Fabulous And Unique Vintage Wedding Dresses To Fit Any Taste

Vintage Wedding Dresses To Steal Your Heart Forever

Every woman plans her wedding and imagines her wedding dress long before the actual occasion takes place. However, these days there are so many options to choose from that as the big day approaches it becomes more and more difficult to come to a final decision. To ease your suffering, we decided to compile a full set of vintage wedding dresses to play around with if the vintage vibe is your cup of tea. All of these wedding dress ideas are unique and special in their own ways that is why there is certainly at least one idea that will win over your heart. Enjoy!


Vintage Wedding Dress Designs With Long Sleeves

Classic Lace Vintage Dress With Long Sleeves

Source: missstellayork via Instagram

There are some wedding dress ideas that remain classic no matter the century outside. This long-sleeved one is precisely one of those vintage lace wedding dresses which will look great on anyone. If you are planning a romantic and feminine look, then there will be nothing better to come up with rather than this option. Besides, the shape of the dress underlines those beautiful curvy parts of your body, and that is a great addition too.

Shoulder Off Dress Style With Long Sleeves

Source: missstellayork via Instagram

Those of you who are looking for modern vintage wedding dresses with a romantic touch to them may as well pay attention to this gorgeous shoulders off one. The thing is that the shoulder-off does not require sleeves in most cases – this particular one has. Those laced long sleeves are exactly the detail that makes this dress look like one of a kind. What is more, laced back still carries that modern vibe.

Lace Vintage Dress With High Neck

Source: tali__photography via Instagram

Vintage wedding dresses with sleeves, and high neck look most exquisite and unusual. However, they are undoubtedly practical, especially if your big day is planned on the colder season. Yet, these two details are not the only intricate components of this dress. You need to pay attention to the gentle and elegant embroidery added to the dress, besides the whole dress looks somehow magical and ethereal. Last but not least, golden shoes accent the dress like nothing else.

A-line Dress With Long Sleeves And Tulle Skirt

Source: elizajanehowell via Instagram

It happens so that a dress may look quite simple at first glance but when you pay attention to all the tiny details, you come to an understanding that there is nothing simple about it. This A-line dress is exactly what we have in mind. It creates a sweet and woman-like silhouette, but it seems about it. Yet, on the second glance, the beautiful starry decoration comes to mind as well as the extraordinary match of long sleeves and tulle skirt.

Plus Size Lace Dress With Long Sleeves

Source: davidsbridal via Instagram

Very often a plus size dress may seem like an impossible choice to come up with. However, we are going to prove you wrong - plus size vintage wedding dresses look not less beautiful or exquisite and this one is the best proof to the point. Beautiful lace dress combined with extra-long veil creates that supreme effect and the defined curves only compliment the femininity of the bride.

Vintage Dress With Ruffles And Long Sleeves

Source: katyakatyalondon via Instagram

Sometimes it is difficult to choose whether classic or boho style you would like your dress to be. In times like these, we think that this particular example fits the occasion like nothing else. Light ruffles and long sleeves match each other perfectly. What is more, the combo of silk and pearly decorative elements is always a winning one.

Tea-length Wedding Dress Designs

Tea-length Wedding Dresses With Open Back

Source: elvidesign via Instagram

These days short wedding dresses are not that popular as they were before but if it is your dream dress, then you should not limit yourself in no case. Tea length dresses were popular in the ’50s, and if you are planning a vintage party, then such a dress can come in more than handy since you will kill two birds with one stone. There is one thing to keep in mind – make sure the accessories match your T-dress.

Layered Tulle Tea Length Vintage Dress

Source: vintagepearlbridal via Instagram

To tell the truth vintage tea length wedding dresses are many, but you need to find your perfect one since it is your big day we are talking about. If you are looking for a simple but light look, then this layered tulle one may be exactly the one. This dress is something in between a ballerina and bride look, and that is precisely what makes it so special.

Tea Length Dress With Long Sleeves

Source: fairytaleweddingstowcester via Instagram

It may seem that when you think about the tea length dress, it is always with short sleeves or sleeveless. Well, that is not true. Long sleeve wedding dresses of tea length exist, and they look sweet and fabulous. The lace top, layered tulle skirt complement each other perfectly and together they create that genuine vintage bride look.

Asymmetrical 1950s Inspired Dress

Source: angel_brides via Instagram

You can say anything you like about the 1950’s, but simple wedding dresses were the thing then. Even though we say ‘simple’ we do not mean the lack of style or elegance – quite on the contrary. This asymmetrical vintage wedding dress screams gentleness and femininity. What is more, a special veil over the face adds up to the 1950’s look and creates that particular atmosphere. That is why if ’50s are your theme – do not hesitate to pull such a look off!

