The Ultimate Guide To Best Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding Guest Dresses Options Worthy Of Your Consideration

Weddings are extraordinary occasions, and not only for the bride and the groom, but all the guests should also look correspondingly too. That is why we have prepared this ultimate guide into wedding guest fashion, and all the best wedding guest dresses are gathered here in one place at your disposal! Don’t be shy and have a closer look!


Gentle Pink Dress With Lace Pattern

Source: jeanwang via Instagram

Lace is the material that suits the formal occasions such as wedding just perfect. That is why a gentle pink dress with lace all over may be worth your consideration if you are looking for something that can emphasize all the benefits of your flawless figure!

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Light Pink Shoulders Off Dress

Source: vielkabelen_ via Instagram

A cocktail dress is never a waste when it comes to a wedding. That is why in case you are a fan of pink hues and silk materials this shoulder off elegant dress may turn out to be what you are looking for. What is more, a nice jeweled detail is never a bad thing to add to your look.

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Bright Floral Print Dress

Source: doctorsfashiondiary via Instagram

Wedding guest dresses for summer 2018 are all about pastel hues and flowers. That is why if you do not mind going a little pink and introducing some flowers into your look, this gorgeous floral pink dress may be your best option here.

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Sparkly Gold Formal Dress

Source: beginningboutique via Instagram

When it comes to weddings, you certainly shouldn’t try to outshine the bride, however, no one dismissed adding sparkles to your look. That is why if you have a perfectly sparkly dress in your closet – do not be shy to show it off to a formal wedding party.

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Silver Chrome Bodycon Dress

Source: maryorton via Instagram

It is true that when it comes to clothes and important events, you should pay closer attention to the existing trends in order not to look out of place. That is why a chrome dress wouldn’t be a bad choice to wear it to something as important as your friend’s wedding. Do not worry; the shine won’t be too much, it will fit in perfectly.

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Sparkly Mermaid Maxi Dress

Source: shiraleecoleman via Instagram

It should be mentioned that among the wedding guest dress ideas gathered here there are some that are literary magical. This mind-blowing mermaid one is precisely the one. That is why if you are not afraid of standing out you should totally opt for it!

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Off The Shoulder Ruffled Dress

Source: jeanwang via Instagram

There are ladies out there who are not all about the fuss when it comes to the dresses they wear. If you are looking for something fancy yet simple, we may have an idea in mind for you. The thing is that red hues are never out of fashion and a red midi dress with ruffles is precisely what you need to look elegant and sweet.

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Elegant Midi Red Dress

Source: littleblondebook via Instagram

Beach wedding guest dresses may be challenging to come up with, yet we have managed to come up with a cute idea. A beautiful red midi dress without the straps will suit both the occasion and the place very well, that is something that we can promise you here!

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Mermaid Dress In Red

Source: shiraleecoleman via Instagram

Lady in red is classy, but there is something sassy to be added to the image too, don’t you think? In case that is the idea you have in mind you will undoubtfully consider this red mermaid dress, it certainly looks trendy, impressive and fit for the occasion.

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Multi Shoulders Off Maxi Dress

Source: dulcis_shop via Instagram

As it turns out royal blue is not only the trendiest shade this summer, but it also is quite fit for such occasions as weddings. To add a little spice to your image, we suggest you opt for shoulders off and an impression side cut. So elegant and so sexy not to mention feminine.

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Maxi Dress In Soft Lilac Shades

Source: mangorabbitrabbit via Instagram

Lilac shades are extremely gentle and sweet that is why when it comes to a wedding a dress in lilac hues is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Just pull off the maxi length without the excess of accessories, and you will look irresistible.

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Maxi Dress With Ombre Effect

Source: beccarillo via Instagram

It seems that the ombre technique has taken over the fashion world fully. Now it is not only about the nail art or hairstyle but about the clothes too. We must admit this white to yellow transition look fabulous and entirely up to the place!

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Layered Black Dress With Floral Print

Source: maryorton via Instagram

Who said that black is not fit for a wedding? We say it totally fits if you know what to mix it with. The thing is that layered floral dress in black hues look fascinating and elegant no matter what others may say, we surely suggest it if you are all up for bold hues!

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Simple One Knotty Frock

Source: mumuandmacaroons via Instagram

When it comes to choosing a wedding guest dresses their affordability certainly matters too. That is why in case you are looking for some affordable wedding guest dresses options we may have an idea up our sleeve. The thing is that a simple one knotty frock yellow dress is all that you need to look fantastic on a wedding without spending too much on the preparation process.

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Deep Blue Bouffant

Source: jeanwang via Instagram

It is true that when it comes to looking for a wedding guest dress, the thought may cross your mind that you need something that you will be able to put on when the less fancy occasion comes in sight. That is when a dress like this deep blue bouffant one comes more than handy.

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One Shoulder Gold Dress

Source: ashleylaurenme via Instagram

The gold dress does not necessarily have to be a sreamy one. The thing is that gold hues are a lot more versatile and suiting than it may seem at first glance. For example, this gold one shoulder dress looks nothing but gentle and cute while it is also elegant and fit for the occasion.

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Baby Blue Dress With Shoulders Off

Source: dulcis_shop via Instagram

If you feel like going to a wedding is like going to the ball then we have an exciting dress idea to pull off. Just borrow the Cinderella look with less fanciness of course, and you are ready to go.

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Elegant Retro Style Dress

Source: maryorton via Instagram

A wedding does not mean that you are there to forget about the tends, on the contrary. Since retro is trending now then a lovely striped retro dress wouldn’t be a bad idea to experiment with, what do you think?

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Short Pink 2 Tiered Gown

Source: ashleylaurenme via Instagram

Pick a pink dress in case you wish to add some girly and playful vibes to your image. Pink is a soft and feminine color that can work great for young women.

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Turquoise Bouffant Dress With A Floral Pattern

Source: dulcis_shop via Instagram

This white and turquoise dress is very stylish. And a floral pattern will never go out of style. They say that you can’t put on something white to someone’s wedding. Well, this dress is the exception.

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Elegant Bouffant Midi Dress With Gold Roses

Source: littleblondebook via Instagram

This black midi dress with dark gold roses can make you feel like royalty. This model chooses to pair it with black shoes and a black clutch. And it’s a great choice for a formal event like wedding.

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Long Burgundy Dress With Sequins

Source: beginningboutique via Instagram

If a wedding theme allows you to wear burgundy, go for it! It’s one of those rare occasions when you won’t be afraid to steal the attention from the bride.

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Gorgeous Burgundy And Gold Combo

Source: hamidklait_hautecouture via Instagram

Gold and red always look stunning when paired together. And this dress is the proof of that statement. Sequins make the dress design appear more refined and expensive.

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High Low Wrap Dress With Deep Decollete

Source: dulcis_shop via Instagram

Has the bride told you: “Hey, I will stop talking to you if you fail to find the future husband on my wedding!” Then this dress is for you. Opt for this sexy red dress, and the attention will be guaranteed!

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