When it comes to choosing boys haircuts, parents try to find the middle ground between stylish and appropriate appearance for school. While there are a plethora of ways to go creative with haircuts for boys today, it’s very important to stick to school standards, especially if it has a dress code. And the good news is, we’ve got it all covered in this post devoted to cool little gentlemen. Whether your buddy attends a school with strict uniform rules or your school allows for style experiments, here you will find lots of flexible, smart, and unique haircuts that will suit not only your boy’s needs but also his taste.


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Stylish Short Boys Haircuts


Undercut with Hair Tattoo

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An undercut is one of the most popular haircuts for boys. While it allows you to achieve a clean and neat silhouette, it also draws attention to your kid’s hair on top. So, you can either style it elaborately or complement the boys haircut with a cool hair tattoo on the side.

Undercut with Short Top

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In case your little champ prefers short haircuts for boys, there are still plenty of ways to make his hair look high contrast and edgy. To do this, get an undercut haircut on the sides and back. In addition to a bold appearance, it is also low maintenance and practical.


Undercut with Hard Part

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Is your kid a little trend setter? Then let him rock the most fashionable boys hair cut in his class or even in the whole school. Undercut kids haircuts for boys pair pretty well with a hard part, as it gives the hair look extra emphasis and sharpness. So, you can never go wrong with this combo.

Super Short Afro for Natural Hair

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Natural Afro hair can be pretty hard to maintain and usually, kids do not want to do it. So that your little one does not end up with a full head of knots and tangles, get him one of the little boys short haircuts. If you are not up to something elaborate, just trim his locks extremely short all over the head.


Afro hairstyle with Undercut

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One of the most popular haircuts for boys Black hair is an undercut Afro. It features longer locks on top with the sides being trimmed so short that they create a noticeable contrast. Apart from looking sharp and edgy, it is also low maintenance and practical, which is perfect for kids.

Spiky Boy Haircut

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For little boys haircuts are a great way of self expression. So, if your little mod decides to let his inner rebel out by means of a striking haircut, you should not limit his endeavors. Spiked up boys short haircuts are a surefire option for cool kids.

Natural Hair Short Afro

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A short afro is one of the most common idea for black boys haircuts. As it keeps his kinks neatly trimmed, it makes the upkeep pretty effortless. Plus, the hair does not get in his way when he is studying or playing, which allows your kid to stay focused on what he is doing.


Short Sides Long Bang Haircut

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When you combine short sides with a long front, it will result in a staple of boys medium haircuts. The front section can be tailored so that there is a bang falling over your kid's forehead. Though, do not make it extremely long, as it can look shaggy.

Skin Fade Buzz Cut

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Such short hair cuts for boys as a buzz cut look awesome when complemented with a fade. To create more contrast and impact, go for a skin boys fade haircut. Yet, make sure you will be able to pay frequent visits to the barber, as it is one of those boy hair cuts that require frequent upkeeps.

Short Side Parted Fade

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The number of ways to wear a boys fade haircut is almost endless. For instance, you can get it side parted to add definition to the style. This will also make it more suitable for a formal ambiance. So, if you are looking for boy hairstyles ideas for school, a short side parted fade haircut is a sure bet.


Side Part with Quiff and Taper Fade

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When your kid needs to look his best, match a quiff to a taper fade and finish off the look with a side part. Such popular boys haircuts look unbelievably polished and refined, which is ideal for important events, such as a prom or his BBF’s birthday.

Short Haircut with Fade and Hair Tattoo

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As we mentioned earlier, a fade is among the most requested toddler boys haircuts. Yet, it often goes with other enhancements, such as a hair tattoo. What it is going to be is up to you and his imagination. Prefer something low key and simple? Get a couple of carved in lines on the side. If you are up to bolder boys haircuts, choose a more elaborate pattern.

Buzz Fade + Edge Up

Credit photo: instagram.com/kingsplacebarbershop Credit photo: instagram.com/kingmidasempire

Besides the school’s requirements for appropriate boy haircuts and a decent look for your child, there’s one more thing to consider. First off, your kid should feel comfortable with his hair and with the way it looks. Boys with thick and curly hair, for example, might be distracted by the heavy texture or unshaped curls getting in the face.

So here are some classy and fun haircuts for boys with curly hair that embrace stylishness and comfort. Buzz haircut is a strict classic that has a military background, so it will nicely blend with any dress code. As for fade, such short boys haircuts give a clean, outlined appearance that keeps the sides light and the look well-groomed. If your buddy loves to experiment, you can give him a soft, unpretentious edge-up or spice up his look with a creative shaved design.


