Our collection of easy summer hairstyles will help you to look drop dead gorgeous on the beach or poolside. And the best thing is that these hairstyles will be ideal not only for dry but also for wet hair. No guy will pass by such a beauty!


Short Summer Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/chloenbrown, instagram.com/i.sabello, instagram.com/chloenbrown
Short Side Braid Hairstyle #shorthairstyles #braidedhair
Braided Updo For Short Hair #braidedhair #shorthair
Easy Hairstyle With Hairband #hairband #shorthair
Credit photo: instagram.com/deusaconstanzi, instagram.com/kristin_ess, instagram.com/asmakesdafra
Side Bobby Pinned Hair #easyhairstyles #bobbypins
Short Natural Curls #shorthair #curlyhair
Easy Short Top Knot #shorthair #topknothair

Thus, when exposed to the sun, either wear a scarf or a hat and apply a special fabric coating, or use oils, leave-in conditioners, and styling sprays that have a UV block quality.


Mid-Length Summer Hairstyles

Medium Length Hairstyles For Summer-Time

Credit photo: instagram.com/samanthahairstylist, instagram.com/natalieannehair, instagram.com/kayleymelissa
Braided Crown Hairstyle #ashhair #braidedhair
Medium Length Hairstyles With Braids And Ribbon #braidedhairstyles #mediumlehgthhair
Medium Length Hairstyles With Pins #halfuphairstyles #mediumlengthhair
Credit photo: instagram.com/alisabinhair, instagram.com/hairdidbysuzy, instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn
Braided Knot For Summer Days #quickhairstyles #braidedhairstyles #mediumlengthhair
Medium Length Hairstyles For Summer-Time picture5
Medium Length Hairstyles For Summer-Time picture6

Yes, your hair should be treated like your skin. Otherwise, the sun can harm the outer layer that protects your hair – cuticle. As a result, your hair can become dull and brittle.


Messy Updo For Curly Hair

Messy Updo For Curly Hair #curlyhair #flowers
Credit photo: instagram.com/julia_alesionok

Who wouldn’t want to look like a forest nymph when the sun warms up the sky, the air and everything around? To achieve that, little is needed. Gather around some fresh or artificial flowers and incorporate them into fantastic curly, a little messy updo.

Rolled Updo

Rolled Updo #rolledupdo #stylishhairstyles
Credit photo: instagram.com/julia_alesionok

There are so many occasions to attend when the summer hits, and the chances are that you are willing to look all different no matter where you go. That is why this stylish and cute rolled updo with flowers in it may become your next-to-try look. We deem it magnificent!


Twisted Updo Hairstyles

Twisted Updo Hairstyles #updohairstyles #hairstyles
Credit photo: instagram.com/tonyastylist

If anyone says that there are not enough beautiful summer hairstyles for medium hair – show them our compilation! This magically twisted hairdo with a loose crown twist to it will steal the attention of those around you. There is not a drop of doubt about it!

Braided Crown Hairstyle

Braided Crown Hairstyle #braidedhairstyles #crownedhairstyles
Credit photo: instagram.com/julia_alesionok

Have you ever admired those gentle looks that princesses in romantic stories wear? It is time you try one yourself. You are not going to need an experienced hairdresser to achieve the look since it is perfectly simple and easy to succeed with on your own. Oh, and do not forget to accessorize your crown hairstyle to resemble those romantic ladies you admire!

Pigtails Hairstyle

Pigtails Hairstyle #mediumlengthhairstyles #coolhairstyles
Credit photo: instagram.com/inayetcakir13

The moment you read about the hairdo involving pigtails, you may choose to skip it since it is too simple or too childish. However, we suggest you pay a closer look at these fantastic braided pigtails before you move forward. We bet you will change your mind in a matter of seconds!


Dutch Braids Top Knot

Dutch Braids Top Knot #dutchbraids #topknot
Credit photo: instagram.com/inayetcakir13

Top knots are both stylish and easy. There is no use denying it. However, if you choose to spice your regular look a little, we advise you to experiment with Dutch braids a little. Two elegant Dutch braids flawing into a bun will complement any outfit of yours.

Long Summer Hairstyles

Long Wavy Hair with Headband

Cute Hairstyles For Summer Time

Credit photo: instagram.com/emilyrosehannon, instagram.com/natalieannehair, instagram.com/naeemahlafond
Cute Heirstyles for Summer Time picture 1
Cute Heirstyles for Summer Time picture 2
Shell Hairstyles With Ponytale #ponytalehairsryle #quickhairstyles
Credit photo: instagram.com/kirstenzellers, instagram.com/carringtondurham, instagram.com/taylormadebraid
Cute Braid With Ribbon #braidedhairstyle #ribbonhair
Cute Heirstyles for Summer Time picture 5
Cute Heirstyles for Summer Time picture 6

First, let us figure out what is necessary to achieve these super cute hairstyles. Surprisingly, sea air is not enough. You will also need to spend some time doing pre-styling.


Amazing Summer Hairstyles With Braids

Credit photo: instagram.com/katrinberndt, instagram.com/emmachenartistry, instagram.com/emmachenartistry
Amazing Summer Hairstyles With Braides picture 1
Amazing Summer Hairstyles With Braides picture 2
Amazing Summer Hairstyles With Braides picture 3
Credit photo: instagram.com/yesfira, instagram.com/hairby_chrissy
mazing Summer Hairstyles With Braides picture 4
Amazing Summer Hairstyles With Braides picture 5

Also, think about exposure to the harmful UV light – short, long and medium length hairstyles have equal chances to get damaged in the sun. So, apply hair protection.

