Elegant and Chic Color Options and Styles for Gorgeous Auburn Hair

Chic Color Ideas for Auburn Hair

Auburn hair is super sexy and chic. Not to mention timeless and sophisticated. If you want to try a sexy shade of red, you have come to the right place. We can help you choose the shade of red that will bring out your inner vixen!


Red hair has many hues and textures. Find the one that best suits your skin tone and enhances your eyes. Also, remember to take steps to keep your color from fading. Make sure to avoid heat and over-washing. Use color-safe products that are free from sulfates. And remember that dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner are lifesavers for color-treated tresses.

From dark brown hair with auburn highlights to subtle red balayage, we have put together a gallery of our favorite shades of auburn.

1. Honey Blonde Balayage

Source: 77flowers via Instagram, butterflyloftsalon via Instagram

Honey blonde hair blends perfectly with auburn for a look that's strikingly sweet and sexy. This color combo will add volume and texture to thinner tresses.


2. Dark Copper

Source: Hairbynoora via Instagram

If you have a darker complexion, you need to opt for darker hues such as this stunning dark copper red. This shoulder-length bob with side bangs is super sexy and chic.


3. Chic Crimson Curls

Source: Hairbylindsayracca via Instagram

These sexy red ringlets are glamorous and playful. If you don’t have naturally curly locks, you can use a large barreled curling iron to replicate these luscious cascading curls.


4. Apricot Streaks

Source: Hairbynoora via Instagram

These soft apricot highlights on a dark auburn base are stunning. This color will really brighten up green eyes.


5. Russet Color Melt

Source: Shurievia Instagram

We love various hues that make up this gorgeous color blend. Can you pick out the shades of dark caramel, honey, copper, chocolate, and chestnut brown?

6. Golden Auburn

Source: Hairbylindsayracca via Instagram

Golden highlights will add a ton of brilliance and movement to your red locks for a look that's got a ton of spunk!

7. Spicy Cinnamon

Source: Sadiejcre8s via Instagram

We love this shade of red-hot cinnamon that adds a ton of vibrancy to your naturally red tresses.

8. Sandy Streaks

Source: Charleslemon via Instagram

These sandy brown streaks will add texture and soften your darker auburn hair.


9. Copper Hues

Source: Hairbynoora via Instagram

This tousled mid length cut is fun and carefree. The reddish brown highlights add a ton of depth and dimension to this sassy style.

10. Orange Ombre

Source: Caris_hairtruly via Instagram

This blend of brilliant orange and dark auburn is sultry and chic! The beachy waves make it extra playful!This blend of brilliant orange and dark auburn is sultry and chic! The beachy waves make it extra playful!

11. Red Wine

Source: Hairbynoora via Instagram

This short angled bob is perfect for a summer cut. Add this sultry shade of burgundy red for a color that closely resembles a finely aged wine.

12. Caramel Cream

Source: Hairbylindsayracca via Instagram

Caramel hues that effortlessly melt into your soft brown locks are totally sexy and chic.


13. Ginger Red

Source: Hairchameleon via Instagram

Ginger hair is all the rage this season. It nicely compliments fair complexions and light eyes!

14. Chestnut Red Locks

Source: Hair_by_cheri via Instagram

Chestnut brown is a gorgeous color. Add in some dark auburn streaks for a multi-dimensional constant that screams sophistication and class!

15. Purplish Red

Source: Drewelquist via Instagram

We think this purplish hue on dark brown hair is simply enchanting!

16. Sexy Red Pixie with Blonde Highlights

Source: Martinabmhair via Instagram

For those who want to embrace their inner rocker chic, this short red pixie with platinum blonde highlights is super cute and edgy!


17. Red Hot Ombre

Source: Alix_maya via Instagram

This fade from red to orange to yellow is muy caliente!

18. Blonde with Auburn Streaks

Source: Hairby_natasha via Instagram

These peekaboo apricot streaks under honey blonde and platinum blonde highlights are totally fab and funky!

19. Fiery Auburn Waves

Source: Hairbylindsayracca via Instagram

This brown to auburn fade is hot and sexy. The long beachy waves are great for a wake up and go look!

20. Silky Chocolate

Source: Nataliakop via Instagram

If you have dark black hair, why not add some auburn highlights for a look that resembles milky chocolate?


21. Chocolate Hair with Burgundy Tips

Source: Vworden via Instagram

This look is super sexy. The dark chocolate base with merlot colored tips is breathtakingly beautiful.

22. Red and Blue Highlights

Source: Violetthestylist via Instagram

This bold look with dark auburn roots and electric blue peekaboo streaks makes quite a statement.

23. Tangerine Highlights

Source: Larisadoll via Instagram

This is another great look for those with light eyes and fair skin. Bright red hair with sexy tangerine highlights will give you a ton of confidence with a dash of sass!

24. Ravishing Red

Source: Larisadoll via Instagram

This fire engine red is not for the faint of heart. Those with a pale complexion cannot pull of this cherry red shade. However, those with dark blue or green eyes and darker skin tones can totally rock this sultry shade.


25. Honey Caramel Ombre

Source: Thehaircolorexpert via Instagram

This fade from chestnut brown to honey caramel is soft and demure.

26. Retro Red

Source: Hairbynoora via Instagram

This silky dark auburn is totally retro. These bouncy ringlets make this look even more vintage and sexy.

27. Blonde Babylights and Copper Hue

Source: Anhcotran via Instagram

These golden blonde babylights will really spruce up your copper tones.

28. Strawberry Blonde Streaks

Source: Katiezimbalisalon via Instagram

These soft strawberry blonde streaks will add a ton of depth and dimension to a dark red hue.


29. Auburn and Brown Balayage

Source: Hairbynoora via Instagram

If you wish to break up thicker darker locks, add some auburn highlights for a look that's natural yet stylish.

30. Red and Pink Streaks

Source: Emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

This tousled pixie is tres chic. But if you combine it with rich chocolate cherry and neon pink streaks, you will turn heads wherever you go!

Are you ready to embrace one of these sultry shades of auburn hair? We think you can totally rock these auburn locks!


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