Sleek Brush Up

Credit photo: instagram.com/bigzie604

While some short haircuts for boys keep a kid’s hair at a minimum length, others provide a canvas for styling experiments. Elongated crew cuts and Harvard clips are probably the best examples of restrained, immaculately-shaped cool haircuts for boys that still allow for various styling ideas. For a more precise look, it’s better to pair the brushed up body with a smooth taper, as it gives the finishing touch of neatness to the cut.

Textured Quiff For Boys

Credit photo: instagram.com/rascalsbarbershop Credit photo: instagram.com/buffaloco.co

As it turns out, quiff haircut has an approach to any man, no matter how old or young he is. Although modern quiffs are considered the most popular haircuts for teen boys, more and more little guys are asking their parents for this wild and manly style these days. Well, no wonder!

Super textured, a bit swept top gives a lot of carefree and playful vibes to boys’ looks, making them look different. Since not all schools will find such little boys haircuts acceptable, you can adjust the top to a moderate length.

Side Part Hairstyles For Boys

Credit photo: instagram.com/dannysbarbershopnewtown Credit photo: instagram.com/mantomanbarbersny

Side-parted hairstyles are another ageless classic that will always have a diverse audience due to its timeless appearance and versatile nature. If you search for the latest teen boys haircuts, don’t get surprised when tons of side-parted cuts and styles fill your screen: they’re that popular.

In fact, side-parted hair gives a very sophisticated and well-groomed look, which is why it would be a perfect complement to anything from a regular school party to a private college ceremony.


Longer Top With Short Sides For Edgy Look

Credit photo: instagram.com/shrunknheads Credit photo: instagram.com/buffaloco.co

Now, it’s time to let all your creativity run wild and set your imagination free for a haircut that can reflect your shakedown character. A boy who doesn’t like to wear a head full of edgy spikes and awesome shaved stripes simply doesn’t exist!

So if you want to give him a look which he will adore, let his top grow longer and show him how to create spiky hair. Of course, the sides should be tight, as even the wildest gentlemen should have a decent look.

Stylish Mohawk

Credit photo: instagram.com/ryansecret Credit photo: instagram.com/kingmidasempire

Like father, like son. Sooner or later, your buddy will ask for the same haircut like yours. And if you happen to wear a Mohawk, these ideas will help you navigate the variety of options for kids. Obviously, if he shows up with such a daring look, you’ll probably get some calls from a principle.

So here’s the deal: ask a hairdresser for tightly shaved sides and flexible top. On weekends, you can allow him to style the top freely, like in these awesome pics. On school days, just brush the top to one side for a simple, yet classy look.

Classic Crew Cut

Credit photo: instagram.com/buffaloco.co

Classics are something you can’t go wrong with. It always gives a well-balanced appearance that can fit any occasion and suit any kind of man. Therefore, if you have no idea which boys haircut to get for your little prince, nothing will work better than a crew cut. Despite being pretty simple, its slight flip to one side gives a very pleasant look that your kid will definitely appreciate.


High Top With Hair Tatoo

Credit photo: instagram.com/l0udabarber Credit photo: instagram.com/azbarber.studio

Those little guys who are blessed with a thick, curly or afro textures know how tough styling can be sometimes. And there’s no need to mention how difficult it may be for parents: sooner or later, brushing and styling the hair will turn into a nightmare for their kid. So, here’s a fantastic way to feed teed two birds with one scone. A high top haircut keeps the sides short and clean while taming the top into a moderate, manageable length. What your man will love the most is that he can let his creativity fly with such a cut, embellishing the sides with hip shaved tattoos. Just imagine his happiness once you allow him to get a tattoo!

Short Haircut With Blunt Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/vinnycleancuts Credit photo: instagram.com/vinnycleancuts

If you think that your kid looks his best with bangs, look no further than short haircuts like Caesar. Modern men opt for this cut for two simple reasons. First of all, it gives total control all over the hair. Second, it always has room for stylish texture experiments. And you know what? It will appeal to anyone from a boy to a man. All in all, who doesn’t love freedom? Needless to say, boys look super cute with such haircuts: these pics are proof. You can finish the sides with various shaved designs, so there’s no way your buddy will ever want to skip an appointment.

