We have compiled an amazing collection of the trendiest wedding hairstyles inspired by the runway looks. These stylish looks from Bridal Fashion Weeks from all over the world are such a huge inspiration. A huge hankering to get married as soon as possible will appear somewhere deep in your heart even if you haven’t found your eligible Barney yet. Are you already engaged and planning your big day or just waiting for someone to propose to you? You will love these wedding hair looks no matter what.


Beautiful Wedding Updos

Credit photo: Instagram.com/kirstyfleming

As for wedding hair updos, a low loop would be a nice choice, especially when you have bangs. Modern trends bring usually complicated chignons to a new level. This low loop is a perfect version of the upgraded chignon, making it casual, low- fuss, and romantic. Basically, it fits all the requirements modern bridal fashion dictates.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lelarosebridal

To adapt regular updo hairstyles for weddings to modern tendencies, use flowers of your choice. The most perfect option of flowers would be orchids. They were basically ruling the runways. For a romantic look attach the smaller flower to piece of wire, drape it behind your ear and stick a bigger orchid flower into your chignon.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tonyastylist Credit photo: Instagram.com/babaevski_

The trendiest wedding hairstyles for this year are extremely feminine and low-fuss. They are all about femininity, tradition, and romance. Most of them feature long hair with flowing effect as a rule. But of course, there are always exceptions from the rules. It is impossible not to fall in love with them. The most important thing about this year hairstyles is that they will never get old. And you will never have to fear that if you look at your wedding photos in 20 years you will have some regrets and shame for your hair choice. So, follow our collection of gorgeous wedding hairstyles and draw wedding inspiration.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/tonyastylist Credit photo: Instagram.com/tonyastylist Credit photo: Instagram.com/ulyana.aster


Ponytail Hairstyles for Wedding

Credit photo: Instagram.com/galialahav_germany

In case you are looking for some creative wedding hair ideas, you will love this one. This modern version of a ponytail is gorgeous. You will just need to curl your hair with a large curling iron and tie it with a metallic string a couple of times. A little bit of teasing adds to the messiness of this ponytail thus making it stylish.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ulyana.aster  

Easy Wedding Hairstyles

Credit photo: Instagram.com/naeemkhanbride

Beach waves is one of the most feminine and fabulous wedding hairdos for long hair. It is super low key. But it has its charm. To make those perfect waves you will need to apply a texture spray to the roots and to the ends of your hair. For curling you will need a large curling iron. Note that you have to curl in different directions otherwise you won’t get that perfect level of messiness.


Wedding Hairstyles with Accessories

Credit photo: Instagram.com/marchesafashion

Flower crown will be a great combo with the majority of wedding hair updos. You may combine it with a messy teased ponytail, chignon, or simple waves. This is one more boho style come back but it looks really pretty. Don’t you agree?

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lelarosebridal

Vintage stuff is also in this year. When it comes to accessory, the best way to make a statement bridal look would be wedding hair with the veil. This is the definition of elegance. You will definitely be the star of the show with this vintage accessory. All eyes will be on you.

Braided Hairstyles for Wedding

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ulyana.aster Credit photo: Instagram.com/ulyana.aster Credit photo: Instagram.com/hairandmakeupbysteph Credit photo: Instagram.com/elstilespb Credit photo: Instagram.com/Ulyana.Aster


Half Up Half Down Hairstyle Ideas

  Credit photo: Instagram.com/nadya_nezhinka  

Hope that our collection of modern ideas helped you to make your hair choice for your big day.

FAQ: Wedding Hairstyles

How long does bridal hair last?

For both hair and makeup, it is expected to take 40-50 minutes per bridesmaid, including bride’s mother, and around 1,5 hour for the bride. If only one photographer records the moment of preparation for both partners, it’s better to plan more time.

How do you secure bridal hair vines?

Standard hair vines have a little loop at each end and potentially a couple along the vine so you can pin them in your hair with grips. Уou can also get them with a little comb at each end or ribbon connected to the loops so you can tie it around your head, like a wreath.