A wedding day is one of the most important days in your life; we all know that. That is why every detail matters. When it comes to choosing a wedding dress that is when the panic starts since there are so many ideas and designs to choose from. However, once you set your mind on a mermaid wedding dress, we know how to make the circle of possible ideas a little narrower. The thing is that if you want a dress that defines your figure perfectly and grants you that unforgettable other-worldly look, you have come to the right place! We welcome you to browse through our fantastic mermaid wedding dresses collection!


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What Is A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

There is something incredibly magnetic about mermaid wedding dresses, don't you think? Even if you have a little clue of what the dress type stands for, the name raises curiosity and tickles the imagination. Why wouldn't it, since mermaids are the fanciest of all the magical creatures there are? Well, in reality, a mermaid wedding is all about the curves and the style. A typical mermaid dress is closely fitting around the bodice, waist, and hips. The fun starts at the knee-length or slightly below it. The dress's skirt is usually as faring and fluffy as you want it to be. When you look at such a dress at a proper angle, you can imagine a lovely mermaid with its fantastic tail staring back at you.


Are Mermaid Wedding Dresses Uncomfortable?

When the big day is right around the corner, and you are at the point of finalizing your decision on the type of dress to wear, you most certainly want to feel comfortable wearing the gown of your dreams. That is when ladies who want to try a mermaid wedding dress on start to worry. Surely, the form is a lot more fitting and restrictive a notch when compared to other, more casual models. However, it is all a matter of perspective. If you know that you won't be moving a lot throughout the occasion, you can go wild on the design. In case you plan the opposite, then you may want to brood upon a lighter model with a moderate skirt. As simple as that.

What to Wear Under the Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Very often, it is a matter of personal preferences when it comes to what to put on under your mermaid wedding dress. Yet, if you want our advice, we suggest that you wear nude-shaded seamless knickers to feel comfy and look incredible. As to the bra – this is the day when you can skip on it. The thing is that most wedding dresses come with sewn-in bras so that you don't have to worry about those annoying straps sticking out at a critical moment.

This depends on the fabric of your dress, as a rule, nude-colored seamless knickers work best with wedding dresses. Most wedding dresses do not need a bra, it is not that you are going without your bra, it is just the bra is built into the dress for you. This is key for comfort, and also means that there won't be any annoying bra straps making an appearance in your wedding photos.


Are Mermaid Wedding Dresses Flattering?

There is no such thing as one-style-to-suit-all-shapes. As it's been mentioned, mermaid dresses are all about curves, so if you have something to accent – then you should go for it. However, it is always a good idea to put on a few different models to see which suits you best. Besides, you should always rely on the way you feel about yourself sporting such a special gown as your wedding dress. As long as you like your reflection, there should be nothing that would stop you from wearing it when the big day comes!

Styling and Accessories for Mermaid Wedding Dresses

When it comes to styling your mermaid wedding dress, selecting the perfect accessories can enhance your overall look. Consider these tips:

  1. Hairstyles: Opt for elegant updos or cascading curls to complement the dress's silhouette. Classic chignons or romantic braided styles often work well.
  2. Veils: Long, flowing veils can add a touch of sophistication and drama to your mermaid gown. Consider cathedral or chapel-length veils for an ethereal effect, or choose a fingertip-length veil for a more modern look.
  3. Jewelry: Keep the focus on the dress by opting for simple and elegant jewelry. Delicate earrings, a dainty necklace, or a bracelet can add a touch of sparkle without overwhelming the gown.
  4. Footwear: As your dress will likely cover your shoes, prioritize comfort. Opt for stylish yet comfortable heels or consider wedges if you'll be walking on grass or uneven terrain.


Mermaid Dress Dos and Don'ts


  • Do wear proper undergarments that provide the right support and shape for your dress.
  • Do practice walking and moving around in your dress to ensure you feel comfortable and confident on your big day.
  • Do consider using a bustle or securing the train of your dress for easier movement during the reception.
  • Do follow the care instructions provided by the designer or boutique to maintain the dress's quality.


  • Don't be tempted to size down excessively when purchasing a mermaid dress. Opt for a size that fits your current measurements to avoid discomfort or alterations challenges.
  • Don't forget to consider your venue and the dress's length. If you're having an outdoor wedding, be mindful of potential difficulties with a long train or delicate fabric.
  • Don't overlook the importance of bustling or securing the train during the reception to prevent tripping or damaging the dress.