Short Caesar Haircut

Credit photo: instagram.com/elevatehair

While most boys don’t really like hair appointments, guys who tried rocking a Caesar cut don’t need to look for excuses to skip them. All in all, once you show your buddy how awesome and modern he can look with such cool haircuts for boys, he will be the first one to call the barber. In fact, this haircut is popular with men of all ages for its outlined, short, and blunt structure that looks sharp and feels comfy. Besides, you can always let your little man experiment with his hair by showing him this pic: he will love this shaved line and a smooth fade. The Caesar haircut is also one of the most popular haircuts for boys with curly hair, as it tames those curls, leaving a well-balanced texture.


Comb Over With Hard Part And Skin Fade

Credit photo: instagram.com/mariela_the_barber

When a special occasion is about to come, boys fade haircuts come in to make your kid look and feel special. The number of options knows no limits; some of them are faded and seamlessly graduated to a longer top, and some are worn contrastive. This idea is an example of a perfectly balanced haircut meant for big events: the sides are neatly connected with a side-swept shiny top and a hard part as an accent.

Short Tapered Sides with Messy Spikes

Credit photo: instagram.com/pinklotus2019

Little boys haircuts should be fun, remember? When choosing a new cut for your kid or planning an appointment, you shouldn’t focus on the practical side only. Instead, think of how to make your son enjoy his look. And a tapered haircut with soft layers throughout the top is a cut that won’t require much upkeep while providing your little man with a styling routine full of fun. Since it features layers, he can turn the top into messy spikes just by tousling it when it’s wet.

Low-Maintenance Bowl For Boys

Credit photo: instagram.com/mysticinscho

Boys short haircuts are never boring, especially those that come with bangs. As a matter of fact, the bowl is getting pretty viral with men, as now it has whole lotta options to choose from. In this way, your boy can rock a trendy but classic haircut that won’t require him to visit salons too often.

How can I decide which haircut is best for my son?

Should I take my son to a barber or a salon for his haircut?


Mid-Length Boys Haircuts

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Take your kid’s red hair to the center of attention by going for a side swept bang. So it is more defined and easy manageable, get it texturized. Another thing that makes it one of the best haircuts for boys is versatility. You can adjust the style to suit any ambiance, from casual to formal.

Textured Crop with Fade Sides

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tombaxter_hair

One of the definitive features of a present-day crop is its textured top. The cut often comes spiced with a daring fringe and neat sides. Textured crops pair well with most hair types and are exceptionally customizable. Using faded sides to emphasize the textured top is a good idea. Besides, you can always introduce more edginess into the look with the help of your favorite styling products.

Messy Fringe

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tombaxter_hair

Let's be honest – young men rarely have the will to spend much of their time on the styling routine. That is why messy haircuts are so popular and required at the moment. A messy fringe will help you kill a few birds with one stone. As the look is exceptionally modern and stylish, it does not require much styling effort to put it in place. Moreover, a neatly cut fringe will frame the face nicely and bring the best features to the front. Lastly, the cut also works well with a fair share of hair lengths.


Middle-Parted Straight Hair

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tombaxter_hair

Growing your mane out is lengthy, and sometimes your hair may look slightly awkward during the in-between process. We suggest you play around with the part a little to avoid that. The central part is incredibly practical and great-looking. While it enhances all textures, it also highlights and presents your facial features in the most flattering lights. Keep in mind that the part ensures that your hair is out of your face and has no age limitations.

Soccer Haircut

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tombaxter_hair

There's no one-for-all soccer haircut description. However, the moment you think about soccer players, you can't but admire their skillfully-picked hairstyles. If you don't feel like growing your mane out or going the Ronaldo-style faux hawk, we suggest you pay attention to a spiked top with a neat disconnected undercut. Besides, you can always bring a picture of your favorite player to the salon and ask for a close replica of the style.

Taper Fade Caesar

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tombaxter_hair

The primary feature of the Caesar haircut is its same-length top. However, the cut is known for its versatility, so that you can tailor it to your needs and preferences in no time. For instance, you can combine a textured top with a taper fade and reap all the benefits of classy appeal and a modern touch of the style. The look is neat and refreshing and does not require high-maintenance upkeep.


Textured Crop On Straight Hair

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tombaxter_hair

When looking for the best haircut for straight hair, the main requirement may be that your hair does not look flat and lifeless 24/7. That is why you must consider getting yourself a textured crop with skillfully faded sides. All it takes is a scoop of a styling product to make the layers stand out and bring a unique and stylish flair to your appearance.

