Stylish Boys Haircuts To Have Fun Keeping Up With Trends

These Boys Haircuts Follow School Dress Codes and Latest Fashion

When it comes to choosing boys haircuts, parents try to find the middle ground between stylish and appropriate appearance for school. While there are a plethora of ways to go creative with haircuts for boys today, it’s very important to stick to school standards, especially if it has a dress code. And the good news is, we’ve got it all covered in this post devoted to cool little gentlemen. Whether your buddy attends a school with strict uniform rules or your school allows for style experiments, here you will find lots of flexible, smart, and unique haircuts that will suit not only your boy’s needs but also his taste.


Buzz Fade + Edge Up

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Besides the school’s requirements for appropriate boy haircuts and a decent look for your child, there’s one more thing to consider. First off, your kid should feel comfortable with his hair and with the way it looks. Boys with thick and curly hair, for example, might be distracted by the heavy texture or unshaped curls getting in the face.

So here are some classy and fun haircuts for boys with curly hair that embrace stylishness and comfort. Buzz haircut is a strict classic that has a military background, so it will nicely blend with any dress code. As for fade, such short boys haircuts give a clean, outlined appearance that keeps the sides light and the look well-groomed. If your buddy loves to experiment, you can give him a soft, unpretentious edge-up or spice up his look with a creative shaved design.


Sleek Brush Up

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While some short haircuts for boys keep a kid’s hair at a minimum length, others provide a canvas for styling experiments. Elongated crew cuts and Harvard clips are probably the best examples of restrained, immaculately-shaped cool haircuts for boys that still allow for various styling ideas. For a more precise look, it’s better to pair the brushed up body with a smooth taper, as it gives the finishing touch of neatness to the cut.


Textured Quiff For Boys

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As it turns out, quiff haircut has an approach to any man, no matter how old or young he is. Although modern quiffs are considered the most popular haircuts for teen boys, more and more little guys are asking their parents for this wild and manly style these days. Well, no wonder!

Super textured, a bit swept top gives a lot of carefree and playful vibes to boys’ looks, making them look different. Since not all schools will find such little boys haircuts acceptable, you can adjust the top to a moderate length.


Side Part Hairstyles For Boys

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Side-parted hairstyles are another ageless classic that will always have a diverse audience due to its timeless appearance and versatile nature. If you search for the latest teen boys haircuts, don’t get surprised when tons of side-parted cuts and styles fill your screen: they’re that popular.

In fact, side-parted hair gives a very sophisticated and well-groomed look, which is why it would be a perfect complement to anything from a regular school party to a private college ceremony.


Longer Top With Short Sides For Edgy Look

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Now, it’s time to let all your creativity run wild and set your imagination free for a haircut that can reflect your shakedown character. A boy who doesn’t like to wear a head full of edgy spikes and awesome shaved stripes simply doesn’t exist!

So if you want to give him a look which he will adore, let his top grow longer and show him how to create spiky hair. Of course, the sides should be tight, as even the wildest gentlemen should have a decent look.

Stylish Mohawk

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Like father, like son. Sooner or later, your buddy will ask for the same haircut like yours. And if you happen to wear a Mohawk, these ideas will help you navigate the variety of options for kids. Obviously, if he shows up with such a daring look, you’ll probably get some calls from a principle.

So here’s the deal: ask a hairdresser for tightly shaved sides and flexible top. On weekends, you can allow him to style the top freely, like in these awesome pics. On school days, just brush the top to one side for a simple, yet classy look.

Classic Crew Cut

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Classics are something you can’t go wrong with. It always gives a well-balanced appearance that can fit any occasion and suit any kind of man. Therefore, if you have no idea which boys haircut to get for your little prince, nothing will work better than a crew cut. Despite being pretty simple, its slight flip to one side gives a very pleasant look that your kid will definitely appreciate.


Awesome Long Curls

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Children with long curls look like angels sent to us right from above! Needless to say, boys blessed with curly hair are always popular with girls, so you’d better think twice before cutting those ringlets. But, it’s crucial to give them a good, fixed shape so that it won’t distract your kid. If you’d love to try boys long haircuts like these, make sure to trim the front curls regularly to avoid hairs overlapping the eyes.

Cool Medium Length Haircuts

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Don’t like the idea of cutting long boys haircuts short but wearing long hair is a commitment for your kid? Medium haircuts are the happy medium you both are looking for. Unlike boys short haircuts, medium length ideas feature a fuller and more voluminous silhouette. Still, when giving such haircuts, hairdressers adjust the shape of the cut so that it won’t grow like crazy in less than a week. The best thing is, medium length cuts for boys are the most versatile choices. To add more character to simple cuts, you can finish them with layers on top or a soft fringe.

Every man needs to have a decent and harmonic look, regardless of his age. And once you show your kid a new, well-groomed reflection in the mirror, he will understand that too. The haircuts you’ve seen today are only the beginning of eternal options of boys haircuts you can get. But, if you try at least one of them, your boy will not only love appointments but also get a picture of his own taste!