Remember, finding the perfect mermaid wedding dress is a journey. Take your time, explore various options, and consult with professionals who can guide you in making the right choices for your special day.

Irresistible Beauty Of A Mermaid Wedding Dress Styles

Mermaid Wedding Dress Without Sleeves

Mermaid Wedding Dress Without Sleeves #sleevelessweddingdress #laceweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/Eddyk_bridal

Apart from a marvelous design, there are other things to pay attention to when you are choosing the dress to fit your big day. You need to think whether hot or cold the season is, where the occasion takes place and so on. That is why things like with sleeves or sleeveless matter. If you are getting ready to get married during the summer, then it is best you pay attention to a mermaid wedding dress without sleeves. We have to have a suitable example at hand!


Sweetheart Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

Sweetheart Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress #weddingdress #straplessweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/missstellayork

We are going to start out the collection with a somehow classic mermaid style wedding dress. The thing is that this dress is the representative of classics and modernism in one dress. While the reserved design interacts with romantic lace, the sweetheart neckline and bare shoulders add that the dress that sexy sophistication we all long for.

Layered Wedding Dress With Rhinestones

Layered Wedding Dress With Rhinestones #layeredweddingdress #longweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/eddyk_bridal

Those of you who prefer one of a kind wedding dress mermaid style we suggest you pay attention to this one. The thing is that this dress is indescribably rich-looking due to the rhinestone decorated top. But the bottom part is not less exquisite due to the exquisite layering.

Deep Cleavage Wedding Dress

Deep Cleavage Wedding Dress #deepcleavage #weddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/tie_the_knot_boutique

To create a hot bridal look, there is not much needed other than a suitable dress. The thing is that if you think that deep cleavage is not wedding-appropriate just look at this mermaid dress wedding idea. It is both sensual and sassy not to mention over the edge gorgeous.


Simple Mermaid Gown With Halter Neckline

Simple Mermaid Gown With Halter Neckline #simpleweddingdress #longweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/eddyk_bridal

The truth is that not everyone believes that a simple wedding dress can look extraordinary. Wait until you see this one. There is nothing more than just silk that wraps around your figure. However, the halter neckline decorated with gemstones and the design takes this dress to the new level of extravagant simplicity.

Shoulder Off Wedding Gown

Shoulder Off Wedding Gown #weddinggown #shoulderoff
Credit photo: instagram.com/missstellayork

Going for a strapless dress, no matter how beautiful it is, is not for every lady. That is why if you are not a strapless wedding dress fa, but you wish to show your shoulders off, there is another way out. Shoulder-off dresses look very feminine and romantic, add a mermaid design to that mix, and you will receive pure perfection. See for yourself!

Fit-And-Flare Gown With Falling Strap Sleeves

Fit-And-Flare Gown With Falling Strap Sleeves #strapsleeves #longweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/missstellayork

In most cases, brides look at the decorative elements spread all over the dress but leave the sleeves out. You may have no known it, but sleeves can serve a decorative function too. For instance, in this case, the falling strap sleeves complete the fit-and-flare dress as nothing else would.


Falling Sleeves Mermaid Wedding Dress

Falling Sleeves Mermaid Wedding Dress #fallingsleeves #chicweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/missstellayork

The truth is that the ways you can experiment with mermaid dresses seem to be unlimited. The fact is that when someone thinks about shoulder-off or strapless dress – you can easily combine the two. Aside from extraordinary sleeves, this dress can mesmerize you with the skillful combination of lace and tulle into one outstanding design.

Choir Boy Sleeves Wedding Dress

Choir Boy Sleeves Wedding Dress #choirboysleeves #weddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/bel_avantage_official

Choir boy sleeves complete this gentle mermaid dress perfectly. The thing is that the dress may look heavy without a proper component to even out the long mermaid trail. In this case, choir bot sleeves create that light, ethereal look that only accents the bride’s femininity.

Sheer Sleeves Wedding Mermaid Dress

Sheer Sleeves Wedding Mermaid Dress #sheersleeves #weddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/pollardi_fashion_group

When you hear about a dress with sleeves, you usually imagine something that wraps around your arms. However, as you can see that is not the only case. The thing is that the sleeves can flow around your arms just like the mermaid trail flows around your legs. Besides, the transparent material only intensifies the feeling of undeniable innocence.


