A double French braid with a ponytail is a nice way to make your regular ‘do fancier. It looks really casual and a little bit festive at the same time. Plus it doesn’t take a lot of time and skills to create. You will totally manage to make it even if you have a busy morning but still want to look fab. So go ahead and get started.


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Combine A Double French Braid With A Ponytail

Stop spending tons of money on expensive salon hair styling and learn how to master a double French braid with a ponytail now!


At this step, we should prep our hair for a double French braid. To create some texture and extra grip, add dry shampoo to the roots. Work with your fingers to even it out. This tip would be useful not just particularly for this hairstyle but basically, for every hairstyle you will do in the future.

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Let's do braids!

Make a side part and take a small part of your hair. Divide it into three sections and start an inside out braid without adding any extra strands. A regular braid will also do. Keep braiding up till the very end and secure it with a clear elastic. Pull out some hair from the loops carefully. If you exaggerate with pulling out, you will get a kinda messy hairstyle.

Now we are moving to the second braid. Section your hair right underneath the first braid. Now we are basically making the same braid but this time you should add extra strands from the sides. Continue braiding along the hairline till you reach your ear. Then make a regular braid and secure it with a clear elastic. Don’t forget to pull out strands here too.

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Finish Braids Into Ponytail

We are almost done. This is the easiest part. Gather your hair into a ponytail. Joint both braids to it and tie up with a hair tie. You may pull your ponytail at the top to make it nice and pull out the braids even more. Add some touch-ups and you are ready to run errands.

Hair Tutorial - How-To Do a Double French Braid with Ponytail

This tutorial will definitely come in handy if you have a busy morning.


FAQ: Double French Braid

What is a double braid called?

The double French braid is having an identity struggle to match. While we’ve come to refer to them as double Dutch braids, which we believe is the correct phrase, they’re actually a boxer-French-pigtail-braid case.

What is a Double Dutch braid?

French braids cross over each other, whereas Dutch braids cross under each other.

How do I look good in two braids?

  1. Brush your hair.
  2. Take a little bit of hair from behind your ear and place it behind your ear. This may be a chunk of hair from the back of your head that is more hidden.
  3. Make a braid out of it.
  4. For a fuller effect, pancake your braids.
  5. Pining your braids on top of your head is just one of the styling options.