Burgundy hair is popular among women of all ages who wish to look brighter. There are many tones of burgundy so that every woman can find the most flattering shade for her complexion.


Usually, a cool burgundy hair color that includes much violet and red will compliment women with ebony, olive, or pink complexions. And a warm burgundy hair color will work for women who have golden or peachy skin tones. But we can reassure you that you can find your perfect burgundy even if your complexion is not that easy to compliment. Even short pixie cut looks amazing with burgundy color!

Mulled Wine Hair Shade

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Mulled Wine Hair Shade Picture 1
Mulled Wine Hair Shade For Long Hair #longhair #wavyhair
Mulled Wine Hair Shade Picture 2

As you can observe in these pictures, a mulled wine hair tone will appear flattering whether your tresses are wavy, straight, or curly. These models with red hair shades look  gorgeous.


Saturated Burgundy Hair Color

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Saturated Burgundy Hair Color For Medium Length #mediumhair #wavyhair #sidebang
Saturated Burgundy Hair Color Picture 2
Saturated Burgundy Color For Long Hair #longhair #hollywoodwaves

A saturated burgundy hair color will make your appearance hot and daring; we would even suggest the word ‘vampy’ here. Show off your wilder side!

Bright Burgundy Highlights

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Bright Burgundy Highlights Picture 1
Bright Burgundy Highlights Picture 2
Bright Burgundy Highlights Picture 3

By adding vivid burgundy highlights to your beautiful tresses, you can create an amazing contrast! Style your tresses so that the shade does the talking.


Plum Ombre Hair Styles

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Plum Ombre Hair Styles Picture 1
Plum Ombre Hair Styles Picture 2
Plum Ombre Hair Styles Picture 3

Plum ombre variations of burgundy are rather futuristic. From brighter to subtler options, you can choose whatever you like as long as it complements your image.

Violet Burgundy Hair Shade

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Violet Burgundy Hair Shade Picture 1
Violet Burgundy Hair Shade Picture 2
Violet Burgundy Hair Shade Picture 3

These violet burgundy hair shades are capable of granting some ethereal, a little dreamy edge to your image. These shades are positively enchanting! It's equally good for both long and short hair. For example this inverted bob looks great!


Bright Berry Burgundy Hair Shade

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Bright Berry Burgundy Hair Shade Picture 1
Bright Berry Burgundy Hair Shade Picture 2
Bright Berry Burgundy Hair Shade Picture 3

Here you can observe the models who rock a bright berry burgundy hair shade. Bright berry burgundy would work for the most daring women.

Dark Burgundy Velvet

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Dark Burgundy Velvet Picture 1
Dark Burgundy Velvet Picture 2
Dark Burgundy Velvet Picture 3
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Dark Burgundy Shade For Extra Chic Look #mediumhair #curlyhair
Dark Burgundy Shade For Long Hair #longhair #wavyhair
Dark Burgundy Velvet For Long Hair #longhair #wavyhair #sidebang

A dark burgundy velvet shade is rich and saturated, and it can bring some elegance into your perfect image. How do you think, will you go for one of these looks?

Cherry Red Layered Curls

Cherry Red Layered Curls #cherryredhair #redhair
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In case you still do not know, but the hairdo matters much when it comes to showing off your new color. The fact is that no matter how bright your cherry-hued locks are, but the layers are what grants them dimension. Think about it!


Melting Merlot Layered Hair

Melting Merlot Layered Hair #layeredhairstyles #longhair
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There is no need to dedicate yourself to one shade only, even it is your favorite one. You can introduce some fabulous highlights into your mane too. We think that matching your brunette locks with merlot highlights is a trendy and mesmerizing decision.

Deep, Rich & Delicious Dark Wine Hair Color

Deep, Rich & Delicious Dark Wine Hair Color #winehaircolor #wavyhairstyles
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There is a false assumption that wine red hair is supposed to be bright. The truth is that rich wine red locks look vibrant in their darkness. Besides, the light play is merely incredible, the minute you go into the sun, no one would dare to take the eyes off you.

Dark Rosewood

Dark Rosewood #rosewoodhair #wavyhair
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Rosewood is called that way because it is magnificent and beautiful. With such a color, you barely need to style your hair. The tone itself will attract adoring glances no matter where you go!


Glossy Deep Burgundy Hair

Glossy Deep Burgundy Hair #glossyhair #shorthair
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The beauty of burgundy hair lies in its ability to shine that dark and magical way that rarely any other tone can replicate. What is more, deep burgundy is the hue that will complement every completion, not to mention the hair length. This glossy burgundy medium length layered haircut looks perfectly!

FAQ: Burgundy Hair

What skin tone suits burgundy hair?

On persons with olive, pink or darker complexion tones, cool burgundy colours with red and violet shades look really great, whereas warm burgundy colors with richer brown shades look stunning on peachy or golden complexions.

Is red hair the new trend?

Red and ginger shades are popular since they’re unique, especially ginger, which might be mistaken for peach in some situations. Red is a very refreshing and eye-catching color.

Will burgundy show on black hair?

If you have dark hair, it will be difficult to go burgundy since this color is unlikely to show up. Even if it does, your hair may appear to be brown rather than burgundy. When transitioning from dark to burgundy hair, bleaching it to a brown or red tone is a wise decision.