Sexy Mermaid Wedding Gown With Open Back

Sexy Mermaid Wedding Gown With Open Back #openbackdress #weddinggown
Credit photo: instagram.com/eddyk_bridal

There is something indescribably gentle, personal and sexy about an open back mermaid wedding dress. The proper amount of decoration adds something dreamy to the silhouette and of course the trail. So simple but so exquisitely beautiful!

Portrait Back Wedding Dress

Portrait Back Wedding Dress #portraitback #weddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/bridestudio

When completely open back is not your cup of tea, but you wish there were something alike to consider. The fact is that there is a portrait back dress option. Portrait back is responsible for gentler vibe instead of strong, sexy one. Such a mermaid wedding dress will accent a romantic and sensual bridal look if you choose one. Let’s not forget about the unusual layered mermaid trail, which only adds up to the illusion.

Simple Mermaid Wedding Gown With Lace Back

Simple Mermaid Wedding Gown With Lace Back #simpleweddingdress #bohoweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/maggiesotterodesigns

If you have always imagined a simple look when it comes to your wedding, then we may have one in mind. The thing is that a long-sleeved mermaid dress looks great on its own, but there is no way we would skip one intricate detail about it. Lace back is one of those decorative elements that complete simple dresses without taking them over the edge.


Wedding Dress With Long Lace Sleeves

Wedding Dress With Long Lace Sleeves #chicweddingdress #laceweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/babyonlinedress

If you are looking for a luxurious lace mermaid wedding dress, we have one just for you! There is barely a spot not covered with lace about this dress. Starting with long sleeves and the top part and ending with the trail. However, despite the excess of decoration, the dress does not look like anything else but gorgeous mermaid dress!

Shoulder Off Wedding Dress With Long Sleeves

Shoulder Off Wedding Dress With Long Sleeves #weddingdress #longweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/demetriosbride

Shoulder-off long sleeve mermaid wedding dress in ivory is truly a masterpiece. It seems that there is nothing out of place about it. Elegant long sleeves match the lace covered silhouette flawlessly. Even the lace pattern itself seems to be a separate element that makes the dress stand out.

Vintage Mermaid Wedding Dress Like A Queen

Vintage Mermaid Wedding Dress Like A Queen #vintageweddingdress #simpleweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/gracephilipsbridal

Strapless mermaid wedding dress in silk and with the shoulders off will make a real queen out of you. Such a vintage dress will not only attract admiring glances but will also create an unforgettable look for the bride. The extra-long trail makes it up for the absence of details, and you can call such a dress nothing but a vintage temptation!


Elegant Mermaid Dress With Greek Motives

Elegant Mermaid Dress With Greek Motives #simpleweddingdress #greekweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/karentinobridal

If you are looking for an unusual dress, think Ancient Greece. The fact is that such a mermaid wedding dress will surely sand out even though there is nothing out of place about it. A sleek silhouette with a gorgeous belt to it seems to coincide with a tulle cape flowing off the shoulders.

Sparkly Wedding Dress With Bohemian Pattern

Sparkly Wedding Dress With Bohemian Pattern #bohemianweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/sherrihill

The truth is that bohemian wedding dresses are on the edge of popularity these days. However, we know that all you need is a unique dress. That is why we suggest you combine a perfect mermaid dress with a bohemian pattern. The result will be amazing; you can trust us on that! Sparkles up to the ankle and a trail made of flowing fabric will make you shine bright!

Simple Satin Wedding Dress

Simple Satin Wedding Dress #simpledress #weddinglook
Credit photo: instagram.com/mariposabride


Casual Trumpet Wedding Dress Style

Casual Trumpet Wedding Dress Style #casualdress #modernweddingdress
Credit photo: instagram.com/demetriosbride

Those of you who are looking for a perfect mermaid wedding dress – you have come to the right place. Only the best and the trendiest ideas are gathered here. What is more, there is definitely a dress that will conquer your heart listed here!

FAQ: Mermaid Wedding Dress

How tight should a mermaid dress be?

A mermaid dress has got a tight fitting silhouette beginning from the top or at the bodice that accentuates the hips and all the way from down the thighs and flares out from the knee length or below. It is harder to move in it so you may consider different pair of shoes or even a separate dress for a reception.

Can a mermaid wedding dress be let out?

Typically dresses have about 1”-3” seam allowance. So the seams can be undone and extra material can be sewn in to let the dress out. A bridal tailor can also transform the dress adding fabric, lace, beadwork to make it bigger.

  • A wedding dress or bridal gown is the dress worn by the bride during a wedding ceremony. Source