Auburn hair is super sexy and chic. Not to mention timeless and sophisticated. If you want to try a sexy shade of red, you have come to the right place. We can help you choose the shade of red that will bring out your inner vixen!


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Red hair has many hues and textures. Find the one that best suits your skin tone and enhances your eyes. Also, remember to take steps to keep your color from fading. Make sure to avoid heat and over-washing. Use color-safe products that are free from sulfates. And remember that dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner are lifesavers for color-treated tresses.

From dark brown hair with auburn highlights to subtle red balayage, we have put together a gallery of our favorite shades of auburn.

How To Find Your Perfect Auburn Color Shade?


Tips For Caring For Your Auburn Hair

Chic Auburn Hair Color Ideas


Dark Chocolate Auburn Curls

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Honey Golden Auburn Highlights

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Warm Brown Auburn Balayage

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Red Wine Auburn Balayage

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Honey Blonde Balayage

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If you think that auburn hair color is simple and there is nothing special about the hue – you are mistaken. The truth is that it takes as little as properly chosen balayage to change the color dramatically. Honey blonde mixed with auburn will result in incredible texture and dimension. Such a dying technique is equally complimentary to thin as well as thick hair.


Dark Copper

When opting for a hair color change you need to keep it in mind that shades and complexion should match. The fact is that auburn brown hair wouldn’t look as fabulous with a darker complexion, while fair skin will only add up to the magic of the dark copper hair. Think about it!

Chic Crimson Curls

Dark auburn hair can look vibrant too. All you need is some red rai dye to be introduced to the scene. To tell the truth, the mixture of dark auburn and crimson red tresses is mind-blowingly astonishing. Besides, light curls will only intensify the fantastic vibe.

Apricot Streaks

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Red is not only hue that can introduce some brightness into your look. If you are looking for a more natural auburn hair with a tint of vibrancy to it, we suggest you pay your attention to apricot streaks. Apricot is both subtle and bright at the same time, and when combined with auburn hair, it is simply irresistible.


Russet Color Melt

Not everyone knows that sometimes in order to come up with perfect hair color, you need to experiment for a while. Auburn hair with highlights will look fantastic if you add some mauve, brown and honey hues to the scene. With even wind stroke, your mane will shine with different colors. However, regular hair maintenance is necessary to preserve the look.

Golden Auburn

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Very often, we hear that the hues that suit young women are not fit for older ladies. That is why, when you are about to experiment with your hair color you need to consider the tips as for color/age correspondence. When it comes to auburn color hair there are rarely any age limits, yet we want to accent that fact that The hair with golden highlights is fit for all women. The golden streaks will add liveliness and charm to your locks.

Spicy Cinnamon

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Introducing some spice into your look may be table-turning. That is why if you are looking for a dramatic change without the need to opt for neon colors, we know what you should consider. The thing is that red-hot cinnamon is the perfect color to consider. The colors are many, the hues range from darn wine to honey, but the interaction of colors is worth the effort. See for yourself!


Sandy Streaks

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For a sun-kissed look we suggest you pay your attention to the light auburn hair color, sandy streaks in particular. The color combo is unusual and playful while trendy at the same time. There is not a chance that such a mane will go unnoticed.

Copper Hues

There is never enough of copper hues if we are talking about the utmost natural look. The truth is that even solid copper looks magnificent on its own. In case born-this-way kind of hair is what you are looking for, these ideas are worthy of your consideration.

Orange Ombre

Can’t decide whether bright or subtle you want to go this time? Combine the two! Deep brown auburn and vibrant orange ombre seem to complete each other perfectly. The choice is yours!


Red Wine

Those of you who want to make a statement, we suggest you consider dark auburn hair color mixed with wine red. The combo is certainly rich and mesmerizing, it is juicy enough to be noticed and cherished, while it does not go over the edge.

Caramel Cream

Adding contrast to your medium auburn hair is one of the main ways to make your locks stand out. However, we are not talking something super unusual here, on the contrary. The introduction of caramel cream to your dark auburn mane will create the necessary opposition. Besides, such a hair will complement you best if you are a lucky owner of medium skin complexion and brown eyes.

Ginger Red

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Gingerheads are hot and passionate, and everyone knows that. That is why we say that ginger is the new trend. To try the look on yourself, especially if your skin is fair and the eyes are light, we suggest you consider ginger red options in the first place.


Chestnut Red Locks

There is rarely any richer and more elegant natural tone than chestnut. Even though the color is beautiful on its own, some deep auburn hair highlights will add movement and dimension to the look. Wave your hair a little to show that beautiful shade off!

Purplish Red

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Who could have thought that auburn hair would look so astonishing when combined with purple hues? The mix is not only special but also incredibly magical and other-worldly. Only the fairies and enchantresses would dare to pull the look off. Do you belong to the category?

