The search for the perfect ombre hair isn’t always easy with many colors trending today. Dark ombre hair is now the go-to choice for many hair enthusiasts due to its versatility to work well on any hair color. Are you a brunette looking to add some lightness to your locs? Or do you just want to experiment with rich darker tones? Discover the magic and beauty of dark ombre hairstyles with various hair ideas that will give you the right gradient glow!


1. Dark Honey Tone

Dark Honey Tone
by @irinabilka_hairandmakeup

This ombre hair black to light brown is the definition of warm and subtle starting with dark roots that transition into the honey tone. The honey hues have a natural sunkissed look and complement various skin tones, especially warmer complexions.


2. Dark Brunette Ombre

Dark Brunette Ombre
by @irinabilka_hairandmakeup

With longer locs, the gradient of your hair can be better emphasized and this dark ombre hair maintains a sophisticated gradient. The lighter ends of the hair match well with each ending layer, enhancing the overall beauty and movement of the hair.

3. Copper Ombre with Dark Colored Roots

Copper Ombre with Dark Colored Roots
by @irinabilka_hairandmakeup

Copper ombre has always been identified as vibrant and bold but that doesn’t overwhelm the hue thanks to its warm features. If you’re looking for a combination of these features, this copper ombre is for you! Don’t forget to add little beach waves when styling your locs.


4. Dark Red Wood Shades

Dark Red Wood Shades
by @irinabilka_hairandmakeup

Another way to rock dark ombre hair is by featuring shades reminiscent of redwood, offering a natural and earthly appeal. A center parting with loose waves at the ends of your hair is all you need to achieve this understated look.

5. Dark Ash Ombre

Dark Ash Ombre
by @irinabilka_hairandmakeup

This variation of black ombre hair is cool and modern for a chic appearance. The ash hues give a polished look that is particularly appealing for those with cooler undertones. If you’re looking for a trendsetting color, this dark ash ombre is a great option!


6. Brunette to Blonde Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Brunette to Blonde Hair with Highlights and Lowlights
by @suetyrrellstylist

Sue Tyrrell creates a dynamic ombre hair transitioning from brunette to blonde with highlights and lowlights that enhance its natural appeal. Sue says, “Highlights focus throughout the mid-lengths and ends keeping it subtle and soft around the crown with maximum depth. Lowlights make them big make them chunky make them matter.” This dark ombre is a great match for those seeking a carefree beachy look regardless of skin tone.

7. Light Caramel Ombre

Light Caramel Ombre
by @suetyrrellstylist

Our stylists recommend this light caramel ombre for very evident dark to light ombre hair. The transition in this style creates a soft, sweet and inviting look that’s hard to ignore. Enjoy a warm glow with this style, which is ideal for your everyday wear.

8. Vanilla Sweet Cream Shades

Vanilla Sweet Cream Shades
by @suetyrrellstylist

A delicate and light look is possible with the right hair colors. For instance, this black to blonde ombre is quite a catch, especially for those wanting a softer look. The vanilla shade is also refreshing, adding a touch of brightness to your style.


9. Dark Copper Ombre

Dark Copper Ombre
by @suetyrrellstylist

The intensity of the rich copper tones provides a warm and inviting look while giving your locs a soft and silky appearance. This style is perfect for autumn but versatile enough to be worn year-round due to its rich and warm hues.

10. Black to Red Ombre

Black to Red Ombre
by @off7thsalon

A black and red ombre hair is more of a daring style for those who want a high-impact look. So enjoy this bold look with any shade of red you desire, from subtle crimson to bright scarlet.

11. Blue Black Hair

Blue Black Hair
by @lo.rean

The black and blue ombre hair is low maintenance and can suit a variety of skin tones depending on the intensity of the blue, so consult with your stylist on what would fit you best. To keep the blue vivid, regular touch-ups and color-safe shampoos are essential.


12. Magenta Shade

Magenta Shade
by @ashvaughanhair

Magenta is a beautiful shade that especially complements those with warm or cool undertones. It does have a romantic appeal if you’re going for a date and it’s still quite a playful tone for those interested in a casual look.

13. Brown to Orange Ombre

Brown to Orange Ombre
by @ashvaughanhair

The first question that crosses your mind when you hear about a brown and orange combination is how is that even possible! This warm and sunny ombre hair proves how awesome the pair is, mimicking the natural hues of autumn leaves or a sunset.

14. Black Purple Hair

Black Purple Hair
by @ashvaughanhair

Opt for a dark hair ombre to maintain an air of mystery and glamor. You can always keep your style subtle even with the addition of another color and this black purple ombre hair proves our point. If you have dark hair, this style is stunning and gives you an exotic appearance.


15. Black to Platinum Hair

Black to Platinum Hair
by @lo.rean

When it comes to dramatic styles, combining dramatic colors is one of the best ways to go about it. Achieving and maintaining this look requires significant care. This includes regular toning to keep the platinum from becoming brassy and ensuring the dark roots blend well with the lighter ends.

FAQ: Ombre Hair

Does ombre look good on straight hair?

Your ombre will look flat and one-toned if you have straight hair. To enhance hair complexity, try using different tones, similar to how you would for highlights. Feel free to choose from a variety of ombre styles if your hair is curly or wavy. Remember that deep reds, bronze ombre and coppers will look great on you if you have dark complexion.

Does ombre look good on long hair?

Ombre hair has become trendy and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. This hair coloring method begins darker at the roots and gradually lightens as it progresses to the ends. Ombre looks really stunning on longer hair.

Is ombre hair natural?

Ombre is a striking two-toned hair color style that is often lighter at the bottom and darker at the top of head. The darker top layer of your hair is usually your natural color, while the bottom section is bleached with a hair lightener.