Disconnected & Spiky

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tombaxter_hair

Did you know combining different cuts in one look is possible? Well, now you do. Pick the best elements of your favorite hairstyles and combine them in one professionally-cut style. This spiky, well-layered top with a disconnected fade proves the point perfectly. See for yourself!

Voluminous Textured Bangs

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tombaxter_hair

Cutting your hair does not mean looking mundane and boring. Voluminous and textured bangs will result in a stylish but carefree look. The look suits little boys exceptionally well. Not only is it low-maintenance, but also sweet. Not to mention the way it draws attention to the little one's face.


Brushed Up Skin Fade

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tombaxter_hair

Standing out from the crowd is what most boys thrive for. That is where a quality brush-up with a skin fade comes into play. The thing with brush-ups is that they are highly versatile and usually pair well with a grand variety of fades, undercuts, and balanced combos. A spiked brush-up with a skin fade will help you make a statement due to its well-lined contrast. However, a fair share of daily styling is required to keep the look at its best.

Crop Top Fade with Lined Design

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tombaxter_hair

Dealing with a curly mane is slightly more challenging than taming straight locks. However, the texture ensures you are always at the center of attention. If you want to make that benefit worth you a while, you should opt for a neat fade with a lined accent. Looks like that tend to leave a memorable impression on those around you.

Faux Hawk

Credit photo: Shutterstock

With a faux hawk, your kid is going to become the trendiest boy in the whole class or even school. This is one of those cool haircuts for teen boys that allow your little rebel to express himself like no other. To nail the look, the sides should be trimmed shorter than the top. As for styling, you need to push the hair together so that it creates a crest.


Side Quiff for Thin Hair

Credit photo: Shutterstock

In case your kid has thin hair, you may want to add some volume to it with the help of the right boy cut. If you are leaning toward boys medium length haircuts, consider a side quiff. It is easy to style to the side so that it looks ample on top.

Kinky Curls

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Looking for the best haircuts for Black boys to tame their kinks? We got your back. Get your kid’s curls braided or dreaded so they not only look groomed but are also protected from frizz, humidity and breakage. On top of that, such haircuts for boys with curly hair require less effort to maintain.

Mid Lenght Bowl Cut

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Bowl cuts are very good haircuts for boys and here is why. They help to remove bulk from your kid’s head if he has a thick mane. Besides, they are movable and carefree, which should perfectly resonate with his restless personality. Take care, however, to visit your barber regularly for touch ups, as you do not want the hair to cover his eyes.


Long Side Layers with Undercut

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Layered teen boys haircuts are often accompanied by an undercut. As it makes his hair on top the focal point of the whole look, you can play around with styling. Do not make it overly complicated though. Just push the layered strands to the side and he is all set.

Cool Medium Length Haircuts

Credit photo: instagram.com/coolorenzo Credit photo: instagram.com/clippinandsippin

Don’t like the idea of cutting long boys haircuts short but wearing long hair is a commitment for your kid? Medium haircuts are the happy medium you both are looking for. Unlike boys short haircuts, medium length ideas feature a fuller and more voluminous silhouette. Still, when giving such haircuts, hairdressers adjust the shape of the cut so that it won’t grow like crazy in less than a week. The best thing is, medium length cuts for boys are the most versatile choices. To add more character to simple cuts, you can finish them with layers on top or a soft fringe.

Rockabilly Pomp For Medium Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/vinnycleancuts Credit photo: instagram.com/fernando_albuquerque_barbeiro

For some special occasions, you can please your little man with a fantastic rock’n’rolling Pompadour. This haircut allows for keeping a longer top under control while allowing for various hairstyles, including the iconic retro-inspired one. For schooldays, your little man can wear the top to the side or with a middle part. And when a holiday is knocking at the door or some kiddy party requires him to look his best, you can steal the look from Elvis Presley! Comb his hair toward the back, creating as much volume at the front as possible to create a pomp. Then, secure everything with strong hold gel, and let your guy feel like a real man!


Medium Length Haircut For Curly Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/aaronroe007

There’s no need to tell you how beautiful curly texture is. But, without the right haircut, it’s rather a curse than a blessing. If you want your kid to have a mane full of defined curls while feeling comfy with them, make sure to ask the hairdresser for layers on the top and taper on the sides. The taper will keep the hair in a balanced shape while layers will get rid of extra weight from the curls.