Sexy Red Pixie With Blonde Highlights

Embrace the autumn vibe with a fresh hairstyle! If you think that trendy colors are for long locks only, you are mistaken. Spicing up the light auburn hair with blonde highlights looks gorgeous on every hair length. Besides, both guys and girls can pull such a look off without losing its authenticity.


Hot Grapefruit Ombre

There are so many looks to try out with auburn red hair, and hot grapefruit ombre is clearly on the list. Everything starts with subtle dark auburn, but as the color travels down it becomes bright and intense. However, to keep the color shining, you need to apply color-preserving products regularly.

Blonde With Auburn Streaks

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The truth is that blonde can be not only the highlights hue but the main color as well. Auburn then becomes the highlighting color, and the result looks irresistible and unique. If you are a fan of light hair colors, this may be just the right idea for you.

Fiery Auburn Waves

To look burning hot, you need to add some actual fire to your locks. You need to things to achieve these fiery waves – a proper example at hand and a skillful hairdresser. We provide the first part, and the last depends on you!


Silky Chocolate

There are cases when ladies with naturally dark lock do not dare to experiment with light colors. We think that it is simply unforgivable since there are many non-blonde colors to mess around with and with minimal damage to your hair. The truth is these auburn streaks on dark hair create the milk chocolate hue, and it is nothing but tasty!

Chocolate Hair With Burgundy Tips

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What goes best with chocolate on a rainy fall evening? There may be a bunch of answers to that, but we say – a glass of wine. Surely, the combo sounds delicious. How about you transfer the mix to your mane? The effect is as tasty and exquisite!

Red And Blue Highlights

Auburn hair is not for elegant and reserved ladies only, the real rebel in you can find something unusual in here too. The truth is that light auburn looks precious and special when blue highlights are introduced. If highlights are not your cup of tea, you can opt for ombre which looks as magnificent.


Tangerine Highlights

We know how difficult it may be for you to choose a vibrant hair color if your skin is super fair. We think that auburn with bright tangerine highlights to it will embrace the femininity and gentleness of your complexion best. Besides, can you imagine how gorgeous your hair will look in the sun!

Ravishing Red

Red auburn hair goes best with medium skin tones and green eyes. Once you take a look and put it on yourself you will fall in love with instantly. What is mare, everyone around you will envy this sultry and hot look, we can assure you here.

Honey Caramel Ombre

When you ask us what is the gentlest auburn combo out there, we say honey caramel ombre. It blends so seamlessly that it is hard to tell which color looks better.


Retro Red

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that auburn red hair color can look so classy and modern at the same time. If retro vibes are what you have been seeking for, then this vintage auburn red look stands for the end of your search!

Blonde Babylights And Copper Hue

The beauty of auburn hair colors lies in their adaptability. There is barely anything that you wouldn’t be able to pull off with such hair. For instance, blonde babylights mixed with copper would add that extra natural look to your locks even if your hair is neither naturally blonde nor auburn.

Strawberry Blonde Streaks

Strawberry blonde is the newest hit in the industry. However, dedicating oneself to this new trend requires a lot of courage. That is why we offer an equal alternative – strawberry blonde streaks upon auburn mane. Such chemistry between the hues is breath-taking!


Auburn And Brown Balayage

It may seem that two tones on the same color palette will look dull and uninteresting. Nevertheless, when you see the correspondence of brown and auburn, you will change your mind instantly. The fact is that even a few brighter highlights add that particular dimension and soft look to the locks.

Red And Pink Streaks

This tousled pixie cut is tres chic. But if you combine it with rich chocolate cherry and neon pink streaks, you will turn heads wherever you go!


Auburn Hair: Celebrities' Choices

Numerous celebrities, like you, have naturally auburn hair or have dyed it reddish to perfectly capture the image of a certain character. We just can't get enough of these wildly-fiery shades! Guess you're tempted to tint your hair auburn after gazing at these ginger-red locks on these stunning ladies!


FAQ: Auburn Hair

Is auburn hair natural?

Yes, auburn or red hair is natural though rare: only 1 to 2 percent of the global population are born with it. This hair color prevails in western and northern Europe, especially in Ireland and Scotland. Auburn hair finds its expression in different shades from dark burgundy to strawberry blond.

What skin tone is best for auburn hair?

Colors that look great on fair skin are soft red with golden undertones, bright crimson, dark strawberry blond. Bright copper looks great on neutral skin with a warm yellowish undertone.
Bright red flatters fair skin with red undertones and blue eyes. Dark auburn shade suits anyone with hazel or green eyes. All shades from orange to burgundy look great on darker skin tones.

Do gingers go GREY?

Gingers maintain their color longer and skip the grey stage. Their pigment gloriously fades overtime starting from copper- blond colors and ending with silvery-white, but not grey.