A Boho wedding dress is a must this season! Some people consider Boho to be boring and old fashioned, but we don`t agree. Why? There are so many options done in such a style completed with modern details that make these wedding gowns perfect. From open backs to long sleeved romantic designs that will make your look unforgettable. We want you to think properly and pick the dress of your dream, so our best tip would be to look through the gowns without rushing. Try on different variants and choose your dream one. If you need some help, then we are here to give you some suggestions in the Boho style that occupied wedding salons this year.


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Off-the-Shoulder Boho Wedding Dresses

The irresistible charm of boho wedding dresses pairs well with the romantic appeal of intricate lace and reserved sass of the off-the-shoulder style. If you are head over heels for a stylish but slightly laid-back dress, this is the direction to move in. Such an effortless beauty is perfect for outdoor weddings.


Lace Boho Dresses

Lace is what provides relaxed bohemian dresses with timeless charm and elegance. Choose floral or geometric patterns to add a touch of whimsical spice to your bridal look. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go full-lace on your wedding gown – you can use it sparingly, making the dress unique and individual.

Boho Dress with Long Sleeves

It is amazing how versatile and flexible the boho style is. Depending on your needs, preferences, and personal style, you can find a dress that resonates with you on all levels. For instance, a long-sleeve dress is a classy choice that exudes elegance and provides comfort. Besides, it is undoubtedly a must-have when it’s getting chilly closer to the wedding date.


Boho Ballgowns

One may say that boho ballgowns don’t exist – we beg to differ. Bohemian ballgowns are a perfect balance of flowing skirts and romantic details. Dresses like that require little additional accessorizing, which doubles their genuine appeal.

Casual Wedding Dress Boho Style

Casual Wedding Dress Boho Style
by @dreamersandlovers_

Even though it is your big day, you may want to avoid all the trouble and fuss. A casual boho dress is precisely the option to achieve a relaxed and effortless vibe without decreasing the meaning of the occasion.


Plus Size Boho Style Wedding Dresses

One of the outstanding features of the boho style is that it will highlight your best features no matter the initial factors. Thus, a plus-size boho dress will accentuate your feminine curves and coat them with a carefree spirit of boho fashion. Dresses like that are comfortable and festive. If you are in search of a dress that will make you look one-of-a-kind, confident, and stylish – a bohemian wedding dress is certainly on the list.

Boho Wedding Dress With An Open Back

Boho Wedding Dress With Open Back
Credit photo: instagram.com/grace_loves_lace

Super simple, it`s still one of the trendiest in this year. Done in a special way, it will make your look truly awesome. A long skirt that goes up into the top with an open back and long sleeves. Isn`t it perfect? All made of lace, it`s super romantic for a wedding day.

Royalty Wedding Gown For A Floral Princess

Royalty Wedding Gown For A Floral Princess #bohostyle #longsleeves #bridaldress
Credit photo: instagram.com/ruedeseinebridal

This wedding dress in a bohemian style has a flowing silhouette and shows off some bare skin. Will your wedding ceremony take place outside? Then this dress will work great for you.


Floral Dress With Indian Fringe

Floral Dress With Indian fringe #bohowedding #bohostyle
Credit photo: instagram.com/ruedeseinebridal

This wedding dress design is spiced up not only with subtle floral patterns but also with the Indian fringe. It would be a nice choice, if you are looking for the unique dress.

Floral Chiffon Wedding Dress

Floral Chiffon Wedding Dress #bohowedding #weddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/ruedeseinebridal

It is true that the boho style is all about flowing materials and feminine silhouettes. However, it should be mentioned that a wedding dress in a boho style can be not only light and gentle but also decorated with flowers. This chiffon wedding dress with flowers on and shoulders off is the perfect proof to the point.

Stylish Wedding Dress Like As Fringe Robe

Stylish Wedding Dress Like As Fringe Robe #weddingdress #bohodress
Credit photo: instagram.com/jonnieandgarrett

If you’re a fashion forward couple that wants to make a stylish statement with their trendy boho wedding outfits, then there’s no better choice for the bride than a gawn that is tailored in the image of a fringe robe. Fancy yet casual, it will allow you to express your personality and retain the solemnity of the moment.


Simple Hippie Wedding Dress With Floral Pattern

Simple Hippie Wedding Dress With Floral Pattern #hippiewedding #weddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/immaclenovias

This boho wedding dress represents simplicity in its finest. Although it doesn't have any intricate design elements or appliques, you can't call it plain. The floral pattern turns out to be its most distinctive feature, but it's more than enough. The central leg slit of this dress adds sensuality and elegance to your look.