Tea Length Dress With Polka Dots Design And Black Belt Accent

Source: fairygothmotherlondon via Instagram

When you are looking for a wedding dress that will be one of a kind then you are bound to pay attention to every single detail that can make it look perfectly unique. As a matter of fact, when it comes to tea length wedding dresses the task becomes a little easier since you can easily play around with patterns and accents. For instance, this polka dot wedding dress with a thin black belt accent is exactly what we have in mind!

Simple Tea Length Dress Design

Source: buyaweddingdress via Instagram

Some ladies are just born with the sense of classic style in their veins. If you consider yourself one of those, then we have a perfect wedding gift idea in mind. Proper wedding dress design can make your big day, and a dress does not need to be over the edge decorated to look mesmerizing. Even a simple tea length dress can look magical in its simplicity and elegance. See for yourself!


1920s - 1930s Vintage Dress Designs

1920s Vintage Dress Design

Source: dressmeprettybridalroom via Instagram

Going back as far as to 1920s may seem like a tough task for some of you. However, those of you who are not afraid of all the time and effort spent can easily incorporate such a wedding look in. 1920’s wedding dresses weren’t that pompous as the ones we have access to these days, but that does not mean that they looked any less gorgeous. It should be mentioned that details mattered greatly, for example, nice silky gloves and a tiara altogether with all the other jewelry were a must at that time. So, if you pick this epoch to be your inspiration keep these simple details in mind!

1920s Vintage Dress With Fringe Sleeves

Source: elizajanehowell via Instagram

In most cases, vintage dresses from the 1920s usually were perfectly fit to the body shape of the wearer, and you can see that from the example. However, that does not mean that there was nothing out of the ordinary about them. One look at these fringe sleeves will make you get the point. Besides, beautiful embroidery was a thing even at that time and very often it was handmade.

1930s Silk Gown Inspired

Source: elizajanehowell via Instagram

Fashion during the 1930s was entirely different from what we are used to these days. Yet, those who would dare to recreate the look when the wedding day comes, you need to bear it in mind that beauty during those times came in simplicity. That is why, solid, maxi length silk dress and a long veil are the essential components of 1930’s wedding look.


Princess Vintage Dresses

Princess Mermaid Wedding Vintage Dress With Detachable Overskirt

Source: saidmhamadofficial via Instagram

There are times when a wedding consists of two parts – official and more informal. That is why sometimes brides choose different dresses for each part. We think that with this wedding dress you can easily save the means since the detachable skirt is that one element that will help you transform your super fancy wedding dress into something less pompous when the party starts.

Princess Wedding Gown With Double Skirt

Source: sadekmajedofficial via Instagram

It has been mentioned before that every lady wants to look like a real princess when the wedding day comes but not everyone dares to go that far to pull off real princess look. In case you are the bold one, and you certainly desire your dream to come true then this gorgeous dress may as well inspire you. As you can see, the coloring is slightly different from the regular wedding dress, because gold suits a princess more than pure white. Heavy embroidery and a double skirt complete the look.

Shoulder-off White And Gold Wedding Dress

Source: saidmhamadofficial via Instagram

If you are a traditional bride-to-be but the wish to look like a queen remains – there is a way out. All that you need to do is to combine white and gold in one magnificent dress. While a considerable skirt is all about a vintage look, then the shoulder off is a tribute to modern fashion. We can’t but admit that this look is truly mesmerizing and worthy a queen!

You may be surprised that vintage wedding dresses are not only very popular these days, but also they are quite versatile. All the best vintage dresses are gathered in one place so that your choice becomes a little simpler and less time and effort consuming!


Glam Vintage Wedding Dresses

Glam Two Pieces Vintage Wedding Dress

Source: annacampbellbridal via Instagram

Has it ever occur to you that you can combine your dress out of separate pieces? This is precisely the case to get inspired with. As you can see this beautiful vintage dress consist of two lovely pieces that can be worn separately at will.

Vintage Wedding Dress With Rhinestones Top Design

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A wedding dress is always about the decoration. That is why we suggest you at least consider adding some rhinestones to your unforgettable vintage dress to provoke even more glamorous effect.

Lace And Rhinestones Design For Glam Vintage Dress

Source: michal_azulay_bridal_couture via Instagram

If you are looking for an extra glam dress with a vintage touch to it – we have something in store for you. This light lace and rhinestones dress will conquer the hearts even of those of you who are the pickiest regarding fashion.