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17 Styles with Darker Ombre Hair that Works for You

Ombre hair is all the rage right now. It looks great in all colors and styles, but black ombre is especially striking. A naturally dark hair color looks great with black fades into shades of brown, red and even blonde. Ombre colors work best on longer hair, but ombre short hair is also very stylish. This style is very dramatic and works great for all hair colors, especially natural blonde hair. However, it is especially dramatic with black hair dyes.

If you have natural blonde hair you can really only opt for a few tones lighter. So if you want a more dramatic transition you could go for a reverse ombre or perhaps make your roots darker. Dark brown and black hair can easily transform into any ombre hair color, including bold bright colors and pastel hues. Ombre lasts much longer on dark hair and you won’t have to worry about your roots, as you often do when you color your hair a solid color that is different from your natural hair color.

Short ombre hair styles flatter everyone so if you haven’t tried them yet, you probably haven’t found the style that works for you. The following styles look amazing on those with darker hair colors, but can work well with other colors too, including natural blonde hair, ombre short hair or longer hair styles.

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