Blue ombre hair becomes trendier with every day. So, if you want to change your look, that will be the perfect suggestion for you. They say if you want to change your life, start with changing yourself. Dying your hair blue may do the trick!


Dark Blue To Light Blue Ombre Hair

Source: ExandOh Photography

If you are looking for something different from dark blue to light blue ombre hair, this stunning ombre with electric blue and purple highlights that fades to electric baby blue is very trendy. You will definitely have a unique and sexy vibe with this combo of dynamic blue and purple hues. These neon shades will look especially stunning on layered haircuts with some waves and a V-cut as pictured here. You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this magnetic blue ombre hair!


Blue Ombre Short Hair Style

Source: Glamiris via Instagram

Shorter hairstyles are very much in demand these days, but you don’t have to go super short. If you are looking for ideas for blue ombre short hair, this wavy blue bob is out of this world. Bob haircuts are very feminine and chic. This pretty aquamarine blue resembles the pristine tropical ocean. You will feel like you have transported yourself to a sandy beach with deep blue ocean waves. Ask for a graduated bob with longer layers in the front and add some soft beachy waves for a fun and flirty look.

Ombre Hair With Blue Shades

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Ombre hair blue is so pretty, and there are so many combinations. And they look stunning on any hair length. If you have long hair and can’t decide if you prefer dark or light blue, why not try this stunning blend of dark royal blue, light turquoise, and a pale icy blue hue. The lighter blue tones in the front will nicely frame your face and look especially stunning on those who have blue eyes. Start with dark blue and blend the lighter shades throughout for a look that is sexy and alternating.


Blue And Purple Ombre Hair

Source: Guy Tang via Instagram

Another stunning look for blue and purple ombre hair is this pretty blend of purple, baby blue, and electric blue. Ask for highlights instead of a top to bottom fade for a look that truly resembles a mermaid. If you have ever longed to be an ocean princess, then this is the look for you. All you need is some sexy beach waves, and you’re good to go! Simply spritz your tresses with a generous amount of sea salt spray, run your fingers through your hair, tousle those long wavy tresses and you’ll look like you just walked out of the ocean!

Light Blue Ombre Hair


Girls with straight hair will love this pretty shade of light blue. Start with dark blue at the top and fade to bright light blue for a look that’s sleek and shiny. If you want to add more sheen, run a flat iron through your hair to get a perfectly polished look and feel. Light blue ombre hair is so feminine and cute, if you want a look that's girly yet has a bit of an edge. You won’t regret going for shiny light blue when you see how it sparkles in the sunlight!


Dark Blue Ombre Hair

Source: Karin Skapski via Instagram

For those who have a bit of a darker side, this dark blue ombre hair style is so bold and edgy. The blend of black, dark blue and dark purple is so mysterious and sexy that it’s almost ominous. And since bob haircuts are all the rage these days, why not get a drastic bob cut with longer layers in the front to show off your big sexy curls. Ask for a long choppy fringe to give this look a bit of a goth vibe. If you want to show off your inner emo goddess, this look screams fashion and sex-appeal!

Black Blue And Purple Ombre Hair

Source: Autumn via Instagram

If you have darker tresses and don’t want to completely let go of your raven black locks, this gorgeous blend of purple and blue highlights on top of a black base is simply breathtaking. Black blue and purple ombre hair is trending this season, and this look is no exception! Ask for the perfect blend of pretty purple, turquoise blue, and electric blue hues to create a look that has so much depth and dimension. This space age blend of neon shades is totally out of this world! If you’re not afraid to shine with the best of them, this look is screaming your name!

Ombre Blue Hair: From Dark To Light

Source: Glamiris via Instagram

If you have straight hair, ombre hues can grant just as much depth and dimension as curls or waves do. This stunning blend of dark and light blues is subtle yet striking. If you want a look that’s a bit more sophisticated, you can ask for highlights instead of a top to bottom fade. There are so many options of styles for ombre blue hair. So, you will most definitely find one that flatters your hairstyle and texture. Ask for both light and dark electric blues for a look that is flirty yet classy. If you want to add some waves to your straight tresses, create big curls with a large barreled curling wand to add some body and a subtle romantic vibe.


