If you’ve had too many bad hair days and you’ve got tired trying out simple and easy hairstyles for long hair which does not end up the way you want it to look, then you should go through our list of hair hacks to find some help.


Use Foil to Make Your Curls Last Longer

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Prom hairstyles for long hair often involve curls. If you have straight hair and you are planning to sport some curls that can last for the day, then use the foil method. Simply roll your hair into a coil. Now wrap your coil of hair in a foil and press it with a flat iron. The foil acts as a heat conductor keeping the hair coiled as it cools. The result is curls that look natural and last longer.


You’ve Been Using Your Bobby Pins the Wrong Way

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Flip your bobby pin so that the wavy side is against the head. This will help you secure your hair more tightly. The straight side of the bobby pins can easily give away and your hair will hang loose after some time. Try the opposite side and you will be able to keep your hair in place for a longer time.

Create an Up Do in Second Using Bobby Pins Only

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Use a teasing comb to tease the crown of your head. Now take a section of hair between your hairline and the crown of your head. Use bobby pins to secure it. Now take a small section of hair from the right side and wrap it behind your head securing it with bobby pins. Do the same thing with the left side of your head. Now continue the process till you gather three to four sections of hair from each side.


Make Your Braid Look Fuller

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If you are fond of hair braids, then this tip is for you. Simply pull your braid apart after you’ve secured it. Your hair will look thicker and your braid will get some volume. Just make sure that you don’t pull it so much that it comes apart completely.

Use Eyeshadow to Cheat Into Thicker Hair

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Do you want to make people believe that you’ve got thick hair? Simply dust some eyeshadow which matches the color of your hair on the parting of your hair. Your scalp will look like it is covered with more hair. The trick works very well and looks great in photos.


Create Imperfect Waves in Minutes

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An easy hack to create imperfect waves is to start with a braid. All you need to do is heat up your braid by using a flat iron over it. Now pull your braid apart by using your fingers. You will notice waves that make you look like a model.

Use Bobby Pins to Prop Up Your Ponytail

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Gather your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Now insert a couple of bobby pins inside the elastic. Just keep them halfway and make sure the bobby pins are towards the crown of your head. Simply fluff up your ponytail and the bobby pins will keep it from drooping.

Make Your Ponytail Look Longer

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For a longer ponytail, all you have to do is secure your hair into two ponytails. This is a great hack for girls who have medium-length hair. While your first ponytail stays on the crown of the head, the second one lies on the nape of your neck. The second ponytail gives the look of longer hair, and you do not have to wait for your hair to actually grow in length.


Create Waves With Your Flat Iron

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Alternate your moves as you use the flat iron and you will see a beautiful set of waves created in your hair. While you hold your hair horizontally, continue to turn your wrist up and down as you move towards the bottom of your hair. It will create waves that look cool. This is one of the best easy hairstyles for long hair that is quick to make.

Braid Your Bangs

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If you are in the middle of work that is being continuously hindered because of your bangs, then braid your bangs and secure them on the side of your head with bobby pins. This means you will not have to chop off your bangs so you can sport them when you want to, and at the same time you can secure them if you find them disturbing you.

Use Mascara to Conceal Regrowth and Greys

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The mascara is your friend when you need to hide your grey hair or root regrowth. Make sure the mascara you use is the same color as your hair. Just make sure your scalp and hair don’t look loaded with the mascara. Now you can make cute and easy hairstyles without worrying about your greys.


Secure Your Bun Without Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

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If you choose to walk out of your house with your hair open, but you want to put it up in a bun later on and you have no hair tie or bobby pins, then this hair hack is great for you. Gather your hair as if you were going to tie a ponytail, now twist it into a bun. Tug a sliver of hair from one side of your head and pull it around your bun. You have secured your bun without any additional accessories. Not only is it one of those easy hairstyles for long hair, it is also quick to make.

So follow these simple and easy hair styles for your long hair and look stylish.

FAQ: Hairstyles For Long Hair

How do you make long hair less boring?

  • Start with changing your parting.
  • Try some new styling tools.
  • Use irons and curlers.
  • Get bangs.
  • Expermient with styling.

Where should layers start on long hair?

If you want to add texture and sharpness to your hair, the layers should start near your chin or under your nose for medium to long hair.

How often should you cut your ends?

Hair experts recommend an average period of 3 months between cuts. This will give your hair ends enough time to grow before the next cut.