When you are about to get married, there are so many things to consider and to take care of; there is no doubt about it. That is why often, wedding cake toppers are underestimated, and couples opt for something that is called a traditional wedding cake. However, your wedding cake can be that one detail that adds up to the general atmosphere and projects your feelings towards each other. Taking this into consideration, we have decided to compile our own gallery of impressive wedding cakes for your white wedding that may inspire you to come up with some unique cake of your own. Let’s have a closer look, shall we?


Do I Need A Wedding Cake Topper?

Do I Need A Wedding Cake Topper? #cake #wedding
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To tell you the truth, it depends upon your wish. If you think that a wedding topper is required – you can opt for one. However, you need to remember that in some cases, the cake itself is so magnificent that a topper is not necessary. Besides, at times your wedding is already filled with so many decorative elements that a topper may just be a waste. Let’s not forget that a budget wedding is called that way due to a set amount of expenses that you are willing to spend. If the topper exceeds your planned budget, you are not supposed to opt for one. there is one main point that you need to keep in mind – your wedding is your special day, everything that makes you happy has the right to be involved and vice versa.


What Is A Topper On A Cake?

What Is A Topper On A Cake? #weddingcake #weddingrings
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It is very easy to get confused with all the modern wedding attributes these days. That is why we are going to try to bring it closer to you the notion of wedding toppers. Nowadays, these are mostly some figurines that are placed on the top of a wedding cake. However, the figurines that represent the bride and the groom are not the limit. The fact is that you can use anything that you see fit as your wedding cake topper. At the very same time, you can skip one at all. The choice is yours.

Classic Wedding Cake Topper

Classic Wedding Cake Topper #weddingcake #toppers #cake
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Of course, we are going to start with the traditional wedding cake toppers. What makes such a cake a classy one are the gentle flowers and the images of a bride and groom on top. If you are all-in for a completely classic wedding, then such a cake will fit in perfectly.


Unique And Charming Figurines

Unique And Charming Figurines #weddingcake #toppers #cake
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There are times when tradition meets modern, and something entirely different comes out. One look at this unique wedding cake toppers with charming figurines on top will help you get the point. It is a super simple and quite regular-looking wedding cake, but the figurines add all the spice.

Biker Couple Cake

Biker Couple Cake #weddingcake #toppers #cake
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These days any couple can easily opt for some custom wedding cake toppers. For instance, if you and your loved one are devoted bike riders, why not to add that to the cake?


Love Between The Sun And The Moon

Love Between The Sun And The Moon #weddingcake #toppers #cake
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It needs to be mentioned that when it comes to cake toppers, you should not limit your imagination. After all, it is your wedding day and what matters is that you enjoy it most. That is why such an interesting topping of a sun embracing the moon will only express your eternal devotion.

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper #weddingcake #toppers #cake
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The world of cake decorations is ever-developing. That is why nowadays you can decorate your wedding cake as precisely as you want it. You can choose the pattern, the taste, the height, and the decoration. Besides, placing the sign with your names on top will only intensify the personal vibe of it.

Wedding Cake Topper With Family Name

Wedding Cake Topper With Family Name #weddingcake #toppers #cake
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When you get married, you usually share the same family name. That is why instead of putting your personal names, you can kill two birds with one stone and use your future family name as one of the unique wedding toppers.


Lovestruck Couple Initials

Lovestruck Couple Initials #weddingcake #toppers #cake
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Why do people get married? Well, of course, because they love each other. Such a lovestruck initials cake topper will be that accent that expresses your love to each other well.

Modern Monogram Topper

Modern Monogram Topper #weddingcake #toppers #cake
Credit photo: instagram.com/dreamcakespdx

We have already discussed family name wedding cake toppers, however, if that is not your cup of tea - there is another option. All you need is one letter that represents your family monogram. Such a topper is super modern and minimalistic, but stylish and elegant at the same time.

Vintage Monogram Topper

Vintage Monogram Topper #weddingcake #toppers #cake
Credit photo: instagram.com/strangevinestudio

Vintage themes are quite popular these days. That is why if you are looking for rustic wedding cake toppers, we have a suitable one in mind. This exquisite topper will represent the taste and elegance of your wedding cake as well as of the wedding itself.


Talking Wedding Toppers

Talking Wedding Toppers #weddingcake #toppers #cake
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When you are unsure of what to choose as your wedding cake topper, opt for something that you want to say to each other. One word may be enough, or you can come up with talking toppers on several cakes. Surely, such an approach will be one of a kind.

Phonetic Cake Toppers

Phonetic Cake Toppers #weddingcake #toppers #cake
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There is never enough of wedding wishes that come from your favorite guests. Besides, some guests may be quite awkward with what they are supposed to say on occasion. Help them out with a wishful topper on your wedding cake. Cheers to forever!

Thematic Word Topping

Thematic Word Topping #weddingcake #toppers #cake
Credit photo: instagram.com/slasti_mordasti

There is one thing to cherish throughout your relationship. As you may have guessed, it is your love for each other. Celebrate the special bond between you by adding a thematic word topper. May there be love between you forever!


Paper Groom And Bride

Paper Groom And Bride #weddingcake #toppers #cake
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There are times when usual bride and groom looks are not just what you wish your wedding cake topper would look like. Well, then it is time to experiment and use your cutting out skills. You can use your own couple photo, cut your silhouettes out and place it on the top of your wedding cake. There is no limit to your wedding cake toppers as long as you like them.

