There is a variety of hairstyles for long hair, and we believe that all of them look chic. This season is great for traveling, and you should learn how to care for your hair in order to save much time and effort. We have collected 21 photos of pretty hairstyles that are perfect for travelling.


Cute Travel Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Besides saving you much time, hairstyles for traveling can protect your hair from extra damage. As you know, the summer as well as the winter is a stressful season for your hair. Why harm it more by using many pins and other accessories?

Since the sun has a negative effect on your hair, learn how to make your hair grow faster after the vacation. And during the vacation, use SPF-filled hair care products, for example, detangling sprays. In addition, you can wear a hat. If you are not proactive, then your hair will probably become dry and damaged after your vacation.


Beautiful and Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Due to the fact that salt water and chlorine affect your hair, there are certain rules to follow while swimming. Since the hair is similar to a sponge, it can absorb less salt and chlorine as long as it stays wet. So, wet it before swimming.

Apply some conditioner to your hair and wear a swim cap for more protection. In case you do not have any shampoo at hand, at least rinse the hair as soon as possible. Do not forget to use shampoo in the nearest time.

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Your hair would benefit if you use sulfate-free products. When it is hot, women tend to wash the hair oftener. However, shampoos contain heavy detergents that are harmful to strands. The sun makes this problem worse.


Chic Hairstyles for Vacation

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It may be difficult for you to find gentle shampoo when you are on vacation. Here is a solution: add conditioner to your shampoo. The mixture consists of 1part of shampoo and 3 parts of conditioner. This recipe is beneficial for frizzy, dry, and colored hair. However, do not use it for thin and fine hair.

FAQ: Travel Hairstyles

What hairstyle is perfect for traveling?

Beach waves is a perfect hairstyle for traveling. Because hair looks less greasy when it’s curled and typically beach waves look better on the second day. Lastly, there are various hairstyles (half up half down, a messy bun etc.) that you can do on the base of beach hair. Apply heat protectant. Take a 1-inch barrel and grabbing vertical sections of hair, wrap them around, leaving the ends straight. Use texture spray and hair spray afterwards.

How should I wear my hair on a plane?

If you want a neat hairstyle to wear on a plane, do a single or two French braids that are tight enough to keep your hair neat. Set your braids with a hairspray. You should know that there still will be some frizz after a long flight, but you shouldn’t get too worried about it.