A pink wedding dress is a great way to show your creativity and step aside from a traditional white dress. Of course, there are more dramatic options if you want to stand out, like gothic gowns. But these pink dresses are so adorable!


Amazing Wedding Gowns

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There are so many wedding dress styles in pink – dresses in bold pink color, vintage, ball, with lace, sparkles and much more. The ones in pastel pink are our favorite.


Trendy Wedding Dress Styles

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Ball gown wedding dresses may seem to be the thing of the past, put recently they regained their popularity. They look so glamorous, especially with embellishments.

Chic Wedding Dresses in Pink

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Lace looks really pretty on pink dresses. This fabric makes your dress look elegant and sophisticated. To finish your image, add a glittering belt for a statement look.


Luxurious and Chic Wedding Dresses

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Choose one of these amazing wedding dresses to be incredible on your Big Day!

Fashionable Couture Wedding Dresses

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Here you can observe the freshest runway looks. These gowns are gorgeous!

For the dark colors lovers we prepared a list of the most beautiful black wedding dresses.


FAQ: Pink Wedding Dress

Is it OK to have a pink wedding dress?

Unlike white or ivory, pink is not considered to be a traditional wedding dress color. However, it does not mean pink won’t make the bride look stunning on her big day. Blush pink dresses look very sweet and romantic. This color gives off a gentle feminine vibe and is a pretty original choice for a wedding dress.

What does a pink wedding dress signify?

Pink symbolizes romance, pure and child-like personality, flirtatious and inquisitive mind. It represents a desire to be different and original because as pink is not chosen often to be a bride’s wedding dress.