Medium bob hairstyles are the most wanted ones nowadays. The reason of this popularity is that they are easy to maintain. In other words, they are a kind of wash-and-go hairstyles. Yet, they are not at all simply-looking. On the contrary, their fabulousness knows no boundaries.


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Medium Bobs For Curly Hair

Did you know that the majority of hairstyles also look good on curly hair? Giving it the proper styling is very important if you want your curls to look bouncy but natural. A-line, inverted, stacked, graduated and other bob styles are all among the available options. Bob hairstyles with curls are girly, fun and really simple to maintain… Check it yourself!


Perfect Brown Balayage

Bob hair is always differently looking due to the variety of cuts and styles and even hair colors you can pull off with it. But no matter which one you choose, it will always look gorgeous.

Lovely Blonde Balayage Medium Hair

Medium bobs hairstyles are in trend for a couple of years now. There is no wonder why, since the celebrities do not stop getting this style. And with every look, something new is added.


Straight Medium Hair

The messier, the better! That is the statement of today’s hairstyle fashion. And you can totally follow the fashion trend with your textured medium bob.

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Beach Waves Hair

Since ombre does not wish to stop trending, it will be a good idea to combine it with a shoulder-length bob. Dark roots and light ends will look stunning with medium length layered haircuts!

The Perfect Combination of Blonde & Brown

If you have naturally curly hair, you needn’t worry since you can perfectly mix your curls with a mid-length inverted bob. Besides, you can always straighten your hair, which is the additional advantage.

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Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Let’s not leave out the pastel colors, which are mostly required these days. Combining pastel colors with a long bob totally won’t go unnoticed.


Celebrities' Medium Bobs

As you see, bob is a timeless choice in haircuts. Just let it grow out with these simple yet so cute looks inspired by Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez and many other celebrities who rocked the lob. The long bob will definitely live on!