Painter, poet, craftswoman. These are just a few epithets that can describe this exceptional abstract nature artist. Today, you will learn about her passions, creative process and innovative methods that she uses to create her works. She talks about herself quite modestly, ascribing merits to nature and the influence of the elements on her. She comes from Kashubia (a small region surrounded by forests, lakes and meadows) and, as this modern abstract artist says, it was thanks to the surroundings in which she grew up that she cultivated love and passion for art. Meet Angela Landowska – a girl from the woods with an eternal leaf in her hair, the author of moving poems and quality content.



Who Is Angela Landowska?

Who is Angela Landowska?
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I am an abstract artist and nature is everything to me. Painting, poetry and photography, as well as creating artistic jewelry and compositions of dried flowers, are great means of self expression. I live by the sea, which I am constantly driven to, and draw inspiration from the sun, wind, water and sand as well as changing seasons, their diversity and colors. Stories of trees that witnessed past events are an excellent life mentor and teacher.


Tell Us What You Do?

Tell us what you do?
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I paint abstract pictures in the flow of nature, the subtleties of shades of the sound of the wind. I create the seaside sand that surrounds me, which is on my every canvas. In this way, a piece of the sunny earth will be with you forever, and with it, the stories are written in the memory of the grains of sand. Particles of soil, salt, clay, bark, sawdust and mud are the structures and textures of the paintings, while flowers and fruits are dyes.

When it comes to wood jewelry, it is made in harmony with nature and with a zero waste thought – all of it is obtained from recycling. It is created so that the person wearing it feels more confident, strong and built every day – I want to make our faces smile more often, and the joy and serenity of the spirit resonate in the heads.


What Is Nature To You And What Do You Make Your Art Of?

What is nature to you and what do you make your art of?
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Feeling fairy-tale nature is a way to the inside, to the soul. Through nature, I am moving to an enchanted land, where I hope to take you with me. As an original abstract artist, I make my art from natural raw materials. When I paint, I use the texture of sunny sand from the sea, I add dried flowers from my mother's garden to pine frames and I create jewelry from various types of wood. I am deeply enchanted and moved by nature's stories and its healing properties, which are contained in my artistic treats.


Where Does Your Creativity Come From?

Where does your creativity come from?
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My creativity comes from the elements and senses – water, sun, wind; their sounds, smells and tastes; the palette of structures and textures. I immerse myself in everything that surrounds me, binding myself with it and finally becoming a part of it.

Yet, it is the sun that fills me the most and speaks through me. Its rays charge me with good energy and light. That I, its tool, could impose on my art everything that the sun allows me to transfer, and that is joy, bliss, energy and happiness.

What Does Your Creative Process Look Like?

Before painting the canvas, I meditate with the sun. I clear my mind. I paint when my thoughts are sure and flowing in harmony and my emotions are positive. The most important to me as an abstract art artist is to transmit clean, good energy, create safe art and give you the intention of happiness and blessings.

That's how you can learn patience and practice willpower while drawing. Nothing that is durable and good comes easily. It is a process that takes time, awareness, focus and commitment. However, despite the time, the effort pays off because content, qualities and values are created in line with the soul, conscience and heart. And this concept can be transferred to every area of life.


What Is It Like To Live With HSP? (Highly Sensitive People)

What is it like to live with WWO, (Highly Sensitive People)
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Sometimes delicacy, subtlety or openness at the beginning of life may seem like an obstacle. I remember that when I was growing up as a kid with HSP features, it was very difficult to find myself in the world with great emotional reactivity and empathy. Living in harmony with your tenderness and peculiarities can be very distressing at a young age. Highly sensitive people are more prone to feeling stimuli from outside and inside. They hear sounds differently; colors can be sharper and everything is embellished with endless analysis and data processing. Hopefully, this article will cheer up people who similarly struggled with the problems of excessive sensitivity and acute concern for the environment.

I think that my advice after so many years of being an abstract nature artist is to encourage you to come to terms with it. Do not fight it but embrace yourself as you are, especially those pieces from which we would like to run away immediately. Accept your differences and dissidence. This is where you can find your beauty.

Good luck! Be blessed and may the sun be always with you.