An A line haircut is among the trendiest cuts today and it seems to be here for the long-haul. Many women are going for the stacked A-line style, often called an “inverted or stacked bob” as it looks fabulous on almost every face shape and texture of hair. With an A line bob you can add highlights and ombre finishes making your hair stand out. You can also experiment with different lengths, textures and layers to find the one that best fits your personality features and style.


If you are tired of long hair cuts, try an A line haircuts. It is designed to provide more volume and fullness to the back of your hair. This cut works great on those with naturally thick hair as it removes heaviness and provides movement. It also adds a more dimensional look if you chose an A-line haircut with layers in the back that is longer in the front. The number of layers depends on your desired look as well as the thickness of your hair.

There are many styling options for the A line haircut, and highlights and ombre finishes is one of the prettiest. You can opt for a mischievous tousled effect or a classic sleek and smooth, glossy cut. Any type of curls looks great with a stacked bob. And you can opt for any length: both short inverted bobs and longer A line styles are classy and stylish, and add a slightly bold and edgy flair.

Whether you opt for wavy or straight, edgy or blunt, textured or sleek, dramatically long or daring short, or slightly or heavily stacked, an A-line bob is unsurpassed with its diversity in creative styles and solutions. You can play around with highlights or ombre finishes and add braids or cute accessories to make your style pop. The following suggestions are our favorite A-Line Hairstyles.

1. Beach Bob with Bouncy Waves

Source: Sazan
Beach Bob with Bouncy Waves

If you add soft ombre hair color to this style it will give you the feel of perfectly natural sun-kissed highlight for a perfect summer do. If you are looking for a casual inverted bob, beach waves are ideal as they provide loads of texture and aren't overdone like spiral curls.


2. Exaggerated Angled Stacked Bob

Source: _Colourgoddess via Instagram
Exaggerated Angled Stacked Bob

If you want more volume in the back of your A-line haircut, this steeper cut will work for you. It is important to keep curls and waves to a minimum because of the natural fullness of this style.

3. Ombre-A-Line Cut with Bangs

Source: Chesterthehairjester via Instagram
Ombre-A-Line Cut with Bangs

This cut is a classic A-line style with its sloping angle as it is longer in the front and shorter in the back without the use of layers. You can opt for an ombre style or go for a balayage (or hand-painted) technique to achieve outstanding colors midway through to the ends.


4. A-Line Cut with Side Braid

Source: Louiseroe via Instagram
A-Line Cut with Side Braid

Don’t be fooled into thinking A-line style lacks creativity. Simply add a twist, French braid or other embellishment of your choice. To achieve this look, all you have to do is tuck the braid behind one ear and pin it. Add some color or accessories to make this style stand out.

5. A-Line Cut with a Deep, Side Part

Source: Hairbyjessica_ via Instagram
A-Line Cut with a Deep, Side Part

This cut with its deep side part creates a surprisingly feminine yet dramatically daring and edgy effect for those with attitude.


6. Shorter Bob with Braid Crown

Source: _wildfern via Instagram
Shorter Bob with Braid Crown

If you have shorter hair, it doesn’t mean you can't sport a trendy braid crown. To rock this style, simply braid the middle of your hair loose and tuck it behind your ear to hide the ends. Highlights or ombre finishes will really make the braid pop.

7. A-Line Cut Paired with a Dramatic Color

Source: anthonyvincenttt via Instagram
 A-Line Cut Paired with a Dramatic Color

Straight, sleek A-line cuts look amazing when you add a fun and vibrant hue. If you have dark hair, a pale blue will look stunning. However any base color with brilliant dye will work. To really rock this style, keep your hair straight.

8. Short and Sassy Bob

Source: Shorthair_love via Instagram
Short and Sassy Bob

This short, sweet and sassy style works great for those with thin and straight hair, but girls with curls can rock this style, as well. Let it hang loosely around your face for that messy, fun bed-head look or add in some bouncy curls for added volume and texture.


9. Straight, Shaggy Cut

Source: salsalhair via Instagram
Straight, Shaggy Cut

This ultra-messy hairstyle sports long, soft layers for those with straight and fine hair. The tousled look is all the rage now. In addition to looking trendy, you will feel sexy with this short playful style. Add some ombre touches to complete the look.

10. Ombre Color for Curly Hair

Source: Donovanmillshair via Instagram
Ombre Color for Curly Hair

Use a curling iron to add some bounce to your shoulder-length hair. Ombre touches will add body and dimension to hair that is naturally thin or fine. Besides, it will add a fun and daring edge.

11. Straight and Sleek Style

Source: Rafaelbertolucci1 via Instagram
Straight and Sleek Style

This sleek style with its side-part is a great choice for those who want longer bobs. It works best on thicker hair as with thinner hair it tends to look flat unless you add lots of layers. This angled style gives you more volume while keeping up with the desired look.


12. Stacked Bob with Blunt Bangs

Source: Salsalhair via Instagram
Stacked Bob with Blunt Bangs

This style is recommended for those with fine hair as it adds tons of volume with additional texture. The flirty bangs will show off dramatic and sexy makeup styles.

14. Center-Part on Straight Blunt Cut

Source: Camilacoelho via Instagram
Center-Part on Straight Blunt Cut

If you want a professional, yet stylish look, this cut is for you. It works great for shoulder length locks, although you can opt for a longer or shorter length. Straighten your tresses and part your hair in the center for a sleek, professional look.

15. Edgy, Short A-Line Bob

Source: Cutyourhair via Instagram
Edgy, Short A-Line Bob

If you are feeling bold enough to go really short, this edgy bob is absolutely adorable. Tell your stylist to use a blunt cut at the ends and don’t forget to leave some longer bangs that you can either part to the side or pin back. This low maintenance look is fun and playful.


16. A-Line Cut for Wavy Hair

Source: Salsalhair via Instagram
A-Line Cut for Wavy Hair

If you are naturally wavy, try this A-line haircut. The hairstyle will look feminine and elegant.

17. A-Line Cut for Straight Hair

Source: styled_by_carolynn via Instagram
A-Line Cut for Straight Hair

An A-line haircut looks stunning on the straight hair. You can opt for bangs, too, or leave it as it is.

18. Short Layered Bob

Source: salsalhair via Instagram
Short Layered Bob

This haircut is playful and stylish. It is good for young energetic girls who want to look good and not worry about styling.

There you have it! 18 adorable looks to revive your image. Chop-chop to your hair stylist!


FAQ: A-Line Haircut

What is an inverted bob vs a line?

An inverted bob is characterized by a short back and long front. It is similar to an A-line bob. However, unlike an A-line bob, an inverted bob, which is also called a graduated bob, features a tapered back with stacked layers.

How do you style a long line bob?

Blow dry while curling your hair inwards with a paddle brush to frame your face (don’t forget about heat protectant). Take a straightener go downwards while curling a bit. Do the same with layers. Tousle up the upper layers of your hair to add some extra volume. Set with a hairspray.