Asymmetrical Boy’s Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/reidalvadecker

As kids get older, they do their best to look different and catch attention not only from their friends but also from girls. And here’s a style that teen boys go for when they want to add something new to their looks. It has bangs, which is pretty popular these days, and features layers that make the cut easy to style. And last but not least, it looks unbearably stylish, just what the doctor ordered for a little macho!

Short Sides, Long Top Boy Hairstyles

Credit photo: instagram.com/diego_derry_fann

Short sides long top is probably on the top of popular boys haircuts of all time. It’s versatile, trendy, and it never looks the same. Even though the structure is pretty simple, every man looks unique with the cut, and your little man is no exception. You can make the sides faded, tapered or slightly graduated, as well as regulate the shape, texture, and length on top. On top of that, your buddy can have fun styling the top up or creating spikes that all kids just love.


Medium Hairstyle With Textured Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/diego_derry

With the endless variety of possible customizations for men’s haircuts, we bet there are no kids haircuts boys of today won’t like. Now, every man, no matter how old he is, can tailor his haircut to fit his unique style and show his individuality. Well, wearing boys medium haircuts is the best way to show off your man’s bright character. While following the dress code, your kid can still express himself by styling his bangs with a textured brushed up finish.

How often should my son get his haircut?

Are there any hair products that can help maintain my son's haircut?

Stylish Long Boys Haircuts

Surfer Boy

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Looking for trendy boys haircuts ideas? You can never go wrong with surfer boy hair. Similar to an adult version, it looks as if your sport has spent a couple of days on the beach and the sun, as well as the sea breeze, styled his locks. What else makes it a great way to go for kids is that it gives off an effortless and carefree vibe.


Long Shag Red Hair

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Red hair kids should not shy away from longer haircuts for boys. They are a surefire way to take their fiery hair color to the center of attention. As such, a long shag is a failsafe option for boys with ginger locks. Plus, shaggy young boys haircuts are much easier to style and maintain.

Long Blond Curls

Credit photo: Shutterstock

If your kid was blessed with blonde curly locks, then it is a good idea to grow them long. Curly little boys long haircuts require more time and effort to manage and keep in order. Though, this will fully pay off with tons of compliments he is going to rake in.

Mop Top with Straight Hair

Credit photo: Shutterstock

op with Straig


Long Haircuts with Side Bangs

Credit photo: Shutterstock

Many parents avoid long haircuts for boys, as they are afraid that their kid's locks will look scruffy and unkempt. But this is not always the case. If you team a long boy's hair cut with side swept bangs, you will end up with a pretty neat and tidy hairstyle.

Mullet Haircut

Credit photo: Shutterstock

A mullet is among the top boys haircuts 2022. This is also a perfect way out for parents whose kids do not like getting their hair cut. What is more, because the hair is long only in the back, it is much easier to style and maintain compared to typical boys long haircuts.

Classic Boy’s Long Haircut

Credit photo: instagram.com/loefamilyloves

There’s no wonder why parents love to keep boys haircuts long when they’re preschoolers; kids just look so adorable with longer manes. On the other hand, kids get used to having long hair, and when it comes to school, they refuse to cut it. And this is when parents discover the classic long haircut that is not too short yet not too long, which is a perfect compromise for young students. This cut can also be styled in a variety of ways, giving guys with big foreheads a little frame.


Long Parted Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/benthe_hair.and.make.up

Here’s another awesome way to rock long hair for a kid. Due to the well-blended layers, the haircut looks nice and balanced. For a more formal look, your boy can work some lightweight gel into his hair, brushing and parting it neatly. Keeping the hair just below the chin is a perfect way to embrace the freedom in the hair while having an appropriate look for school.

Boy’s Top Knot Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/goodcleankarma

There’s no way your stylish little gentleman won’t like this style: it’s the iconic man bun that has taken the world of men’s hairstyles for good. By wearing a top knot, your boy will keep the hair away from the face and follow trends at the same time! To recreate the style, make sure to let the top grow a little, finishing the sides with a fade. A disconnected undercut will be a good base for the look, by the way.

Awesome Long Curls

Credit photo: instagram.com/devonjayce Credit photo: instagram.com/khyanaman

Children with long curls look like angels sent to us right from above! Needless to say, boys blessed with curly hair are always popular with girls, so you’d better think twice before cutting those ringlets. But, it’s crucial to give them a good, fixed shape so that it won’t distract your kid. If you’d love to try boys long haircuts like these, make sure to trim the front curls regularly to avoid hairs overlapping the eyes.