Careless Boho Wedding Style

Careless Boho Wedding Style #bride #wedding

Creating that airy impression is one of the main goals that every boho bride sets in front of her, and we are not going even to try denying it. This gentle image is created with the help of a simple flowing dress, which creates that careless impression that is hard to take the eyes off. There is nothing better to complete the look but a lovely wild-flower wreath, don't you think?

Wedding Dress With Circular Sleeves

Wedding Dress With Circular Sleeves #prettybrides #weddingday

Some brides are looking for that golden middle between a classy wedding gown and a boho one. We think that this ivory dress adorned with distinctive patterns and with unique circular sleeves fits the description well. Who says that you can't kill two birds with one stone?


Boho Wedding Gown With Bishop Sleeves

Boho Wedding Gown With Bishop Sleeves #bishopsleeves #bohemianwedding

It is not that difficult to get the point that boho dresses are all about the details. Bishop sleeves, chiffon material, lovely belt to accent the tiny waist – all these elements combined create that unforgettable impression of a gorgeous boho bride.

Two Layered Wedding Gown With Long Sleeves

Two Layered Wedding Gown With Long Sleeves #bohobride #bohemianlook

Going back to the source is never a waste, especially these days when retro vibes are highly appreciated. A two-layered wedding gown is a bit rustic and old-fashioned, but that is precisely what makes it so appealing and of the kind.

Short Wedding Dress With Long Sleeves

Short Wedding Dress With Long Sleeves #shortdress #longsleeves

If it is a mere family and friends gathering to celebrate the holy union and you do not want to go over the edge with the dress, but you wish to look fabulous – a short boho dress is there for you. There is not a chance that anyone would dare to say that this short dress with long sleeves is too simple to be a boho wedding dress.


Medium Length Dress With Long Sleeves And Lace

Medium Length Dress With Long Sleeves And Lace #bohostyle #bohowedding

If you think that all the boho wedding dresses are too elaborate and at times revealing. The truth is that if you want your look to be feminine and reserved, there is a way also. All you should do is to find yourself a beautiful mid-length dress with fitting lace and flowing fabrics. A string of baroque pearls will make your look the one to remember.

Delicate Guipure Wedding Dress

Gentle Guipure Wedding Dress #guipureweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/lightandlacecouture

This wedding gown is made of guipure and it really compliments this model’s body shape. If we want to describe her image with only one word, we would choose the word Innocence.

Multilayered Wedding Dress With Fringe

Multilayered Wedding Dress With Fringe #simpleweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/lightandlacecouture

The wedding gown depicted here has an extra long tail. Surely, long tails make the bridal image more sophisticated. But keep in mind that it would be more difficult to walk in such a dress.


Boho Lace Wedding Dress With Choir Boy Sleeves

Boho Lace Wedding Dress With Choir Boy Sleeves #laceweddingdress #weddingdresses
Credit photo: instagram.com/madewithlovebridal

Choir boy sleeves serve as a perfect accompaniment for a mermaid wedding dress. They come down your arms delicately making your look even more feminine and romantic. Besides, they become very handy in case you feel chilly in the evening. Thus, you can continue your celebration without ruining the look with your hubby's tuxedo jacket. Besides, he can get cold too.

Wedding Dress With Perforation

Wedding Dress With Perforation #perforationdress #weddingdress

Shoulder-Off Guipure Wedding Dress

Shoulder-Off Guipure Wedding Dress #guipure #guipuredress


Wedding Gown For A Free-Spirited Bride

Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress
Credit photo: instagram.com/dreamersandlovers_

Dresses that show more skin are getting more and more popular this year. Of course, as they add some definition to the body of the bride and make her look as delicate as possible. However, if you prefer such a trend but still want something more special added, then think of an off shoulder wedding dress. A small detail that will bring so much beauty into the look that it can`t be missed.

Fantastic Wedding Gown In A Boho Style

Fantastic Wedding Gown In A Boho Style #bohostyle #highneckdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/berta

This wedding gown design is for the most daring brides. As you can see, this design demonstrates much bare skin on the bottom as well as on top. Are you ready to amaze?

Charming And Sexy Off The Shoulder Dress

Charming And Sexy Off The Shoulder Dress #bohostyle #shoulderoffdress #bridaldress
Credit photo: instagram.com/ruedeseinebridal

Do you like this off the shoulder dress in a bohemian style? If it looks a bit simple for you, you can always spice it up by adding some boho accessories like shown in this picture.


Beautiful Wedding Dress For A Tempting Bride

Beautiful Wedding Dress For A Tempting Bride #bohostyle #bridaldress #laceweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/berta

If you are brave and not afraid at all to show off your beautiful body, then this bohemian wedding dress could be your perfect choice. All eyes will definitely be on you.

