high levels of arsenic and lead emissions to soil erosion and the creation of sinkholes.

Humans also bear the cost of mining precious metals and stones: their discovery often leads to death and displacement of local populations, and their extraction often funds brutal conflict. Amnesty International estimates that 3.7 million people have died in civil wars fueled by so-called 'blood diamonds...'.

What Power Lies In The Wood And Natural Jewelry?

Credit photo:   -What kind of power does a tree hide in itself?

-The energy that wood generously bestows upon us increases the body's immunity, improves well-being, restores optimism, and influences creative activity. strengthens, supports the development and adds health. Each of the wood species has different properties and energy. Some of the properties of wood you may have already heard about are: strength, lightness, flexibility, and durability. The sticks are obtained in a way that is safe for the plant – waste, and clippings. Not only the wood has original colors and interesting graining, but it also has chemical and physical properties. We all know that jewelry nature has a significant impact on a woman's ability to feel comfortable about herself, which is why so many ladies value it highly. The DIY wooden jewelry, like bracelets, hand necklaces, hand chains and other, generally give the hand a more alluring, thin appearance. These eye-catching accessories will undoubtedly enhance your ensemble!

How Does Wood Affect Us?

Credit photo:   -And how does the wood energy affect a person?

-Simply being in the bosom of nature has a health-promoting and calming effect on our bodies. The essential oils are released in space, bringing us respite. Trees produce volatile substances such as limonene and pinene (found mainly in conifers), which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Trees are intermediaries between the earth and the sky, and a natural source of oxygen, and we are connected to them by our breath – when a person exhales, trees breathe. When we synchronize with the trees again, our contact also appears from within.


How Does Natural Wooden Jewelry Affect Us?

Credit photo:   -What exactly are the healing properties of your jewelry made of wood?

-The systematic energy supply of wood increases the body's resistance, improves well-being, restores optimism, and influences creative activity. As already mentioned above, each of the wood species has different properties and energy. Depending on this energy, trees create different states in our souls. From time to time I intend to study a specific type of tree under a magnifying glass and delve into its specific properties more deeply. I invite you to visit me on my social media if you want to stay up to date with the process:)

How Do You Make Your Natural Jewelry?

-Now, could you please tell us more about your workflow?

-First, a project is created. Most often by the sea during meditation, then I collect wood of various sizes from the beach right after a storm, I clean it, grind and polish it, then I cut it according to the intended composition and my artistic vision. My DIY wooden jewelry collection is made in accordance with nature and zero waste though, the whole is obtained from recycling and collected from my beach 🙂 The intention of which is to resonate with a smile every day, recharge you with the energy of the sun, attract joyful moments, give joy to your heart…


Why Is Wooden Jewelry Worth Wearing?

Credit photo:   -What other non-obvious and unknown properties of wood jewelry can you name?

-Summing up the theme of women's wooden jewelry, I would like to talk more about what is wonderful about it and why you should definitely try to wear it:

  • Natural jewelry made of wood is incredibly light, so it is really comfortable to wear, especially when wearing longer necklaces. It is also flexible and extremely durable.
  • Wooden jewelry is friendly for allergy sufferers. As a natural material, wood is ideal for sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation.
  • As a natural renewable resource, wood is an excellent material for creating sustainable fashion trends, and being environmentally friendly is definitely fashionable and should never be left out!
  • Wood is a universal material that creates a trendy look regardless of your clothing style or even the season.

-Thus, DIY wooden jewelry is as natural as breathing, for every circumstance and mood! Like fingerprints and snowflakes, each piece of wood is completely different with its own unique markings, properties and health benefits. Once again, thank you for the interview and I invite you to take a look at the wonders of my women's wooden jewelry collection!

Angela Landowska, abstract nature artist.

-Thank you for the interesting information about the properties of wood, Angela. I admire your choice to respect the environment, as well as the natural and human resources throughout the whole eco-jewelry production process! This should be an example for all of us! Hope to hear more from you soon!

FAQ: Wooden Jewelry

Can wooden necklaces get wet?

Handle wooden jewelry with care. It’s fine if it has been treated and has a gloss on it. Untreated wood, however, may swell after becoming wet, dry out, and finally break.

How do you clean wooden jewelry?

All you need to clean wooden objects is an oily soft cloth. Take a soft rag, such as a chamois cloth, and dampen it. After that, wipe the wooden jewelry gently until all of the dust and filth is removed.