Incredible Power Of The Promise Ring You Should Value

The truth is that it is very easy to mistake a promise ring for a purity one or even engagement ring. What is more, at times people are not even sure that such a ring exists, left alone what it stands for. We think that a promise ring is highly important way of claiming your feelings and showing devotion. That is why today we are going to talk about all the secrets as well as unknown information behind this particular type of ring.


What A Promise Ring Means?

What A Promise Ring Means? #love #relationship
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We may be stating the obvious, but we are going to begin with defining what is a promise ring. To be honest, a promise ring is the one you give to your loved one to signify your feeling. That means that once you gave a ring you will not cheat or betray the person. The promise ring meaning is as deeper than you may think. Once you give someone a ring that means that you are fully devoted as well as committed to one another. To put it simply, once you feel like you wish to spend the rest of your life together with a person, you start with a promise ring and then move on to engagement one.


A History Of Promise Rings

A History Of Promise Rings #proposal #rings
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Now, when you know what does a promise ring mean as well as you are quite sure as to the promise ring definition, we want to discuss where it came from. To tell the truth, if we take modern times, it is safe to say that promise rings are quite a new trend. However, if you look back, you will know that such rings were very popular during ancient times too. Ancient Rome is the time to which the oldest promise ring is related to. The ring is supposed to show your love and affection so that it is almost timeless.

Is A Promise Ring The Same As An Engagement?

Is A Promise Ring The Same As An Engagement? #ring
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The truth is that it is very easy to mix the promise as well as the engagement rings. However, the difference is more than obvious. The fact is that promise ring is a lot humbler, simpler and cheaper than the engagement one. After all, it is supposed to vibrate devotion but not yet commitment. In the majority of cases, the promise ring is substituted by engagement one when the time comes.


What Finger Do You Wear A Promise Ring?

What Finger Do You Wear A Promise Ring? #ring #jewelry
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We have figured it out that promise ring is a special one, and just like all special ones, it is supposed to go on a particular finger. If you wonder what finger does a promise ring go on – traditionally it should do on the ring finger of your left hand. However, if you are a rebel at heart you can wear it on any finger that you feel comfortable with. Some people go as far as to wear the ring as a neckless. As a matter of fact, it is a matter of preference.

How To Give A Promise Ring?

How To Give A Promise Ring? #gift #ring
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We know that it is highly important and you may want to know how to give a promise ring. To tell the truth the process is very simple and it is totally different from the time when you are about to propose. The thing is that there is no such deep commitment behind the promise ring when compared to an engagement one. You simply state your feelings and have a thoughtful conversation with the person you give it to. The fact is that with the engagement ring it is more about the ring while with the promise one, it is about the mutual conversation that follows. Besides, you shouldn’t look for some special occasion to give your ring. Any date fits.


Do Both Partners Wear A Promise Ring?

Do Both Partners Wear A Promise Ring? #relationship #rings
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There is a false assumption that promise rings are for women only. That is not true. There is such a thing as a promise ring for men too. The fact is that you can get the matching ones to celebrate your bond. Besides, all that matters are your feelings and devotion to one another. That is all.

Promise Ring Designs

Since we have already figured all the peculiarities of promise rings. It is time to review some suitable designs too. The fact is that in the vast majority, promise rings are a lot simpler than the engagement ones. You will rarely see those rings made of platinum and carrying the large diamond. On the contrary, they are usually made out of 10K gold or silver, without super precious stones but with intricate patterns.

Matching Couple Rings

Matching Couple Promise Rings #couplerings
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One of the most common promise rings ideas is the matching ones. The peculiarity about the promise ring that matches the other is that usually they are two pieces of one. These may be two puzzles that complete each other or anything of the kind. The main idea is that you complete each other.


Couple Ring In Minimalistic Design

Couple Promise Ring In Minimalistic Design #couplerings
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We have mentioned it that promise rings are supposed to be a lot simpler than the engagement ones. That is why you shouldn’t waste a fortune on them. A pair of silver rings with hearts cut out suit the occasion just perfect.

Rings For Him And Her

Promise Rings For Him And Her #couplerings
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Very often, couples think that promise rings are to be identical. That is another misleading, though. The fact is that the main goal is to complete one another. That is why the woman’s ring can be a part of the man’s. If you choose such a design to state it loud and clear that you are the two parts of a whole.

Ring With Initials Of Lovers

Promise Rings With Initials Of Lovers #ring #love
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Very often, they distinguish between promise ring for her and for him. We say that it is pointless since you can easily get the matching ones. Al you need to do is to engrave both of your initials on the rings and wear it with pleasure. The ring present here is that perfect example of unisex rings that fit both genders without exception.


Heart With A Symbolic Phrase

Heart With A Symbolic Phrase #ring #love
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If you wish your ring to be different from all the others on offer, you need to consider the unique design. It will be easy if you have meaningful phrase at hand. The phrase can be etched over a cute heart and outlined with some precious or semi-precious stones.

Ring With Hidden Words

Ring With Hidden Words #ring #proposal
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At times there is so much to say, but you would rather keep it hidden so that only the person those words are for knows about them. In times like this we advise you consider hidden words. Instead of placing the words on top of the ring, you can put them on the back. As simple as that!

Infinity Ring

Infinity Ring #infinityring
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To be honest with you some rings speak for themselves. What is meant is that if you choose an infinity ring you do not any words engraved on the ring. The whole purpose of the infinity symbol is that your two hearts are bonded forever, and you are going to love each other till the end of days.


Simple Knot Ring Design

Simple Knot Ring Design #ring #simpleringdesign
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In case infinity symbol is not your cup of tea, or you are a bit classier then such a knot rose gold ring will fit your taste. There is barely any person who wouldn’t decipher the meaning of a knot when it comes to promise rings! The design is simple. That is true however, what matters is the meaning behind it!

Knot Ring With Diamonds Chic

Knot Promise Ring With Diamonds Chic #ring #jewelry
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We are not going to lie to you – this design is just the premier version of the one mentioned above. It is still a meaningful know but a bit more decorated. If you are not limited in means, you can easily opt for this one.

Crowned Ring For Queen

Promise Ring For Queen #ring #jewelry
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We are more than sure that you consider the lady of your heart to be the real queen. That is why such a ring is the way to prove it to her as well as show the others. The ring has both the heart, which stands for your undying love, as well as the crown fit for the queen. There is not a chance that she won’t accept it!

In case you think that an engagement ring is the only ring to prove your love and to commit yourself – you are mistaken. The fact is that a promise ring always comes first. It is best if you learn everything about it before the day comes!


FAQ: Promise Ring

Do you wear a promise ring everyday?

The majority of people like to keep their promise rings on all of the time and not take them off. Other people like to only wear theirs on certain occasions. You and your partner can make that decision jointly.

Are promise rings Bad luck?

Giving your lover more than one commitment ring in less than a year is unusual, and some people believe it may negatively affect your relationship. Instead of waiting a year to propose or proposing with an engagement ring now, just give the person you love a promise ring.

Do you kneel for a promise ring?

Despite the fact that the promise ring is not the same as the engagement ring, which declares marriage, it symbolizes a high level of commitment. But because gifting such a ring is not as formal as giving an engagement ring, there is no need to kneel.