Trendy Hairstyles for Stylish Summer Look

Credit photo: instagram.com/sweethearts_hair, instagram.com/samirasjewelry, instagram.com/amburgerofhair
Trendy Hairstyles for Stylish Summer Look picture 1
Trendy Hairstyles for Stylish Summer Look picture 2
Trendy Hairstyles for Stylish Summer Look picture 3
Credit photo: instagram.com/alena__famina, instagram.com/okevaaa, instagram.com/taylor_lamb_hair
Trendy Hairstyles for Stylish Summer Look picture 4
Top Knot With Bandana #trendyhairstyles #topknothair
Trendy Hairstyles for Stylish Summer Look picture 6

It's easy to look stylish in the summer. Use one of these ideas and be sure - you are incredible!

Easy And Fun Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail with Bow
Credit photo: instagram.com/lindseyraerogers, instagram.com/emilyrosehannon, instagram.com/xenia_stylist
Easy And Fun Brown Ponytail Hairstyles #ponytail #longhair
Easy And Fun Ponytail Hairstyles For Long Hair #blondehair #ponytail
Low Ponytail For Long Hair #longhair #blondehair

Just look at these gorgeous ponytail hairstyles for long hair. Such hairstyles will be your saviors when the weather is super hot. You can wear such hairstyles anywhere.


So Stylish And So Trendy Half-Up Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/kristin_ess, instagram.com/belaya_lyudmila, instagram.com/kirstenzellers
Braided Purple Hairstyle #braidedhair #purplehair
Wavy Twisted Half-Up #blondehair #wavyhair
So Stylish And So Trendy Blonde Half-Up Hairstyles #halfup #ombrehair

Do you know what is the best thing about half up hairstyles? The hairstyles you can see in these pics can be worn to informal as well as semi-formal occasions.

Bohemian Hairstyles For Everyday

Credit photo: instagram.com/cruz.makeup, instagram.com/cruz.makeup
Messy Boho Braid #braidedhairstyles #bohohairstyles
Messy Braided Hairstyle #bohohairstyle #messyhair
Credit photo: instagram.com/cruz.makeup, instagram.com/hairbykaitlynbrown, instagram.com/hairandmakeupbysteph
Bohemian Braid With Bandana #bohohairstyles
Bohemian Hairstyles With Flowers #bohohairstyles #flowershairstyles
Braided Crown With Flowers #braidedhairstyles #bohohairstyles

Many ladies consider boho style to be the best. However, very often, it is considered to be too complex to replicate left alone to sport on a daily basis. One look at these intricate hairstyles, and you will understand why the assumption is false. Wear your hair differently every day!

Braided Summer Hairstyles

French Side Braids
Bohemian Half Up with Braids
Fishtail Braid Hairstyle
Easy Hairstyle with Side Braid and Flowers
Boxer Braids Hairstyle
Bohemian Carousel Braid
Twisted Braids Hairstyle
Braided Half Up Half Down Hair


Easy Tutorials Of Summer Hairstyles

Pull Through Braid Half Up Tutorial

Pull Through Braid Half Up Tutorial #tutorials #easyhairstyles

Would you like to introduce some strong female Viking vibes into your style? We may know a way!

  1. Brush your hair well.
  2. Take a section of your hair on the top of your hair and secure it with an elastic.
  3. Braid two Dutch braids on each side of the secured middle section of your hair.
  4. Secure another section of hair in the middle of your head, right below the first one.
  5. Section the upper strand into two and wrap it around both braid and the lower pony section.
  6. Repeat the process until you reach the end.
  7. Secure the pull-through braid with a hair elastic.
  8. Pull on the sides of the braid to grant it some more volume.
  9. Done!

Easy Tutorial Of Half Up With Braids

Easy Tutorial Of Half Up With Braids #casualhairstyles #longhairstyles

If you are looking for a gorgeous hairdo that is intricate to look at but easy to achieve? You have come to the right place!

  1. Start with brushing your hair well.
  2. Part your mane in the middle.
  3. Braid two regular braids on each side of your head.
  4. Secure the ends of each braid with an elastic.
  5. Take a small section on hair in the front and gently pull it through the braid.
  6. Continue doing that until there is no hair left in the front.
  7. Secure the pulled sections from each side of your head on the back with the help of an elastic.
  8. Make sure that the updo is neither too tight nor too loose.


Twisted Ponytail Tutorial

Twisted Ponytail Tutorial #twistedhairstyles #prettyhairstyles

Some hairstyles do not go out of fashion, no matter the century outside. This twisted pony is the perfect proof to the point.

  1. Brush your hair well.
  2. Create two side twists on each side of your head.
  3. Pull the twists back.
  4. Cross the twists around the loose hair section.
  5. Wrap the twists around the formed pony.
  6. Secure the ends of the twists with some bobby pins.

FAQ: Summer Hairstyles

What hair color is best for summer?

Summer is a perfect time to experiment with your hair. Go for a sun kissed look adding baby highlights, soft blonde balayage is a typical summer look. You can bleach front strands as well for a face-framing effect. Blond hair with dark roots is another great look. Opt for vivid colors whether dying your whole hair or just adding bursts of color to some strands.

What can I do with long hair in summer?

Long hair provides versatile possibilities for styling.
Beach waves is an effortless look perfect for summer. Buns, ponytails, braids variations are great for especially hot days. Messy styles like loose braids, half-up crown braids create an effortless and relaxed look. Look through our gallery for tutorials and inspiration.

  • Luckily there are many cute hairstyles that are easy to learn and just take a few minutes to do Source