Every man needs to have a decent and harmonic look, regardless of his age. And once you show your kid a new, well-groomed reflection in the mirror, he will understand that too. The haircuts you’ve seen today are only the beginning of eternal options of boys haircuts you can get. But, if you try at least one of them, your boy will not only love appointments but also get a picture of his own taste!


Celebrity Kids Boys Haircuts

Hardly any boy would not want to have something in common with celebrities. A hairstyle is arguably one of the simplest things to achieve. To give you a dose of inspiration, here are some of the most trending boys haircuts ideas from celebrity kids.

Finn Wolfhard with Long Dark Shaggy Curls

Credit photo: Shutterstock/DFree

Shags are at the peak of their popularity and Finn Wolfhard seems to be well aware of it. His long dark curls are styled shaggy and relaxed, giving off a “cool kid” vibe. And the best part? It will take your champ less than ten minutes in the morning to style his kinks.

Iain Armitage’s Side Parted Medium Length Scissors Crop

Credit photo: Shutterstock/Ron Adar

Iain Armitage’s mid length hairstyle comes out elegant and polished. His scissor cut crop is complemented with a side parting to give the hair look extra definition. This is one of those good boys haircuts that seem appropriate even if the school has the strictest dress code rules.


Asa Butterfield with Dark Side Quiff

Credit photo: Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins

Quiffs are very popular haircuts for 12 year old boys and not for nothing. They instantly add an intricate twist to any hairstyle and take it to a new level of boldness. Asa Butterfield opts to flaunt his dark locks by fashioning the quiff swept to the side, ending up with a camera ready hairstyle.

Josh Hutcherson with Long Layers

Credit photo: Shutterstock/Tinseltown

Long hair can be pretty challenging to deal with. That is why long boys hairstyles may not be as popular as you would expect them to be. But this does not mean that your kid should shy away from them. Plus, if he gets a layered cut like Josh Hutcherson, managing his long tresses will become an easy pie for him.

Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti: Long Side Swept Bangs

Credit photo: Shutterstock/Joe Seer

Searching for really cute boys haircuts? Take a look at Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti’s long side swept bangs. They give the boys a perfect face framing effect, while not getting into the way. The rest of the hair can be cut shorter for ease of maintenance and generally neater look.


Maxwell Jenkins and Quiff Fade With Side Part

Credit photo: Shutterstock/DFree

Maxwell Jenkins knows everything about boys cool haircuts. Take, for instance, his side parted quiff fade. While this haircut is ultimately trendy and fashionable, it also helps him to create a clean and polished hair look. So, whenever your kid needs to look his best, you can never go wrong with it.

Gaten Matarazzo with Messy Long Curly Cut

Credit photo: Shutterstock/Ron Adar

If your kid has curly locks, then why not show them off? To do it, you can use Gaten Matarazzo’s hairstyle as an example. He has grown his hair pretty long so that the curly pattern would be more pronounced and style them messy to look natural and breezy.

FAQ: Boys Haircuts

What haircut should I get teenage guy?

That depends on a person’s style, face features, hair texture.
Some of most popular cuts for teenage guys are fade, undercut, crew cut, and popadour. With the right product, most haircuts with extra length on top can also be styled into popular looks such as faux hawks, quiffs and spikes. The examples you can see in this article.

What is a normal boys haircut called?

Regular haircuts are also as known as regular taper cut. It looks like a disconnected undercut. The hair on the sides and back is tapered quite short while the hair on top is left long. You can control how long it can be.
Side part and comb-over are common styles among regular haircuts. At the same time, it is possible to find messy, wavy or curly examples for standard haircuts.

What is the TikTok boy haircut called?

It is called “e-boy” haircut. This hairstyle got its name thanks to the avid social media users of generation Z that adore center partings also known as curtain bangs.
However, not everyone can pull this style off, because your face needs to be perfectly symmetrical.

  • A buzz cut is any of a variety of short hairstyles usually designed with electric clippers. Buzz cut styles include the butch cut, crew cut, flattop and ivy league. Source
  • The mohawk (also referred to as a mohican) is a hairstyle in which, in the most common variety, both sides of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the center. Source
  • The pompadour is a hairstyle named after Madame de Pompadour... there are numerous variations of the style for men, women, and children, the basic concept is having a large volume of hair swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead, and sometimes upswept around the sides and back as well. Source
  • The quiff is a hairstyle that combines the 1950s pompadour hairstyle, the 1950s flattop, and sometimes a mohawk. Source