Medium Length Layered Hairstyles To Drive Anyone Crazy With Envy

Medium length layered hairstyles are perfect no matter what your face shape is or what texture your hair has. This fact already sounds amazing, but there is so much more you do not know about it! Do not worry, that is what we are going to do today – we are going to show you the trendiest haircuts of medium length that will make you want to run to your hairdresser straight away! Are you ready?


Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

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Among cute hairstyles for medium length hair, there are those that require almost no effort to perfectly style. It looks like you just got out of bed like that! For the greater effect, we would suggest you to opt for some subtle highlights. Dare for balayage to make your hair look more extraordinary!


Stylish Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

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What makes hairstyles for medium length hair so special? In our opinion, it is the variety of styling options altogether with the room left for color experimenting. If there is a better length to pull off this dark ashy hue, we are open to arguments!

Bombshell Ideas For Medium Haircuts

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There is a good reason why some mid-length layered haircuts are more popular than others. We think the priority this icy-blonde lob has is that it is shorter at the back. Thus, it grants additional dimension to the shade and these lovely locks.


Saucy Layers to Be in Trend

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Layers bring in that sassy vibe most ladies are looking for. But there is something else that can take that vibe even further. What we have in mind is a solid, deep black shade in a combination with side-swept bangs. Could anyone resist it? Medium bob hairstyles is a win-win option for any type of hair and face!

Rock Highlights On Medium Length Layered Hair

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Playing with color and layers is a tricky task, that is why you’d better let your hairstylist do that. But once the deed is done, there is no way you will be unnoticed anywhere! Who would not cast at least a glance at this pretty colored inverted bobs?


FAQ: Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

How to do an easy hairstyle on medium hair?

  1. Better to start on wavy hair. Volume is what makes this hairstyle pretty.
  2. Create two low pigtails at the back. Twist both of them and secure with elastics. Tuck the end of your ponytail in the elastic, repeat with the second one. You’ll have two loops.
  3. Pull one loop through the other. Secure everything with bobby pins. Fluff the braid out and gently pull up some sections above it.
  4. Leave out some hair at the front.

How to do low chignon on thin medium hair?

  1. You can create volume by using a textured iron. Take thin rows and work your way from the roots to the ends with minimal tension. Apply dry shampoo throughout the roots, brush through.
  2. Separate the top layer of the crown and twist it together low in the center back. While holding it, gently pull up some sections of the crown, secure it with a pin. Set with a hairspray.
  3. Take the majority of the side section and softly twist it back and pin it, create some volume by tugging on the hair. Repeat on the other side.
  4. Take the nape section and backcomb underneath at the roots working your way down. Set with a hairspray.
  5. Split in half. Wrap the first half into the center. Soften it up. Hide the tail underneath. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Curl the pieces at the front.