Chic and Fashionable Bride Shoes

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Still a lot of brides opt for heels as wedding shoes. No doubts they look gorgeous and make your legs seem longer. Not used to heels? Flats are the answer.

Romantic Style of Wedding Flats

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If your gown is long, no one will see your feet anyway. The variety of flats is huge. They even come in different colors. Our ideas of flats are even cuter than heels.



Cute Flats for Charming Brides

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Choose one pair of shoes from our gallery to feel most comfortable on your wedding day.

Elegant And Comfortable Capron Wedding Flats

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Amazing Wedding Flats With Rhinestones

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FAQ: Wedding Flats

What color should brides flats be?

Bride can choose neutral colors for her wedding flats. Popular options include wearing white, ivory, cream champagne or blue as a part of “something blue” tradition. Flats can be a perfect footwear change for an afterparty.

Can brides wear sneakers?

Nowadays, you can see more brides wearing sneakers. Normally, bride has a few dresses she changes throughout the evening — ceremony, reception, afterparty dresses. That means different dresses call for different shoes. Therefore, it is acceptable and practical to wear white sneakers for wedding. Moreover, long dresses almost completely cover the footwear.