When it comes to your wedding, there are so many things to take into consideration that it is easy to leave something out. However, you need to make sure that bridal lingerie is not on the list of forgotten items. That is why we have gathered here the best lingerie looks available and trending at the moment. With such lingerie ideas, you will surely make your wedding night or honeymoon totally unforgettable.


Sexy Bridal Lingerie


Red Lace And Stripes Lingerie

When you are looking for sexy bridal lingerie everything matters. The design and the color in the first place. When everyone says that the wedding night should involve white hues, we say wear it red. The thing is that red is the color of passion and what is wedding night about if not about passion?

Credit photo: Instagram.com/voskresenskaya_karina

Daisy Bralette & High Waisted Thong With Embroidery Flowers

The fact is that your lingerie chosen for your big day’s ending should be perfect. This means that it should fit you perfectly, besides it should be stylish as well. This white bridal lingerie is the proper example of trendy and sassy wedding lingerie. It is both revealing and tempting at the same time. Mere perfection!

Credit photo: Instagram.com/wolfsbaneintimates


Black Lace Bodysuit

Credit photo: Instagram.com/rockybatchelor

If you are looking for the best bridal lingerie, then it must be one of a kind. This black lace bodysuit is a good example of what you should be opting for. Besides, no one says that there should be no classy black coloring involved in your wedding night, right? You can be pure and innocent in front of your guests but wild and passionate in your bedroom!


Sexy Black Chemise And Thong G-string

Those of you who are in search for plus size bridal lingerie we may have a suitable idea in mind. This sexy set will add that necessary spice to your wedding night. The combination of black and white with silk and embroidery is clearly a winning one. See for yourself!

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Black And Hot Pink Sexy Lingerie Set

Credit photo: Instagram.com/rockybatchelor

Another red and black bridal lingerie set for curvy women will fit those who like extra hot looks. The exquisite black lace combined with hot pink lining will create that perfect atmosphere that every night should be filled with.


Pink Lingerie Set With Embroidery Hearts

Pink is the color of love, that is why pink lingerie is also more than suitable for your wedding night. The red hearts embroidered all over the set create that playful and irresistible impression that rarely a groom could resist.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/pinkgirl45

Classy And Comfy Night Wear



Polka Dot Babydoll Lingerie

Wedding lingerie is not limited to laced bras and underwear; there are many more options to choose from. This polka dot babydoll lace bridal lingerie is one of the perfect examples to consider when the day, or rather the night comes. It is so gentle and attractive looking that there is a high chance that your man will be the luckiest and the happiest on Earth!

Credit photo: Instagram.com/mimiholliday

Sexy Nude Lingerie Set With Pattern Robe

There are cases when brides-to-be are looking for all-in-one lingerie sets. If you belong to the category, then we have something special in store for you. This nude lingerie set with a robe is both sexy and convenient at the same time since you can use it as your regular sleepwear afterward.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/loulettelingerie

White Lace Bodysuit And Maxi Lace Robe

Very often brides prefer to stick to the basis, and they opt for classy bridal lingerie. If that is the case, then you are bound to fall in love with this white lace bodysuit that comes with a gorgeous maxi lace robe. With a set like this, you will have a wedding night depicted in movies, that is for sure.

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Plus Size Romper

These days there are so many different kinds of wedding lingerie that it is super easy to choose the one that suits you most. If you are a romper kinda lady, then you should go for it! just look this exquisite pink romper trimmer with black lace – it is simple, elegant and gorgeous at the same time!

Credit photo: Instagram.com/yandy

Maxi Night Dress

Every elegant bride requires suitable elegant bridal lingerie, and we happen to have a fitting idea in mind. A maxi night dress is intriguing and sexy at the same time. If you wish to tease your husband a little when it comes to your first wedding night, then it is a perfect lingerie option to opt for.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/apilat_lingerie

Silk Bodysuit With Short Black Robe

One of the best ways to emphasize your femininity on your wedding night is to wear silk bodysuit. The combination of silk and lace is more than alluring, there is no doubt about it. Besides a short black robe over the suit will result in an ideal honeymoon bridal look.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/yandy


White Bridal Lingerie Sets


Classy Lace Lingerie Set With Robe

When experimentation is not your cup of tea, then it is time you pay attention to more traditional looks. This white lingerie set is very simple but outstanding at the same time. The lace robe intensifies the impression of purity and innocence, and these are the features that define every bride.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/desirexlingerie

White Bralette Set Design

In times when you wish to combine classics and modernism, there is a chance to make a huge mistake. However, that is surely not impossible. If you choose a white lingerie set with enough lace on it will fit in the classics part, while the bralette part would be responsible for a modern touch.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/abbydowse


White Lingerie Set With Feathers

You should not limit your imagination when planning your bridal look. That is why if you want to look exotic and exquisite on your wedding night, you shouldn’t be afraid of picking a set that is different from all the others. In this case, the feathers define the set and make it look one of a kind. Think about it!

