There are many special occasions that we encounter in our lives. However, some of them are just more important than others. Your wedding is one of those days that is supposed to be perfect and unforgettable. If you think about it, there are so many things that you need to take care of, and at times one thing can skip your mind. What we have in mind is flawless wedding makeup that you may forget about with all the fuss and preparation chaos. Choosing the perfect wedding makeup is as hard as choosing your wedding dress, we can surely tell you that much. If you wonder what the types of bridal makeup to consider before your big day hits are – we have some makeup looks that are super trendy and iconic in store. They will pull together your wedding look and will make your big day unforgettable. Besides, the simple tips that we provide will guide you in the right direction too.


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How To Prepare Your Skin For Wedding Makeup

An essential aspect of getting ready for your wedding makeup is preparing your skin to look absolutely radiant. Let’s discuss the main steps to consider before the big day comes:

A week before the occasion:

  • Schedule the Final Facial

According to industry experts, a week before your wedding, you should check-in for your final facial with a sole focus on skin hydration. It is best to avoid any procedures that may result in peeling and extractions that leave the skin red and irritated. We suggest you pay attention to oxygen therapy, hydrating serums, and ultrasound modality instead. These procedures will ensure skin looks glowy and radiant when the day comes.

  • Put a Hold on Acids

As we’ve mentioned, some beauty procedures will lead to skin peeling and irritation aftermath, so acid treatments are on the list, so you should avoid those at least a week before your wedding. What you should focus on would be hydration and calming serums, toners, or essences.

A day before the big day:

  • Prepare the Perfect Canvas

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Hydration is all you should think about a day before your wedding. Your skin should be firm, calm, and well-moisturized before you start adding makeup to it. Surely, you can hide all the imperfections under the quality concealer layer, but why take drastic measures if you can avoid them? Hyaluronic acid is known to support the skin’s natural barrier, so you may want to add it to your skincare routine.


How To Find The Perfect Makeup Specialist For Your Big Day

With the variety of advertised makeup artists available on the modern market, it may be challenging to find the One. Keep in mind that not all professionals are equally handy with different makeup techniques and skin types. So, you should do your bit of background research before sealing the deal:

  • Seek References

If you can get referrals from the people you trust and potentially have seen the artist’s work in real life – start there. If not, refer to the local makeup forum or community and ask around.

  • Land a Look

Before you start looking for the person to fulfill your makeup dreams, you must have a vision of what you are looking for. Look through social media and fashion magazines to give the artist a clear idea of what you’d like to get. A dedicated makeup professional will share their thoughts on your vision, potentially perfecting them. Besides, a trial makeup is always a plus.

  • Book the Artist on Time

Even with the clearest vision of what you want and whom you want as your leading makeup artist, you must ensure they are available on the big date. Thus, reaching out to the artist in advance is a good idea. Moreover, you may want to ensure they will be able to help out your bridesmaids and other guests should the need arise.

How To Match Your Wedding Outfit & Makeup

In some cases, even the most flawless makeup and the most carefully picked wedding dress don’t coincide. You must ensure this does not happen to you.

  • Consider the Theme

Before you finalize your makeup, you have to brood upon the general theme of your wedding. Surely, your wedding gown matches the theme so you can start there. Makeup that matches the dress will match the theme as well.

  • Choose the Main Colors

Some dresses come with a statement color, and that is critical. Your wedding makeup palette should correspond with those accent colors well. For instance, airy themes go perfectly with neutral looks, while winged eyes and red lips will complement retro vibes.

  • Think About the Fabrics

The material your gown is made of will give you a clear idea of what type of makeup to choose. For instance, chiffon dresses beg for a light and well-blended look, while satin dresses will look exquisitely with heavier and bolder makeup on.

  • Brood Upon the Neckline

Did you know that your neckline directly impacts your wedding makeup? Well, now you do. With sweetheart and low-cut strapless necklines, you can go heavier on the makeup without worrying that it will rub on the dress staining it. While high-neck dresses should be paired with lighter makeup looks since the chances of the makeup rubbing on the fabrics are high.

Remember to match your wedding hair with your makeup. If you go for loose curls, try to avoid vibrant colors in your makeup look. Go for neutral ones.

What Makes Makeup Good Quality?

Is It Rude Not to Wear Makeup to a Wedding?


Perfect Natural Makeup Ideas For Your Big Day

Natural makeup is an all time favorite among the brides. Bright eyeshadow looks are now a thing of the past.

Expressive Smokey-Eyes Wedding Makeup Ideas

In order to achieve this natural effect, you will need some neutral smokey look, probably with a shimmer, nude pink lips and a light touch of bronzer.


Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Looks with Nude Lips

Not sure if you are into natural makeup looks? Go for a classic makeup. It is timeless and always fashionable. Thin eyeliner, nude or rosy lipstick, and you are ready to go.

Bridal Glam Makeup Ideas with Accent On Lips

If you are looking for a magnificent wedding makeup idea, we have a bunch of them to share. Whether you prefer minimalistic look or with the addition of some eyeshadow – there is something for you to at least inspire with!

Bridal Glam Makeup Ideas with Cat Eye

A bride can have a brighter, more glamorous image. It’s the 21-st century after all and all-natural makeup is not a must anymore.


FAQ: Wedding Makeup

Where do we start bridal makeup?

First of all, you need to start your bridal makeup routine by cleansing your face. When you are through with that, you should exfoliate your skin a little, tone, and moisturize it. Only after you are done with that, you can proceed with the primer, foundation, and blush. Do not forget about the fact that you are going to sweat a little so, a control shine powder would be nice to have at hand.

What is important for bridal eye makeup?

Prime your eyes. Use high-quality eye-shadow and always test your makeup before. Better to choose water-proof mascara.

What is important for bridal lip makeup?

Start with gentle lip exfoliation and moisturizing. In the end, you can use the lipstick of choice.