Layered haircuts with bangs are getting more and more popular these days. The layers add the volume to the overall haircut while with the help of the bangs you could put more emphasis to your beautiful eyes.


No matter whether you choose short layered haircuts or longer ones, your hair will look absolutely stunning! So get ready to make some changes, and you’ll receive tons of compliments every day.

1. Fabulous Layered Pink Bob with Fringe

Source: Kategracie_chelseahair via Instagram

Long fringe is perfect when you want to accentuate the shape of your face. Add some striking color, for example a pink or a blue one, and you are ready to impress everyone.


2. Long Wavy Haircut with Bangs

Source: Oscaroscarchermside via Instagram

Are you in love with long hair? Well, it’s not surprising, as it looks very feminine. Add some waves and the bangs for a more romantic and feminine look.

3. Raspberry Highlights and Balayage

Source: Oscaroscarsalons via Instagram

This beautiful middle length hair with the bangs would look perfect on any occasion. If you are ready for a little experiment, add some raspberry highlights with balayage to show your unique personality.


4. Medium Length Hair with Highlights

Source: Sohoforhair via Instagram

If you need a rather official look that is also interesting, this hairstyle is designed specifically for you! With the bangs and properly done highlights you are sure to achieve an interesting business-lady look.

5. Rich Brown Color with Wispy Bangs

Source: Oscaroscarchermside via Instagram

If you are unsure that straight bangs would fit you well, then you can try wispy bangs. It looks casual and you could wear it in multiple ways. Have your hair cut in multiple layers to make it look thicker and, thus, more attractive.


6. Soft Blonde Highlight on Light Brunette Hair

Source: Mizzchoi via Instagram

Put an accent on your beautiful cheekbones by having your bangs cut long. You could create even more exciting look by making some highlights; if you have brunette hair, soft blonde highlights would fit you perfectly.

7. Pastel Pink Layered Bob with Bangs

Source: Mizzchoi via Instagram

Layered haircuts with bangs would look good on the majority of women. Women always prefer short haircuts. But only some might like having short bob with the fringe. It suits women with round faces as the short layers can elongate the face. Add pastel pink hue if you opt for something more unusual.

8. Shaggy Bob with Side Bangs

Source: Hannahburdy via Instagram

Are you a creative personality who loves experiments? Then you could show your free-spirited nature by wearing shaggy bob with the bangs. It looks very casual and would look particularly good with the jeans and sweater.


9. Blonde Layered Hair with Pastel Pink Locks

Source: Hayley_oscaroscarcarindale via Instagram

If your hair is blonde and you feel like making some changes to your overall style, one of the options is to have a layered haircut with long bangs. And if you opt for a rather romantic look, you could dye some of your locks in pastel pink color.

10. Romantic Soft Layers with Bangs

Source: Ashleighmariecolor via Instagram

Add some soft layers to your long hair and it will look just irresistible! You could wear shorter or longer bangs with this hairstyle depending on whether you would like to have the eyebrows visible. Wear long earring and a dress to accomplish your romantic and seductive look.

FAQ: Layered Haircuts with Bangs

What is the difference between long layers and short layers?

Firstly, layers are defined by the height of the layers, not the length. The gap between the longest ends and shorter layers is approximately 1-2 inches. The texture of the hair and its density plays an important role in determining what layers to get. For example, if you have thick hair, you’ll look better with longer layers and short ones will look best on fine hair respectively.

How do you style a layered haircut with bangs?

Easy and fast way to style your layered haircut with bangs is with a help of a straightener. Firstly, section your hair to separate your layers. Start from the longest section straightening it making a little curl at the end away from your face. Start curling higher when proceeding to the front part. This way curls will layer on top of each other. Lastly, curl your bangs up away from your face to frame it. Finish up with some hair spray.