Backless Boho Dress With Removable Sleeves

Backless Boho Dress With Removable Sleeves #bohostyle #longsleeves #backlessweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/ruedeseinebridal

In case you know that it will be super hot on your wedding day, it’s a nice idea to choose a backless dress. Not to appear too provocative, this design has removable sleeves.

Cute Wedding Dress With A Boho Pattern

Cute Wedding Dress With Boho Pattern #summerweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/ruedeseinebridal

This long dress does not scream Boho. Yet, look closer, and you will notice the bohemian pattern. The hat really does the talking in this model’s image.


True Bohemian Wedding Dress With Multiple Laces

True Bohemian Wedding Dress With Multiple Laces #weddingdress #bohowedding
Credit photo: instagram.com/ruedeseinebridal

We all know that most wedding dresses are about the lace. Yet, when you think about a true boho wedding dress, the lace patterns are supposed to be unique in their own way. This bohemian dress can be that very one to inspire you!

Island Floral Printed Gown

Island Floral Printed Gown #lacedress #shoulderoffdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/grace_loves_lace

What's a better option for a wedding ceremony held on an island than a floral printed gown? The scattering of amazing tropical flowers that embellish the dress adds romance and breeze to the bride's look. If you want to show off your enviable tan and emphasize your tenderness at the same time, opt for an off the shoulder wedding gown.

Elegant Styled Shoulder Off Wedding Dress

Elegant Styled Shoulder Off Wedding Dress #weddingdress #bohowedding
Credit photo: instagram.com/daughtersofsimone

Many women prefer shoulder-off dresses to all the others when it comes to such a great occasion as a wedding. However, we have something unique to suggest to your attention. This flowing shoulder-off dress is precisely what any gentle and stylish bride needs!


Wild Indian Wedding Dress Style

Wild Indian Wedding Dress Style #indianweddingdress #weddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/ruedeseinebridal

Indian wedding dresses have this unique flair that's very hard if possible to replicate. This very gown is tailored in a boho chic to enhance its airy and carefree feel. The tassels add ethnicity to the look, and spaghetti straps help to keep the focus around the neck area so complement it with some nice layered necklaces.

Strapless Bohemian Wedding Dress With Fringe

Strapless Bohemian Wedding Dress With Fringe #straplessweddingdress #weddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/ruedeseinebridal

A strapless dress is almost always a win-win solution for the wedding because it instantly makes the bride appear feminine and charming. A long lace train balances out the look and adds a dose of elegance to the dress. However, the most unusual and eye-catching element of this gown is the fringe that falls down gradually.

Short Ruffled Wedding Dress

Short Ruffled Wedding Dress #summerwedding #wedding

You do not need to hide your wild nature when the day comes. You can accent it instead. Of course, wearing tribal patters and animal skins is not required, a short ruffled dress and feather headband will deal with the task ideally. See for yourself!


Separated Boho Dress For Hot Brides

Separated Boho Dress For Hot Brides #separatedweddingdress #hotbrides

Hot brides are always aware of the best ways to stand out from the rest, whether it is a wedding day or any other occasion. If you belong to the category, then this separated boho wedding dress is undoubtedly worth your attention. When it is too hot outside to wear tons of layers, and there are gorgeous henna tattoos that you wish to be noted too – such a dress is merely irreplaceable.

Sleeveless Tulle Wedding Gown

Sleeveless Tulle Wedding Gown #tulledress #casualdress

It has been mentioned that the boho style is about the patterns for the most part, but it is also about the form. In this case, the simplest tulle dress complemented by the ethereal beauty of the bride and vibrant jewelry is what makes the wedding look one of a kind and beautiful.

Halter Boho Dress With A-line Gown

Halter Boho Dress With A-line Gown #alineweddinggown #weddinggown

At first glance, it is hard to differentiate between a classic wedding gown and a boho style since they are well-matched in one. What gives the boho vibe out is the torso pattern and the beautiful floral wreath. With a dress like that on, it does not matter where you are wed – at the sandy beach or a small-town chapel.


FAQ: Boho Wedding Dress

What does boho wedding dress mean?

Bohemian wedding dresses achieve a simple yet chic style and are an example of an effortless and romantic look composed of light and easy-to-wear fabrics, organic beaded patterns and lace. Boho dresses are a great idea for any free-spirited wedding.

What does the mother of the bride wear to a boho wedding?

Normally, mother of the bride that wants to match the boho style of the wedding opt for elegant midi- or full-length dresses that are decorated with delicate lace detailing or tulle skirts, floral prints or other adornments. Feminine silhouettes like A-line or fit and flare in pastel shades will be complementing the bohemian style perfectly.