We’ve picked wedding hairstyles for long hair that can make any bride look miraculous. The most complimenting hairstyle can make a big difference to the way you look. Therefore, it is advisable to think carefully when making a choice. Here you can find inspiration and then show several variants to your stylist. Consult with your stylist beforehand to try several looks.


Wedding Hairstyles to Look Fab

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There are some tips that can help you to wear your wedding hair in an ideal way. First of all, when picking a hairstyle, make sure that you take into account your gown.


Beautiful Wedding Chignons

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For example, if you have a ball gown, opt for one of wedding updos with a barrette and a big chignon, which are also called flamboyant. That will make you look like a princess.

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

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In case your gown is more contemporary and simple, wear a bun or a ponytail that is slicked back. Enhance this style with a headband made of fabric to have an elegant look.


Charming Braided Bridal Updos

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And if your gown is more whimsical and made of chiffon and lace, try wearing the hair down and with curls that have no distinct structure. Or, opt for a chignon that is a bit loose.

Trendy Fishtails and Braids to be Amazing

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You might wish to let tendrils trail around your face for a more sophisticated look. And if your wedding gown is glamorous, shiny accessories and structured waves will match.


Classic Wedding Updo Hairstyles

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Speaking of accessories, will you be wearing a bridal veil? If you will be, you need to think about its length and the way how you wish to attach it. And what about a band or tiara?