Paper Gold Rings

Paper Gold Rings #weddingcake #toppers #cake

In case, paper topper does not appeal to you – worry not, we always have something stored up our sleeve. The fact is that paper gold rings on the top of your not less gold cake would look just perfect.

Credit photo: instagram.com/sugarushbysamiksha

Wedding Mini Banner

Wedding Mini Banner #weddingcake #toppers #cake
Credit photo: instagram.com/michael_newington_gray

If you wish your wedding to be like no one else’s, we may know how to help you out with a cake. The thing is that instead of a regular bride and groom figures we suggest you place a couple of cute penguins on top. How fun does that sound? However, that is not it! You can also hang a funny banner over the penguins to intensify the intrigue and uniqueness of your cake.


Memorial Date As Wedding Cake Topper

Memorial Date As Wedding Cake Topper #weddingcake #toppers #cake
Credit photo: instagram.com/westtownbakery

Very often, most couples come with their figurines or names to be put on the cake. However, other memorable things can be introduced into your wedding cake toppers. What we have in mind is the date of the big day itself. Surely, such a topper will look outstanding and more than appropriate.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait #weddingcake #toppers #cake
Credit photo: instagram.com/vineshbrendon

When you say family portrait, most people imagine lots of relatives depicted in one photo. Yet, this is not the case since we are talking about wedding cake toppers. A dark silhouette of a couple in love on top of your minimalistic black and gold wedding cake can be that suitable family portrait that no one could have even thought of!

Movie Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

Both of you are in love with movies? Do you have a favorite one? Use it as your wedding cake topper! We are not joking, see for yourself!


Sugar Iron Throne

Sugar Iron Throne #weddingcake #toppers #cake
Credit photo: instagram.com/sugar_mama_grenoble

Surely there are many Game of Thrones lovers among those who are getting married. That is why an iron throne topper can be quite symbolic. Long rain the king and the queen of Seven Kingdoms!

Falling In Love With Star Wars

Falling In Love With Star Wars #weddingcake #toppers #cake
Credit photo: instagram.com/victoriaspieceacake

Another epic movie that so many people are in love with is Star Wars. If that is your poison, there are also Star Wars wedding cake toppers that will help you celebrate your devotion to each other as well as to ageless cinematography.

Fairytale Castle For Princess’s Wedding Cake

Fairytale Castle For Princess’s Wedding Cake #weddingcake #toppers #cake
Credit photo: instagram.com/disneyweddings

Every bride is a real princess on her wedding day. That is why using Disney wedding cake toppers will only intensify the fantasy. A perfect castle on a gentle and elegant cake will make you feel head over heels with love and happiness.


Aladdin Themed Cake Topper

Aladdin Themed Cake Topper #aladdin #aladdincake
Credit photo: instagram.com/amutucriacoes

When you think that a regular bride and groom ornaments are too boring for your fantasy-themed wedding, there is a way out. All you need is a great baker and your creative imagination. We are more than sure that your guests will be in complete awe from such an Aladdin-themed cake!

Love Nest Cake Topper

Love Nest Cake Topper #redcake #redwedding
Credit photo: instagram.com/rozhe.cake

When you are getting married, you are creating a new family, a new love nest. That is why displaying your intentions to everyone around with the help of a fitting cake topper is more than a great idea!

Love You To The Moon And Back

Love You To The Moon And Back #loveyoutothemoon #simpleweddingcake
Credit photo: instagram.com/bijoussweettreats

There are times when figurines can’t express your mutual feelings toward each other. That is where a matching saying comes in more than helpful. Think of a phrase that represents your feelings best and have it on top of the cake.


Simple But Elegant Rose Topper

Simple But Elegant Rose Topper #flowercake #rosecake
Credit photo: instagram.com/nivskaya

It is easy to assume that all the newly-weds are willing to see themselves as figurines on their wedding cake. However, that is not always true. What is more, if you do not want to speak about your intimate feelings out loud, then a simple wedding cake should be the one you choose. The fact that your cake is simple does not mean that it is supposed to be any less elegant or gentle. Roses speak well about love, by the way!

Wedding Cake Designs

Wedding Cake Design
Wedding Cake with Berries
Floral Designed Wedding Cake
Simple Wedding Cake

Wedding cake toppers are getting a new twist these days. There are so many ideas to think about and to give a try to. Set traditional topper ideas aside and have a closer look at these exquisite ideas we gathered for you!


* A wedding cake topper is a small model that sits on top of a wedding cake, normally a representation of the couple in formal wedding attire. Source * A wedding cake is the traditional cake served at wedding receptions following dinner. Source * Cake decorating is one of the sugar arts that uses icing or frosting and other edible decorative elements to make plain cakes more visually interesting. Source

FAQ: Wedding Cake Toppers

What do you do with the cake topper after the wedding?

Once the cake is sliced and served, give your wedding cake topper to one of your attendants for safekeeping. Display the topper on your mantle, add it to a curio cabinet or put it away as an heirloom for someone close to you to utilize in the future.

What is the top tier of a wedding cake saved for?

Some newly married couples choose to freeze the top tier of their wedding cake to save money, and usually defrost the cake and eat it together on their one-year wedding anniversary.

Why does a wedding cake have 3 tiers?

Each layer of a wedding cake has its own importance, and a classic wedding cake comprises three levels. The bottom layer is for eating during the ceremony, the middle tier is for distribution between the guests, while the top tier is stored, according to tradition.