Dark Blue Ombre Hair Color

Source: Linh Phan via Instagram

Layered haircuts like the one shown here are the perfect canvas for blue ombre hair. Ask your stylist for a beautiful base of dark blue ombre hair color on your long wavy tresses. Then mix in some subtle light blue babylights for a multi-tonal look that is sexy and striking. Long sexy waves only enhance this gorgeous blend of blue hues for the perfect blue ombre tones that will set you apart from the crowd and make you feel like a stunning sex goddess!

Pastel Blue Ombre Hair Color

Source: Blush Salon and Spa via Instagram

If you want a more subtle and sophisticated look to blend in with your gorgeous blonde tresses, get pastel blue ombre hair. Soft, baby blue hues blended with gorgeous buttery blonde will have men fawn all over you! This look is especially stunning on those with long wavy hairstyles. Your hair will look so pretty in the sunlight with this blend of platinum blonde and baby blue hues. This look is great for those who have a job that frowns upon drastic hair colors. It is classy and totally girly if you want a look that's tres chic and oozes sexiness!

Chic Blue Ombre Hair

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Your ombre hair should not necessarily be the brightest shade possible to look trendy. You can always start with something light like these soft blue hues added to your blonde mane.


Blue Ombre Hair to Look Incredible

Source: Leslie Beard via Instagram, Emma Roxanne via Instagram, Karin Skapski via Instagram

For the mermaid hair color, you need to combine a blonde top with a dark blue bottom. Not only it looks unusual but also fantastic. Add a few waves for the even more charming effect.

Green With Blue Ombre Hair

Source: Stephanie Lawrence via Instagram, Karin Skapski via Instagram, Kasey O'Hara Skrobe via Instagram

For the most intricate look, combine all shades of blue in one. This is the perfect example of the rule ‘the more the belter.’ Nothing is too much here, don’t you agree?

Green Ombre Hair Color Designs

Source: Linh Phan via Instagram, Maayan via Instagram, Emma Roxanne via Instagram Source:, Kasey O'Hara Skrobe via Instagram, Vpfashion

If you want to achieve that gorgeous princess-like look and your hair is long enough to pull it off, then this is for you. Teal waves fading into dark are breath-taking and sweet!


Amazing Sky Blue Ombre Hair

Source: Bottleblonde76 via Instagram, Bellamihair via Instagram, Guy_tang via Instagram

Ombre is all about dark fading into light. But if you do not want to mix two different colors, there is no problem with that. You can always go from dark blue to light and that will look amazing.

Source: Glamiris via Instagram, Evalam_ via Instagram, Gina.devine via Instagram Source: Alexrocksyourlocks via Instagram, Guy_tang via Instagram, Harttofcolor via Instagram

When blue is not enough, you can always add some pink highlights. The effect will amaze you, as well as the number of heads turned in your direction.

Fabulous Purple and Sky Blue Ombre

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What can happen if you mix two trendy colors into one style? Well, the answer is obvious: you will make anyone who follows fashion feel jealous. Sounds like you? Go for it!


Trendy Green and Blue Ombre Hair Colors

Source: Stephygnarstagram via Instagram, Guy_tang via Instagram, Guy_tang via Instagram

Captivating Blue Hair Color Designs

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You can always embrace the trend in your own way. Add some electric blue to your long dark strands. It is not that eye-catching but not less elegant, that’s for sure!

FAQ: Blue Ombre Hair

How do you keep ombre hair healthy?

  • Reduce hair washing frequency.
  • Condition your hair with a moisturizing hair mask.
  • Use purple shampoo.
  • Use color-proof hair treatment.
  • Refrain from hot tools.

What skin tone suits blue hair?

Blue hair is not only a bold expression, it also goes well with all skin tones. For warm flesh tones, try shades of blue and green or purple to balance golden or yellow tones. If you have a cooler complexion, pure blues are the best option for you.

Will blue hair colour suits me?

If you have rich, dark skin tone, choose a blue hair color that complements it. We are fans of navy blue colors like midnight blue or denim. If you naturally match dark hair and dark skin shades, this shade is a perfect match.