Credit photo: Instagram.com/miss_tic_lingerie_ua

White Lace Top With string Thong Set

You should not limit your imagination when planning your bridal look. That is why if you want to look exotic and exquisite on your wedding night, you shouldn’t be afraid of picking a set that is different from all the others. In this case, the feathers define the set and make it look one of a kind. Think about it!

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ashley.arre

White Boho Lingerie Set With Max Robe

Those of you who prefer ultra-fashionable look when it comes to every occasion, and your wedding night is not the exception – we have something for you too. The thing is that white lace top and string thong set fir the category perfectly.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/gooseberryintimates


Plus Size White Thong And Corset Set

Plus size ladies often choose bridal lingerie corset over all the other lingerie types. There is no wonder why, in fact. One look at this gorgeous set will make you want to own it. It is so gentle and feminine; besides it accents the curves perfectly. Who could resist such beauty?

Credit photo: Instagram.com/coquette_lingerie

Pink Bridal Lingerie


Pink Lace Lingerie Set With Striped Accent

Credit photo: Instagram.com/voskresenskaya_karina

There is a false assumption that wedding lingerie should match the wedding theme. If your wedding was a classy white one, it does not necessarily mean that your bridal lingerie should be on the same color palette. Set your imagination free and choose the look that emphasizes your seductiveness and femininity best. We think that such pink lace set with striped details fits the occasion perfectly.


Pink Lingerie Set With Feather Belt

Credit photo: Instagram.com/miss_tic_lingerie_ua

Adding spice to the wedding night is what all the newlyweds are dreaming about. Make his wild and exotic dreams come true with this feather lingerie belt attached to the gentle pink set.

Pink Silk And Lace Lingerie Set

Credit photo: Instagram.com/boudoir_von_leese

We know that lace is not for everyone. In case you are looking for something other than lace but not less sassy and feminine looking – choose silk. However, keep it in mind that sole silk may look a little too simple and laced details will only add up to the vibe.

Bridal Lingerie With Top


Lingerie Set With Embroidery Top

Credit photo: Instagram.com/rara_avis_lingerie

When regular bra and underwear set is not what you would want to pull off on such an important night, we have something else in mind. The thing is that going back to basics is kinda on the top of popularity these days. See-through bra top and underwear does not look regular and makes a unique and special-occasion combo.

Lace White Lingerie Set With Strapless Top

Credit photo: Instagram.com/rara_avis_lingerie

Those of you who are looking for a retro lingerie set, this strapless top one may come in more than handy. While preserving the Marilyn Monroe vibe, it is ultra-modern and fashionable.

Striped Top With Floral Accent Lingerie Set

Credit photo: Instagram.com/rara_avis_lingerie

Lace is great and fit for the occasion but in times when you need something that emphasizes your femininity and innocent bridal look to the fullest we say flowers. This absolutely flawless floral set will help you make it a night to remember.


Bridal Lingerie With Bodysuit


Lace Bodysuit With Robe Set

Credit photo: Instagram.com/rara_avis_lingerie

We know that some ladies prefer complete bodysuits to all the other lingerie sets. That is why we present to your attention this fantastic lace one. To take your wedding night look to the new level of magnificent you can add a light robe to the picture.

White Lace Floral Bodysuit Design

Credit photo: Instagram.com/honeybirdette

When you are looking for the lingerie to tease rather than keep it hidden, this light see-through bodysuit come is simply irreplaceable.


Classy White Lace Bodysuit With Robe Set

Credit photo: Instagram.com/apilat_lingerie

Apart from sexy and seductive bodysuits, there are also reserved ones. If you belong to the shy category of brides this reserved and classy bodysuit with an elegant silk robe to it will surely appeal to you.

Bridal lingerie is the essential component of your whole bridal look. However, very often brides-to-be tent to underestimate the element of wedding wardrobe until it is too late. For you not to make the same mistake, we have gathered here only the best, and the trendiest lingerie sets to choose from!

FAQ: Bridal Lingerie

How to choose lingerie for apple body type?

Lingerie for this body type needs to have some details on the straps, something like ruffles or embroidery. The scalloped edge for the lace on the straps draws the eye down and beautifully accentuates the shoulders. You can choose some lingerie pieces with a deep V neck, which will elongate the silhouette. Moreover, high-cut on your underwear makes your legs appear longer and creates a more defined waist.

How do I choose the right bra shape?

  • If you have a round breast shape, any bra styles will suit you.
  • If you have uneven breasts, try balcony style bra or a t-shirt style bra, you can use removable pads to even the size out.
  • For breasts that face downwards, best types will be a full cup bra, which offers full coverage and more support or balcony style bra, which offers good support as well.
  • Breasts that point out and downwards in opposite directions are usually fuller at the bottom and the sides and gave less density at the top. Look for a bra that’s got side support or a plunge bra to bring your breasts up and more central.