A light brown hair color is often underestimated. But brown hair is simply gorgeous and there are many color options to spruce up your brunette locks.

If you wish to lighten or enhance your dark brown hair, you have come to the right place. We have put together a gallery of some stunning shades of brown to lighten up your locks!


2. Mocha Swirl

This is a great choice for those with naturally blonde hair who wish to go darker. The best part about this pretty shade is that it will work for any skin tone and eye color. As it is not that dark, it makes it easy to go back to blonde if you want to lighten your hair in the summer.


3. Light Caramel

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Light Caramel

This light shade of brown bodes well for those with warm complexions and brown eyes. It is a great color to use as a highlight or balayage when mixed with dark chocolate brown.

4. Brazilian Brown

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Brazilian Brown

This shade is great for those with dark brown or black hair who wish to lighten their hair a bit. It goes well with mostly every skin tone and eye color. The soft highlights will help accentuate your eyes.


5. Soft Brown and Blonde Highlights

Source: Kellymassiashair via Instagram
Soft Brown and Blonde Highlights

This combo of light brown and blonde highlights gives an air of romance. It works best on those with cooler complexions and blue or green eyes. It is recommended for those with fine to medium hair thickness as the blonde highlights will add volume and dimension to your locks.

6. Warm Brown Balayage

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Warm Brown Balayage

This pretty medium length layered haircut with brown to honey blonde balayage fade is best suited for those with dark eyes and warm complexions. It adds a lot of depth and dimension to finer locks. Also, it looks especially stunning on those with naturally wavy or curly tresses.


7. Modern Ash Brown

Source: Che.r.mariano via Instagram
Modern Ash Brown

This ash brown color is a bit more modern with the dark roots that fade to light blonde. It works well on those with cool and warm complexion. This color is great for those who want a low maintenance color for the fall and winter months.

8. Bronze Brown

Source: Styled_by_carolynn via Instagram
Bronze Brown

This light golden shade works great on those with warmer skin tones due to its soft blend of red and gold tones. Another fun auburn hair shade for a cheery look for hot summer days!

9. Soft Brown Babylights

Source: Anhcotran via Instagram
Soft Brown Babylights

If you wish to lighten up your thicker, dark tresses, these pretty babylights in soft brown are perfect. The babylights are low maintenance and blend nicely with the darker hues.


10. Light Cocoa Brown

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Light Cocoa Brown

This pretty pale shade of light brown hair color is pearly and shimmery. It is best suited for those with light eyes and fair skin. Add some blonde highlights for more depth and dimension.

11. Light Copper Brown

Source: Salsalhair via Instagram
Light Copper Brown

This red hair shade of brown is perfect for those with green eyes and fair skin. It is a lovely shade for summer. Just remember to keep it conditioned so that it doesn't dry out or fade in the sun!

12. Sun Kissed Brown

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Sun Kissed Brown

People will think you spent your days on the beach with this gorgeous shade of brown. The best part about this color is that it is so versatile. It works for any hair shade, eye color, or skin tone. These soft sun kissed tones will glisten in the sun!


13. Sandy Brown

Source: Harttofcolor via Instagram
Sandy Brown

This cool shade of brown bodes well for those with light eyes and cooler complexions. Pair it with beige blonde tones for a more sophisticated style.

14. Honey Brown

Source: Anhcotran via Instagram
Honey Brown

This color is the combo of darker and light brown for those who want a warmer hue. It looks best on those with light eyes and skin tones.

15. Light Brown Sombre

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Light Brown Sombre

This fade from light brown to platinum blonde is stunning. It works on warmer complexions but also looks great with pale skin tones and brightly colored eyes.


16. Sunset Brown

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Sunset Brown

This is a slightly darker version of sun kissed brown as the roots are a bit darker. It is the perfect look for those with darker brown shades who want to lighten up their hair but don’t want to worry about touch ups.

17. Bronde

Source: Kellymassiashair via Instagram

This shade is so pretty as it looks soft and natural. It looks great on all skin tones, but bodes best for those with warmer complexions and brown eyes.

18. Russet Brown

Source: Hairbyalisonv
Russet Brown

This stunning shade is making a huge splash this year. The rose-tinged highlights make your hair appear light reddish brown – natural and romantic. It works best for medium skin tones and light eyes.


19. Tortoiseshell Brown

Source: Anhcotran via Instagram
Tortoiseshell Brown

This combo of golden brown and blonde highlights on a darker base is stunning. It may require a little upkeep, but it's worth the effort. The best part is that this blend of colors will complement any eye color or skin tone as it is extremely versatile. It also adds a ton of depth and movement to fine or thinner hair textures.

Aren’t these looks for light brown hair color just stunning? We hope you find the shade that best suits your personality and style! Consult your hair stylist if you are unsure which shade will work best for you. And remember to take care of your hair. Wash it only a few times a week and keep it hydrated between washings. Go easy on styling products and heated styling. Leave in conditioner and dry shampoos are your best friends if you are going to color your hair!

FAQ: Light Brown Hair

Is light brown hair rare?

Light brown hair is not the rarest hair color. People that are born naturally brunette represent around 11 percent of world population. Light Brown is level 5 in a hair color chart. Light Brown hair has golden underlying pigment.

What colors looks good with light brown hair?

Colors that ideally complement light brown hair include: chocolate brown, reddish brown, camel, deep forest greens, olive, sage, terracotta and other orangey-reds, reddish colors, gold, light and deep blues.