Layered haircuts are perfect for women who don’t want to spend hours styling their hair, which makes sense, considering today’s hectic lifestyle. Layered haircuts are more flexible and easier to style than cuts of one length.


You might ask yourself “Why would I want a layered haircut,” considering that short haircuts are easier to style? Here are a few reasons why layers are a great choice for a medium length style:

  • Layered haircuts add volume, texture and thickness
  • Layers can help “correct” the shape of your face
  • Layered haircuts make you look years younger
  • Layers are easy to style and require little to no maintenance
  • Layered hairstyles are versatile
  • Layers work great for both straight and curly hair
  • Layers can be easily enhanced with highlights or a pop of color
  • Layers work great for thick and fine as well as thin hair

Long hair with layers is an easy way to manage your hair that is also very stylish. A layered haircut has at least two layers with the shorter layers framing the face. You can opt for smooth ends with delicate feathers or blunt choppy ends.

Fun Layered Haircuts for Women

The same goes for your bangs, you can have blunt cut bangs or choppy side swept bangs that fall dramatically across your face. And you are still able to pin them back if needed. You can experiment with different lengths and styles until you find the best layered haircut that works for your medium to long hair with layers.

1. Farrah’s Back Angel Wings

Hairhunter via Instagram
 Farrah’s Back Angel Wings Hairstyle

This look works great for those with thin or fine hair. This classic version is a bit longer than that classic style that was so popular in the 1970’s. Have the ends feathered with scissors and style with a round brush while blow drying till you get your desired texture and look.


2. Angel Wings with Highlighted Curls

Aaashleee via Instagram
Angel Wings with Highlighted Curls for Medium Hair

Curly hair looks great with highlights. If you have thicker hair you should get chunky, balayage highlights to compliment and accentuate your gorgeous layers, adding more color and texture to your hair.

3. Chic and Smart Medium Bob

Rima_rama via Instagram
Chic and Smart Medium Bob

This hairstyle works great with straighter hair, with heavy cut bangs on a thick smooth hairstyle.


4. Feathered V-Layers

Audratonghair via Instagram
Feathered V-Layers Haircuts

With short, feathered layers framing the face, this style is easily manageable. The eye will be drawn downward with the longer layers in the back.

5. Medium Layers with Soft, Romantic Locks

Valloveshair via Instagram
Medium Layers with Soft Locks

If you want to look feminine and stylish, soft bouncy curls will surely bring out that seductive look. If you want to rock these gorgeous curls, simply apply a curling foam or mousse to your locks and blow dry. Then define your curls with a curling iron to add some extra bounce!


6. Choppy, Flicked Out Hairstyle

K8_smallthings via Instagram
Flicked Out Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Medium layered styles work best for an oval-shaped face and are very easy to style. Simply apply foam to your hair and blow dry it. If you want your hair to frame your face, shape with a round brush.

7. Layered, Edgy Haircut

Sallybucci via Pinterest
Layered Edgy Haircut for Medium Length

This style will both eliminate split ends and boost volume with its edgy layers, making your face look both lively and healthy. This style is low maintenance and you can totally rock the messy, casual look which is all the rage these days.

8. Medium Layers with Heavy, Straight Bangs

_Missbo via Instagram
Medium Layers with Heavy Bangs

If you want to accentuate your delicate neckline and gorgeous eyes, this look is for you. However, if you have wide cheekbones, you won’t want to opt for this cut as it will draw the eyes to that spot. If you have a longer, slim face, straight and heavy bangs are quite flattering.


9. Breezy Medium Length Style

Guy_tang via Instagram
Breezy Style for Medium Length Hair

This style works great for naturally thin hair. Strategically placed layers and side-swept long bangs make this careless look very stylish, especially if you raise your hair ever-so-slightly at the roots.

10. Choppy Mid-Length Waves

Hairby_chrissy via Instagram
Choppy Mid-Length Waves Hairstyles

This cute layered style with longer side bangs adds more height when swept over to one side. If you want to add even more depth, add light blonde highlights.

11. Blonde Bombshell Waves

Shelleygregoryhair via Instagram
 Fashionable Blonde Bombshell Waves

Smooth layers for either naturally curly or wavy blonde hair are always in style. Add red undertones for a more bold and dynamic look.


12. Medium Layers for Thin or Fine Hair

Shelleygregoryhair via Instagram
Medium Layers for Thin Hair

This adorable cut is longer than the classic bob cut and is a perfect style for those who wish to grow out their hair with its gradual layers that get longer toward the back, with just a subtle hint of feathers around the neck and chin.

13. Chestnut Hair with Soft Curls

Hairbynoora via Instagram
Chestnut Hair with Soft Curls

Dark chocolate waves with subtle chestnut highlights will boost the volume of this medium haircut with layers. A random fringe makes a look fuller.

14. Feathered Layered with Streaks

Jeffreyrobert_ via Instagram
Feathered Layered Hairstyle with Streaks

Multicolored highlights are all the rage. This adorable cut with red, brown and blonde streaks toward the base of the neck add dimension and style to this straight, sleek style.


15. Medium Shag Cut with Bangs

Hairstorystudio via Instagram
Medium Shag Cut with Bangs

This edgy look is flirty and fun. With thin light layers around the back and sides and combed down bangs, this look is bold and daring.

16. Free yet Formal Mid-Length Layered Cut

Kristin_ess via Instagram
Free yet Formal Mid-Length Layered Cut

With its soft and delicate layers, this look is perfect for medium thickness. Add mid-tone brown high and lowlights to rock this style on any occasion.

17. Medium Layers with Heavy Ends

Guy_tang via Instagram
Medium Layers with Heavy Ends

This style rocks three symmetrical layers and blunt cut bangs. And the heavy ends will bring out the natural beauty and thickness of your hair.


18. Medium Style with Stairsteps

Hairbesties_ via Instagram
Medium Style Hair with Stairsteps

If you prefer longer “creamy” layers with stair steps for your curly hair, this style will work great as your gorgeous tresses will be cut and styled to softly frame your face.

19. Deep Dark Roots with Layers for Finer Hair

Olaplex via Instagram
Deep Dark Roots with Layers for Finer Hair

These deep roots will add volume and texture to those with finer hair. The soft bangs can be worn in either a center or side-part.

20. Mid Length Asymmetrical Graded Cut

Jeffreyrobert_ via Instagram
Mid Length Asymmetrical Graded Cut

This stylish inverted bob great for straight hair and is low maintenance with its graded asymmetrical style.


FAQ: Layered Haircuts

What’s the difference between layered and feathered hair?

Layers are one of the characteristics of a feather haircut. So there two are quite similar. However, feathering gives texture to your hair, shaping the ends of your tresses. It is a certain technique where a hairstylist cuts a V-shape holding the scissors at a 90-degree angle against the hair. This creates that feather effect.
Whereas, a layer cut constitutes of cutting different lengths throughout your hair. This style provides more volume, gives you lighter locks, and shorter dry time.

What is the difference between textured and layered hair?

Layers refer to outer layers in your hair, those are actually visible to you. Layers are cut in various degrees (from 45° to 180°) to blend in your hair. Meanwhile, texturizing is a technique applied to the inner layers of the hair that you can’t see, performed on a dry hair. It is an essential part of any haircut.