There are many special occasions that we encounter in our lives. However, some of them are just more important than others. Your wedding is one of those days that is supposed to be perfect and unforgettable. If you think about it, there are so many things that you need to take care of, and at times one thing can skip your mind. What we have in mind is flawless wedding makeup that you may forget about with all the fuss and preparation chaos. Choosing the perfect wedding makeup is as hard as choosing your wedding dress, we can surely tell you that much. If you wonder what the types of bridal makeup to consider before your big day hits are – we have some makeup looks that are super trendy and iconic in store. They will pull together your wedding look and will make your big day unforgettable. Besides, the simple tips that we provide will guide you in the right direction too.


Wedding Hair And Makeup Ideas

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Remember to match your wedding hair with your makeup. If you go for loose curls, try to avoid vibrant colors in your makeup look. Go for neutral ones.


Perfect Natural Makeup Ideas For Your Big Day

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Natural makeup is an all time favorite among the brides. Bright eyeshadow looks are now a thing of the past.

Nature Smokey Wedding Makeup Ideas

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In order to achieve this natural effect, you will need some neutral smokey look, probably with a shimmer, nude pink lips and a light touch of bronzer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we start bridal makeup?

We have emphasized it already how important proper wedding day makeup is. However, if you think that it is all about the colors and techniques you choose – that is a misleading assumption. Of course, your makeup should not look out of place, but what is even more important that it holds. If you select makeup that is going to melt down the moment those tears of joy drop – that is not good. So, where do we start?

Face makeup

Of course, we start with the face. However, if you think that applying a primer is the first thing to do – you are wrong again.

First of all, you need to start your bridal makeup routine by cleansing your face. When you are through with that, you should exfoliate your skin a little, tone, and moisturize it. Only after you are done with that, you can proceed with the primer, foundation, and blush. Do not forget about the fact that you are going to sweat a little so, a control shine powder would be nice to have at hand.

Eye Makeup

Just like with your face, you need to prime your eyes in the first place. Otherwise, it would not matter how pretty your eyes look as long as the eyeshadow slides off. Besides, primed eyes are always better to keep the liner in place. Lastly, when you are going for mascara, make sure that it is a water-proof one since happy tears are going to fill your eyes a couple of times during the day.

Lip makeup

It may seem that there is nothing much that you should do to prep your lips, but that is where you are mistaken. There is nothing worse than chapped lips and peeling off lipstick on any day, not to mention your wedding. So that you need to start with gentle lip exfoliation and add some lip balm to the lips after that. Just as you are getting the rest of the makeup done, the balm will absorb, and your lips will look tasty and moisturized. In the end, you can use the lipstick of choice.

Hopefully, these makeup ideas will help your makeup last throughout the day with as much as light touch-ups!

How do I choose my bridal makeup?

It goes without saying that makeup for wedding is a lot more important than any other makeup kind. This means that it may take you a while to find that perfect look you will want to sport. Here is a list of things that make come in handy in your search:

Do your research

You may have a ready look in your mind, or you may not. That is why browsing online and looking through fashion magazines is an excellent way to find that makeup inspiration source.

Go for a trial

No matter how flawless that makeup may look on a model, it may look different on you. That is why it is always nice to schedule for a trial so that you are 100% sure that it fits and look irresistible on you.

Do not leave the dress code out

You need to think about your wedding theme too when you are searching for wedding makeup. It is always best if there is nothing out of place about your big day look.

Try some looks on

Of course, you can’t schedule for countless trials, however, with modern technology, you may not need it to get a general impression. There are numerous apps that allow you to try various makeup looks on just like that.

Don’t forget about the daily look

Your bridal look is supposed to be a little different from the one you are wearing daily. That is why if you are a neutral makeup lover, something a little bolder is a must. If you are a smokey-eye kind of lady, then some natural wedding makeup would emphasize your born beauty and charm.

Keep the weather on track

We know that the weather can be unpredictable, but keeping an eye on a weather forecast is never waste. Besides, the season matters too. Nothing too shiny is fit for summer, while the Christmas season is all-in for some additional sparkle.

Think about the confidence

Last but not least, no matter the choice, you need to feel confident about wearing the makeup you set your mind on. It does not matter the trends or people’s opinions – it is your day, and you should make the most of it!

Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Looks with Nude Lips

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Not sure if you are into natural makeup looks? Go for a classic makeup. It is timeless and always fashionable. Thin eyeliner, nude or rosy lipstick, and you are ready to go.


Bridal Glam Makeup Ideas with Accent On Lips

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Bridal Glam Makeup Ideas with Cat Eye

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A bride can have a brighter, more glamorous image. It’s the 21-st century after all and all-natural makeup is not a must anymore.

Bright Wedding Makeup Ideas

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If you are looking for a magnificent wedding makeup idea, we have a bunch of them to share. Whether you prefer minimalistic look or with the addition of some eyeshadow – there is something for you to at least inspire with!