You definitely need our easy braided hairstyles if you were blessed with long locks in the hair department. Need something more creative than a regular ponytail? Find braids complicated? This collection will impress you and prove you different.


Easy Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Just practice and braid hair – it is not some kind of rocket science. A boho style is probably the best to start with. It implies the combination of loose hair and small braids with twists and curls.


Find Your Look for Blonde Hair

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You will look stunning with braided hair. Try side braids, possibly fishtails. A newbie will totally pull it off. Tuck out some strands from the sides for messiness.

Easy Braided Hairstyles for Stunning Look

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Another hack for beginners is to incorporate braids into ponytails. Don’t forget to make your braid loose and add some texturizing spray to make it messy and fun.


Ponytail Ideas for Easy Braided Hairstyles

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Another trick for newbies is to create volume at the roots, make a fishtail at the bottom and make the simplest braid. Add some messiness. This French style is chic.

Braids in Daily Style

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For a more casual option to wear on a daily basis, try a regular or reverse French braid. It is easy to pull off, comfortable to wear and works nicely with casual outfits.


Cute and Easy Braided Hairstyles

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To add some uniqueness into your look, experiment with accessories. They look super cute together with braids. The cutest braids may be braided based on loose curls.

Easy Updo Hairstyles

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These easy updo ideas will make you look so girly and cute.

Easy Beach Braids

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Braided hairstyles are perfect for any event, even when you just get out of the pool and need to do something quick with your hair.


Braided Hairstyles For Every Day

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Colorful Braids

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FAQ: Easy Braided Hairstyles

What Braid is easiest?

  1. The three-strand braid is a classic choice. If you’re new to the game, this is the best starting point.
  2. The delicate and intricate-looking fishtail braid appears scary, but it’s actually pretty simple.
  3. Dutch braids.
  4. French braids.

What kind of hair is needed for goddess braids?

You’ll need two types of extension crochet hair to do goddess braids. For the texture, you’ll need waving hair and braiding hair for the curled ends. Kanekalon hair is the greatest braiding hair available. It will provide the nicest texture to your braids. Synthetic braiding hair is also available from a variety of brands.